Best Funimation Alternative but it is Totally FREE

Unlike free anime sites, paid streaming services stay in business for long so we rarely have to look for alternatives if we are satisfied with their services. But if for some reasons, Funimation cannot meet all of your requirements, it is time to look for a better alternative, a site that fixes all of Funimation’s drawbacks.  

It is not an easy task to look for Funimation’s alternative as most sites focus on subbed anime only. Funimation currently has the biggest collection of dubbed anime and it is such a challenge to find a site that offers a similar content library with premium quality.

The search for such a site ended when we came across, a new free anime site that is steadily gaining recognition among the anime community thanks to its excellent features that we can only get from paid streaming services.

Best Funimation Alternative but it is Totally FREE

What Is is a newly-launched free anime streaming site that allows its users to watch as well as download thousands of subbed and dubbed cartoons and anime shows in ultra HD quality. The site is known for its multiple No-s such as no payment, no registration, and especially, no ads. 

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Is Safe?

Funimation is safe as it belongs to a legal company that has been operating for almost 3 decades. Meanwhile, is also considered as one of the safest anime sites you can find on the Internet with zero ads popping up and no registration needed.

Free anime sites have a bad reputation due to malicious ads, but as is completely ad-free, you can rest assured that you will be 100% safe from virus, malware, and identity theft while streaming on With no ads to lure you to click on, hackers have no chance to harm your device as well as your private information at all 

Is Using Legal?

Unlike Funimation, is not considered a legal site as the content on Zoro is not paid for. However, don’t worry, you can stay anonymous by simply turning on a reliable VPN. Even when you forget to do so, as Japan’s anime copyright laws are normally not strictly enforced, there isn’t much to worry about.

Why Is The Best Alternative to Funimation in 2022

CrunchyRoll and Funimation are dominating the paid streaming industry thanks to their high quality content and great features. Although they are not flawless, the two sites have been doing a great job providing us with thousands of subbed and dubbed anime. There was a pact between these two giants back in 2016 that CrunchyRoll would be focusing on subbed anime while Funimation would focus on dubbed one.

The pact is no longer valid, but the spirit lives on. If you are only interested in dubbed anime, Funimation is one of your best bets. But if you are interested in both, especially when subbed versions are always faster to be released, we have found the solution named Let’s take a look at the site’s features to decide whether it suits you better than Funimation. 

1. Customer Care

When looking at a site, we have a tendency to give credit to those that offer great customer service. No site is perfect, but any site that is willing to improve itself to please more users should be highly appreciated.

Everyone has their own priorities when it comes to streaming sites. Both Funimation and Zoro are known for their customer care, however, as Zoro is a new site, they are welcoming all feedback as well as fulfilling as many requests as possible to complete the site.

Your voice is more highly likely to be heard on as the Zoro team is on active mode 24/7. All broken links are fixed, requested titles are updated, and users’ queries/inquiries are responded to in no time.

The Zoro team is dedicated to creating the best place possible for anime lovers and in order to do so, they learnt from other sites’ mistakes, kept all the good things and got rid of the bad. 

2. Safety

Many are hesitant to switch from a paid streaming service to free anime sites mostly because of safety. Free sites might be filled with malicious ads and it takes us only one click on those ads to suffer from data loss, identity theft, or corrupted networks.

Without a reliable anti-virus program and an AdBlock extension, free sites should be a no–no. However, you can rest assured of streaming free anime at Zoro. With no registration needed or any ads popping up, there is literally no risk navigating through this site. 

3. Content Library

Alternative to Funimation

As stated above, Funimation hosts a huge content library with thousands of dubbed and subbed anime. Although the number of subbed anime is nowhere to compare with CrunchyRoll, it is still generous. You can find here almost any title from any genre, such as action, drama, kids, fantasy, horror, mystery, police, romance, school, comedy, music, game, and many more.’s content library might not be as impressive as that of Funimation at the moment, but as the site is new and now working steadily to build its database, new titles come on a daily basis, including requested ones. If you are longing for a specific title and cannot find it on yet, simply send a request and it will be updated within a day (if it is available somewhere on the Internet).

4. Resolution

Both Funimation and provide us with the best resolution possible. At Funimation, if you set the Video Quality setting to “Auto”, the app player will automatically play videos in HD when they are available.

You can also set Video Quality to “720p” or “1080p to enjoy HD quality all the time. At, all videos will be played in Ultra HD quality (1080p). But the site also offers us the option to adjust the video quality to as low as 360p in case our Internet connection is not strong enough. 

5. Updates

As Funimation focuses on dubbed anime, they cannot update new titles as fast as we expect. It takes about a week for an anime show to be released with dubs.  Meanwhile, provides both subbed and dubbed anime, therefore, it can update its database on a daily basis with the latest releases, new episodes, and requested titles. If you send a request, your content of interest is highly likely to be updated within a day if it is available.

6. Streaming Experience

What Is Zoro

Given that Funimation has been on the market for decades, it is hard to explain the site’s slow website response and complicated episode navigation. Apart from them, streaming on Funimation is seamless. However, if you go for a free tier, you will have to sit through multiple ads and popups before getting to enjoy your video.

Meanwhile, streaming on is more enjoyable as everything is optimized for a convenient and seamless watching experience. As long as your Internet connection is stable and strong, your streaming will be hassle-free without buffering and lagging. There won’t be any ads or popups interrupting your experience and unlike Funimation, it is painless to skip around in episodes on 

7. User Interface

Is Safe

Both Funimation and Zoro are known for their simple user interface. You don’t need to be a veteran anime streamer to figure out how to navigate and browse through these two sites. If you already have a specific title in mind, you can easily look for the sites’ search box placed in the center of their homepages to type it in. But if you would like to check out what the sites have to offer, the sites’ filter system, as well as categories, will be of help. 

8. Device Compatibility

Both Funimation and are mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported, which means that you can access both sites on most devices, be it your smartphone, desktop, laptop, or smart TVs. Unfortunately, the Zoro app is not available to download yet, however, there is no need for it at the moment as the mobile user experience is already excellent. 

9. No Account/Registration

You don’t need to sign up to watch Funimation’s free content. However, if you wish to access the site’s full content library, you will need to register for a membership that starts from $7.99 a month. But before you make up your mind, you can also go for the site’s 14-day free trial. You can watch entertainment videos for free on YouTube as well.

The process is much simpler on as you can watch all the site’s titles without even making an account. The only thing you need is an Internet connection and an Internet enabled device. The site is completely commitment-free and as you don’t have to leave any information there for signup, your identity is 100% kept safe. 

We hope this review has somehow helped you figure out which site to go for when the mood strikes you. can offer you all the benefits that Funimation is proud of, and the cherry on top is that the site is completely free, which will save you lots of money in the long term.

As is on the way to complete the site, we can expect it to come up with more surprises. Give the site a shot and if possible, leave them some supportive comments or share the site with your friends and family to motivate the team.

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