Former Child Star Amanda Bynes is Freed from Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes and her mother have agreed to remove the conservatorship that has been in place since 2013 so that the actor can focus on her mental health.

After gaining notoriety in shows like All That and The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon and What I Including About You on The WB, among others, Bynes went on to star in feature films like the comedic Easy A in 2010.

Former Child Star Amanda Bynes is Freed from Conservatorship

However, she was placed under conservatorship in 2013 at the age of 27 after a series of bizarre episodes, including the suspected setting on fire of a driveway.

Her lawyer, David Esquibias, says his client’s parents were worried about her and did what they thought was best for her “at the time.”

Bynes tweeted in 2014 that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, was taking medication for it, and was regularly consulting with a psychologist and psychiatrist.

A judge in Southern California has decided that, at almost 36 years old, she is no longer dependent on her mother for care.

The Conservatorship Model has Been Scrutinized

After singer Britney Spears was released from a conservatorship in November, the model underwent intense scrutiny because of the 13 years the singer said.

She was subjected to an abusive legal arrangement that controlled her life and income.

The singer’s decision gave her back control of her life, including her health, career, and $60 million fortune.

According to Lynn Bynes’s attorney, Tamar Arminak, Ms. Bynes’s mother, who had served as her conservator for years, did not object to the petition to terminate the conservatorship that was submitted last month.

After a series of odd tweets, including one in which she claimed a “microchip” in her skull coerced her to make false charges about her father, Ms. Bynes was involuntarily taken to a hospital in the Los Angeles region in 2014.

Amanda Bynes’s Conservatorship Has Been Ended by the Court.

Amanda Bynes, an actor, was recently discharged from the conservatorship that had placed her parents in charge of her life and finances.

After a hearing in Oxnard, Southern California, on Tuesday, her attorney David A. Esquibias confirmed that the conservatorship had been ended by Judge Roger Lund of Ventura County Superior Court.

The conservatorship is no longer necessary, the court finds, and there are no longer any grounds for establishing a conservatorship of the person, as stated in the court records prepared by Mr. Lund prior to his ruling.

Bynes, now 35, gained prominence on two Nickelodeon shows when she was a child. However, she has since struggled with mental health issues.

Substance misuse, and the law, leading to her parents seeking a conservatorship in 2013.


The Simple After her former daughter, the Amanda Show star, had multiple run-ins with the law, set fire to a driveway in the suburban neighbourhood where she grew up.

She was placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, the court awarded the actress’ mother, Lynn, custody over her.

At age 20, the actress revealed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, despite having her first Nickelodeon show at age 10.