Here Everything About “Gangsta Boo Boyfriend”

Lola Chantrelle Mitchell, better known as the Memphis rapper Gangsta Boo, has passed away. This former member of the Three 6 Mafia passed away on Sunday, January 1, 2022, at the age of 43. DJ Paul, her former labelmate, has verified her demise.

Fox 13 reports that the rap star’s body was discovered on Sunday at around 4 p.m. While the official reason of the rapper’s death has not been disclosed, TMZ has reported that drugs are likely to blame.

Yet, when it came to her romantic relationships, the Three 6 Mafia member preferred to keep them out of the spotlight. Find out what’s going on between her and her lover, Emmet Flores, on the following pages.

Gangsta Boo Boyfriend

Emmet Flores, the Boyfriend of Gangsta Boo

Along with her longtime companion Emmet Flores, presenter of the Kush and Chemtrails podcast, Gangsta Boo spent her time when not making new songs in the studio. Gangsta Boo and her boyfriend Emmet Flores made an appearance on the latest season of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition in March of last year.

She told T-Storm and Mike Swift of the Unpopin Show on YouTube that she and her partner Emmet Flores had been together for eight years, which would put their start date at 2014. Throughout the episode, the couple was candid about their relationship problems and tried to work through them with the help of Judge Lynn Toler.

Despite the argument, the two reportedly departed for the show together and gave every indication of being an item until her untimely passing, as reported by The Sun.

They were close for almost a decade, but they never got married. Lola once answered to a Twitter user’s question about her marital status by saying, “I’m not.”

Podcasting is a Hobby for Emmet Flores.

That’s correct, you spotted a typo. Emmet Flores and his co-host, @bucballzy, discuss Kush and Chemtrails in a podcast. The two use it to shed light on controversial topics that are still very much a part of our modern world. In addition, they talk about other contentious news stories. “The World’s Most Hazardous Podcast” is what the podcast’s Instagram bio calls itself.

They’ve also had a channel on YouTube with the same name. Flores may be seen defending his partner against some false teasers of the show in one episode that focused entirely on Lola and his appearance on the reality show.

While addressing their problems, Gangsta Boo admitted in the same interview that she was not afraid to put her romantic life on display for her fans to witness.