Top 5 Free ‘Gambling Blocking Software’

Some countries make efforts to help problem gamblers by establishing policies related to gambling blocking apps. As the harms associated with online gambling have shown a significant increase, added to the stricter laws, these blocking schemes are the facilities for those who wish to quit gambling.

Different self-ban tools have been launched over the last five years, and some of them are designed to self-exclude the users from the gambling websites or apps of their choice.

In today’s digital age, the world of online gambling is just a few clicks away. For those struggling with gambling addiction, this easy access can pose significant challenges.

Enter Gambling Blocking Software: a beacon of hope designed to curb and control the temptation. But how effective is this software, and is it truly safe? Dive into our comprehensive guide to find out.

What is Gambling Blocking Software?

Gambling Blocking Software is a digital tool that restricts or prevents users from accessing gambling websites or apps. By acting as a virtual barrier, it ensures that compulsive gamblers or those wishing to avoid temptation can’t easily access these platforms.

Top 5 Free Gambling Blocking Software

Others are specific blocking software created to block the gambling payments with their bank accounts or credit cards. Some anti-gambling apps are free, whereas others come with a charge, so to help you to easily self-prohibit in gambling, here is the free Gambling Blocking Software.

Free Gambling Blocking Software and Tool

1. FreeDom

FreeDom is an app dedicated to blocking distracting websites, including gambling sites. With this software, the users are able to schedule their blocking sessions in advance. Another reason to make this world-famous app and website blocker popular among gamblers is the ability to block the platforms through a large range of devices.

FreeDom for mobile devices allows them to self-exclude from the websites and apps of their choice, and once the download is completed, the blocking process takes place simultaneously.

This multi-platform website and app blocker facility has become popular in the gambling industry and has been used by over one million people worldwide.

2. WasteNoTime

One of the tools designed to block gambling sites is WasteNoTime. This solution also permits the users to manage the users’ time more efficiently. In this time tracker feature, they are able to know the time that they spend the most on daily, weekly, and even monthly.

They can, therefore, set a time to apply the blocks depending on their choice and convenience. Once they choose the platform and time to put the block in an application, they will no longer access the website. An Instant Lockdown option is also available for a multi-block.

3. GamStop

GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme used by the players in the UK gambling industry. People who want to quit gambling are required to register on this scheme by providing their personal information.

Once the registration is confirmed, which is within 24 hours, they can choose the websites of their choice, and the duration of their block can be 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. They cannot have access to these gambling sites until their chosen period of time has expired.

As stated by, gamblers use to search the ways on how to get around GamStop to avoid restrictions. Aside from the blocking feature, the program also offers an option to help people who are struggling with gambling problems.

4. BlockSite Extension

Some people are not able to manage their time as they stick to gambling instead of focusing on their work or studies. That is probably the reason why the BlockSite app was released to help those who tend to gamble more. This software allows them to be banned from distracting apps and sites, including gambling platforms.

With BlockSite Extension, the users can manage their schedule by choosing the time when they can browse their favorite gambling sites. This solution is called the BlockSite’s Work Mode to help the workers concentrate on their work by banning themselves from their chosen platforms.

5. Gamban

Gamban is a leading blocking software application mainly recognized for its efficiency. This app can, in fact, be easily installed on their chosen devices as it works on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and android.

Once the software is installed, the users will immediately be banned from gambling websites and apps. Gamban was released by a recognized not-for-profit in the UK called GambleAware.

Added to the blocking option, this smartest software has also been provided free of charge support features to those who need assistance and advice. These days, thousands of gambling websites and apps have opted for this tool to prevent gambling-related harms.

How to Completely Block Gambling:

While there’s no 100% foolproof method, using a combination of strategies can effectively block gambling:

  • Software Solutions: Tools like Gamban, BetBlocker, and GamStop allow users to block access to thousands of gambling sites and apps.
  • Browser Extensions: There are numerous browser extensions, like BlockSite, which can be configured to restrict access to gambling websites.
  • Manual URL Blocking: Users can manually input URLs of gambling sites into their browser settings or router to block access.
  • ISP-Level Blocking: Some Internet Service Providers offer services to block specific types of content, including gambling sites.

Blocking Card Transactions on Gambling Sites:

  • Bank Settings: Some banks offer controls in their apps or online banking platform that allow customers to ‘turn off’ payments to gambling sites.
  • Third-Party Apps: Tools like Monzo and Starling have built-in features to block gambling-related transactions.

Benefits of Gambling Blocking Software:

  • Self-Control Assistance: The software acts as an additional layer of defense against impulsive behaviors, assisting those looking to curb their gambling habits.
  • Financial Safety: By preventing access to gambling sites, users can safeguard their finances from impulsive betting.
  • Mental Health Protection: Reducing access can decrease the emotional and mental stress associated with compulsive gambling.
  • Family Safety: It can also be used to ensure that minors or other family members don’t access gambling sites.

Is Gambling Blocking Software Safe?

Yes, reputable Gambling Blocking Software is safe. Here are some safety tips:

  • Choose Well-Reviewed Software: Before installing, check reviews and recommendations. Reputable platforms will have a history of effectiveness and positive user feedback.
  • Update Regularly: Ensure your software is always up-to-date. Developers continuously update blocklists to include new or emerging gambling sites.
  • Avoid Overrides: It can be tempting to disable or uninstall the software during moments of weakness. Stay committed to the goal and seek support if you feel the urge to gamble.


Don’t find an excuse to quit gambling if you feel like becoming a problem gambler! Different free gambling blocking apps have been launched to help those who struggle with gambling addiction, and these tools have become ubiquitous in the gambling sector.

Since their launching, these brand tools have helped many addicted gamblers to refrain from spending time and money at gambling websites. These facilities are chiefly designed to block any type of gambling site and app. The installation does not require a long and complicated process with free-of-charge updates.

In the fight against gambling addiction and its associated perils, Gambling Blocking Software stands as a powerful ally. Whether you’re trying to protect yourself or a loved one, these tools offer a solid defense against the digital gambling world.

Always remember to choose reputable software, regularly update, and combine multiple blocking methods for the most effective protection.