5 Best Alternative To ‘Flipagram’ in 2024

Would you like to share your thoughts and personal stories over the internet?If yes then Flipagram is the app for you. Don’t know what is Flipagram, no worries, we will explain you.

Flipagram is a popular app for making and editing videos and photos. The app is directly linked to social media networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, allowing you to share your special moments with the world.

How To

If Flipagram is the app for you, we would suggest you some similar apps like Flipagram you, if in case Flipagram is down or facing any other issue.

In an era where visual content dominates the digital sphere, various platforms have emerged to help users create and share their visual stories. One such platform is Flipagram.

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Even if you haven’t used it, you’ve likely heard of it. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore what Flipagram is, its history, benefits, and its evolution, including its new name. We’ll also address common questions like whether it is a social media platform and if it is free to use.

What is Flipagram?

Flipagram is a mobile application that allows users to create short video stories using their photos, video clips, and music. The platform gained popularity for its user-friendly interface that made it easy for anyone to create compelling video content.

Users could simply select a set of photos or video clips, add their favorite music, apply filters, and produce a video that could be easily shared across various social media platforms.

When Did Flipagram Come Out?

Flipagram was launched in 2013. Its creation tapped into the rising trend of visual storytelling, providing a tool for users to stitch together their memories in an easily consumable video format. Over time, the app gained significant attention and amassed a substantial user base.

5 Best Alternatives to Flipagram

1. PicFlow

Want to create a video with photos and music PicFlow is the app for you. The app is Full packed with filters and effects to add to the photos. Different filters and effects can be added to different photos according to the convenience of the user.

This App has two versions – one is free and the other is paid. The free version is almost perfect providing a good variety of filters and effects to use.


  1. User has full control over the apps with pictures, music, and filter.
  2. The app has a built-in timer, which allows users to set the display time for a picture.
  3. After creating slideshows, they are easily accessible to you as you can save them on your device.
  4. This app is compatible with both IOS and Android.

2. InstaShot

This software is quite similar toPicFlow, but it also has a feature that enables to share of the slideshow created with individuals on social media sites.Make videos for special occasions with this special app.


  1. The slideshow does not need to be formatted or cropped.
  2. Simply create the desired slideshow and publish it according to your will on any social networking site, share with individuals, or just save it on your device.
  3. The app is quite handy and easy to use, you can even add text to the videos conveniently.
  4. The app is full-fledged with almost all the features, cropping, merging, and splitting of the video.
  5. The app comes with compatibility of both android and IOS.

3. SlideShow Maker

The name of the app is self-explanatory, this app merges video, music, and photos and allows you to create an amazing slideshow. To capture the moments and make memories immortal.

You may also utilize advanced features to customize your slideshow in order to make your Slideshows stand out from the crowd. This app is comparable to flipagram.


  1. There is no limit on the number of photographs that may be added, so users can enter as many as they like.
  2. Instant option to play the videos to preview them.
  3. Stickers and many animations can be easily added.
  4. Text in the slideshow can also be added.
  5. Only Android users can take advantage this app.

4. MiniMovie

MiniMovie is a great option for free slideshow creation app. What distinguishes MiniMovie from Flipagram is the availability of some quality professional tools.

Users of minimovie can also incorporate a professional tool to produce films and slideshows.The app is made to bound the memories in the video. Make amazing videos for your loved ones.


  1. Slides can be either displayed in portrait or landscape format, as the user wishes.
  2. Photo detection feature automatically recognizes the subject and places them in the middle of your selected template.
  3. Moments: With this instant movie creator, you may instantly create daily and weekly video memories.
  4. A video can combine multiple themes.
  5. The app also allows to fetch images from social networking sites and use them in the slideshow.
  6. You can only run this app if you own an android phone.

5. VideoShow

VideoShow is quite an awesome app with almost every feature available. Even with so many features – advance and basic both, the app is quite easy to use and quite handy.Create videos of any time duration, there are no constraints on the length of the video.

The export quality offered by the app is also quite powerful, as they export video in premium quality. This also offers a paid version to the user to have a better experience and no pop-ups.


  1. Easy editing of the video.
  2. Has 100+ themes to choose from, according to the video content.
  3. More than 30+ filters to make videos more emphasizing and appealing.
  4. Several audio-related functions are available too like voice enhancement and sound speed adjustment.
  5. After certain intervals, multiple pieces of music can be introduced.
  6. Be it IOS or Android the app is compatible with both.

Benefits of Flipagram

Ease of Use

One of Flipagram’s most attractive features is its user-friendly interface. Even without any video editing skills, users can create engaging short videos.


With various filters, effects, and music options, Flipagram lets you tailor your videos to match your personal style.

Wide Reach

Flipagram videos can be shared directly to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, thus broadening your reach.

Engaging Content

The platform allows for a more dynamic and engaging form of content compared to static photos.

What Is the New Name for Flipagram?

In 2017, Flipagram was acquired by the Chinese tech company, ByteDance, the same company that owns TikTok. Post-acquisition, Flipagram was rebranded as “Vigo Video.” This rebranding was part of an effort to integrate Flipagram into the broader ecosystem of ByteDance’s other platforms.

Is Flipagram a Social Media?

While Flipagram serves as a tool for creating videos, it also has social features like following, commenting, and liking videos. Therefore, it can be considered a social media application, especially in its capacity to allow users to share content and engage with a community.

Is Flipagram Free?

Flipagram was initially released as a free application with in-app purchases for additional features. The same business model continues with its successor, Vigo Video.

Users can download the app for free and have the option to buy premium features within the app. However, the core functionalities required for creating and sharing videos are available without any charges.

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We believe that we were able to deliver Best 5 alternatives to Flipagram. Just download the app that suits you the most and create GIFs, funny videos, videos for special occasions, dubsmash videos, or whatever you like. You are most likely to find the apps on the Play Store or Appstore.

Flipagram paved the way for an easy and accessible form of visual storytelling when it launched back in 2013. Its benefits like ease of use and wide reach made it popular among a varied user base.

Though it has now been rebranded as Vigo Video, its legacy as a tool for simplifying video creation lives on. As a free-to-use platform with optional in-app purchases, it remains accessible to anyone interested in turning their photos and clips into engaging stories.