Florida Republican Allegedly Boasted Russian-Ukrainian ‘Hit Squad’ Could ‘Disappear’ Rival

One of the lesser-known Republican candidates for one of Florida’s most contested congressional races.

It was caught on tape threatening to have her Republican opponent “disappear” with the help of a “Russian and Ukrainian killing squad.”

William Braddock, in a taped 30-minute conversation with a conservative activist before he entered politics.

Repeatedly advised the activist not to support Republican candidate Anna Paulina Luna in the primary for a congressional seat in the Tampa Bay region because he had access to assassins.

Florida Republican Allegedly Boasted Russian-Ukrainian ‘Hit Squad’ Could ‘Disappear’ Rival

Representative Charlie Crist (Democrat, Florida) is leaving his seat to run for governor. Braddock, when contacted by text message, flatly denied making any threats towards Luna toward Erin Olszewski, the person who filmed him.

Braddock refused to confirm or deny via text message whether or not he had stated Russian-Ukrainian killing squads.

Claiming instead that he had not heard the recording and that it was “supposedly me… there is no confirmation of that.” The recording “may even be manipulated and modified,” he added.

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Ms. Luna Won Her Party’s Primary to Compete in 13th Congressional District Race

Air Force veteran and candidate for the 13th Congressional District seat in 2020, Ms. Luna won her party’s primary but ultimately lost to Mr. Crist.

She had previously been endorsed by Donald Trump and US Rep. Matt Gaetz. There will be another election for her in 2022. I

n order to run against Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, Charlie Crist has announced that he will not be seeking reelection to the House and will instead run for governor.

Activist Erin Olszewski recorded Mr. Braddock’s alleged threats and turned them on to police.

According to Politico, Mr. Braddock said there was “no proof” that he had referenced kill squads and that the recording.

“May even be manipulated and edited,” calling the tape “a filthy political strategy that has caused a lot of people a lot of stress and is absolutely needless.”

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In an audio clip, William Braddock, a Republican challenger of Florida GOP candidate Anna Paulina Luna, threatens to send a Russian-Ukrainian “death squad” to eliminate Luna.

Braddock reportedly cautioned a conservative activist against backing Anna Paulina Luna for the congressional seat in the Tampa Bay area in a conversation recorded before he officially launched his political career.

As reported by Politico. He threatened to “disappear” Luna, saying he had a “Russian and Ukrainian killing team” at his disposal.