Gigaset C430A Cordless Phone Features, Pros and Cons

Looking for a perfect cordless phone to use at home? Then here it is! Gigaset C430A is one of the best landline phones to use at home. Gigaset has high standards for making excellent phones. It also has many good features which might interest you.

Gigaset C430A Cordless Phone Features, Pros and Cons

Well as all products are not 100% pure there are some glitches as well. Gigaset C430A also has some glitches and we will walk you through them. Here we are to tell you the good and bad features of Gigaset C430A.

Gigaset C430A Pros and Cons: Should You Buy It?

Apart from the above features. Here are some pros and cons of Gigaset C430A which you should know before buying it.


  • The phone consists of the 1.8-inch colored screen. It is bright and quite easy to handle.
  • It has buttons that are large enough for anyone with poor vision will also be able to use it.
  • Gigaset C430A is very easy to handle and also light in weight.
  • There is no rocket science in setting up the phone it very easy and done within minutes.
  • If the current batteries are dead, then the backup batteries are also available on this Gigaset which will last up to 6 hours.
  • It has a 165 cm long power cable which is shorter compared to that of other phones.
  • When the phone is not in use or it is in the charging mode, it displays a clock. You have an option whether you wish to see an analog clock or digital clock.
  • You can even mount this phone on your wall if you wish too.
  • Gigaset C430A has a baby monitor facility.
  • It has a UK plug.


  • The phone gets hot while charging.

7 Eye-Catching Features of Gigaset C430A

1. Gigaset C430A Calls

The Gigaset cordless phone has some features like blocking unwanted calls and displaying the name of the caller. It will let you enjoy this feature if you subscribe to your service provider with a small number of monthly fees. On this Gigaset C430A, it has this awesome feature of blocking unwanted calls but it continues to ring even after blocking that specified number.


Even if you go through the manual for blocking a number it still somehow doesn’t work. If the blocking number is a must feature for you then you have to switch for some other alternative.

If you are busy in the middle of some calls and you receive another call, you can directly forward that call to any handset of your choice. This phone is blessed with an important feature of intercom which as an excellent range.

You can take your handset out to talk and walk around the garden while the base is still in the house resting! The range of this phone is good and covers around 50 meters. There will be range issues depending upon the obstacle you encounter.

2. Answer Phone

You must have noticed that when you make a call and the person doesn’t pick the call then you hear a message something which says “Please, leave a message after a beep“. This is because of the feature of the answering machine.

The best and interesting feature of Gigaset C430A is the answering machine. This answering machine contains pre-installed messages. If you wish to create your own messages then go ahead or use the pre-installed messages. When someone calls they will hear the message that you have set for the callers. Caller’s message can be recorded up to 30 minutes on the answerphone.

Later, you can listen to this recorded message left on your phone from any of the handsets. You can even remotely access these recorded messages left on your answering machine. Usually, it takes about 10 seconds for the answerphone to pick up a call after the phone starts ringing. However, you can adjust this time to 18 seconds or 30 seconds depending on your need.

You can also set the answerphone to pick up calls for you immediately without even ringing the phone. When any caller leaves the message a red light flashes to alert you that you have a message on the phone. However, the red light is not that easily visible. It doesn’t have a feature of audible notification after the initial ring when the message first comes in.

3. Phonebook

Gigaset’s phone has another feature which is the phonebook. In this phonebook, you can save up to 200 contact names. If you enter contacts on one handset then they will automatically display these contacts on another handset too.

Gigaset C430A Phonebook

The transferring contacts from an old phone to this Gigaset might be difficult but still, you can do it. Speed dials are also available in this phone. Set your speed dials depending on your need.

4. Clyster-Clear Audio

Gigaset C430A has an outstanding audio quality. Without any unambiguous, you will enjoy transparent conversation on your landline whether talking hands-free on the excellent loudspeaker or through the earpiece. It has 5 levels for handset volume and hands-free mode which can be easily adjusted.

Crystal Clear Audio

The handset is fully hearing aid compatible. Gigaset C430A also gives you another feature which is a range of personalization options with this feature you can set your phone to suit your habits and preferences. For example, choose between 2 acoustic profiles, to give the right frequency range for your optimum hearing experience.

5. Advanced Cordless Phone Designed for Ease-of-use

The Gigaset C430A cordless telephone is a good example in terms of design, ergonomics, and power for maximum comfort and convenience when telephoning. This is excellently designed which is easy to handle and use as well.

Beautiful and Smart from outside and full of brilliant technology from inside. This is very user-friendly also thanks to the outstanding voice quality and excellent acoustic that makes satisfactory phone calls.

6. Plug-and-Play Installation

The plug and play installation start straight out of the box. Then it has cleared contrasting, large TFT colour display which offers plenty of useful features and a simple easily understandable menu interface.

It reaches new heights of intuitive operation and convenience due to its spaced illuminated keys and optional large font settings of Gigaset C430A.

7. ECO Mode

Gigaset cordless phone is absolutely eco friendly. That means Gigaset cordless phone has no radiation in standby mode. If there are more than one handset is being used, as long as the base and all the registered handsets support ECO DECT.

ECO Mode

When you get a call the transmission power automatically adapts to the distance between the base and the mobile unit. You get lower radiation when the distance is shorter from the base. For the maximum DECT range, you can deactivate the ECO DECT mode at any time.

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Gigaset C430A has a 24-month warranty if you get it from a trusted dealer. However, Gigaset C430A gets hot while charging. If you are not satisfied with any of the features you can easily return it.