10 Best Fitness Apps to Use in 2020

Think once you are eating healthily and still facing weight gain problems. Gaining weight can make you depressed, stressed, and also make you sense that training will be essential for you. Training makes you unique, looks special, and makes you look fit and healthy. To make this happen, there are Fitness Apps to keep you stay healthy and fit. These applications are held online sessions that help you and suggest you stay healthy and fit. Some of these sessions are online free.

Best Fitness Apps

10 Best Fitness Apps to Download in 2020

1. C25K

C25K is a mobile application that makes you run over 5kilometer a day or 30 minutes in 9 weeks. It is developed by zen labs in 1996. It starts with a daily warm-up run for 5 minutes, and later it aims to start with a daily run for 20-30 minutes without a walking break for three days a week.

C25K is a highly rated application that is available on both Android and iOS. It makes you stay fit and healthier also by running. There will be a coach helping you to suggest and train you up to your satisfaction levels

2. Blogilates

“Planned workouts will be made easier now!”

Blogilates application makes easy plannings of workouts. Perfect planning makes things happen. In this application, ideas, sessions, and training are given according to the workout plan. This is a paid application, and plans are as per the calendar. Per month this application costs up to $0.99.

The amount that is paid is valid for one month only. In special this application suggests its trainees how to make tasty and healthy recipes that help the users for staying healthier and fit.

3. Sworkit

Sworkit is the best home fitness application. These workout plans can help users to stay healthy and fit. The goal of the users may be weight loss, muscle gain, improved flexibility, maintain weight, and so on.

Sworkit provides amazing transformations and testimonials that make users to fulfill their fitness goals and improvement of health simpler and easier. This makes users to become workout a habit that can keep you in shape. In special sworkit users can use their available time that too at home from 1 to 90 minutes. It is a completely user choice.

4. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga training sessions are useful not only to keep themselves fit and healthier but also it makes the user feel pleasant, calm, and cool. This enlightens power and works in a cool manner. This application is enabled in an Android version, iOS, and also runs in multi-platforms.

In this session, yoga classes are conducted, and there are levels for trainees, and one should reach from one level to another level according to their capacity. This training may be completed from 2 weeks to 4 weeks or more. In special this application consists of music according to taste and preference of trainees to make themselves more peaceful.

5. Nike Training Club

This application creates confidence in staying healthy, fit, and sportive too. This application is mainly designed for sportspersons. It provides training sessions for physical fitness and the bodies that are available to move well through the drills.

There will be separate training sessions for separate people according to their capacity. It divides the work out program into 15 minutes session, 30 minutes session, and a 45-minutes session. In special this application makes trainees where they stand by giving them assessments and home-made workouts possible that are equal to the gym.

6. Aaptiv

These training sessions led to higher professionals that work out in the home itself and no usage of equipment at all. This is a paid application, and this membership costs $15 per month and $100 per year. There are 2500+ more online sessions, which include meditation, yoga, cycling, running, walking, and many more. This conducts 40 new trainings per week without feeling trainees that the session is routine. In special it provides a certificate to a trainee to make them believe that they are professionally capable.

7. SweatWorking

SweatWorking is found in Chicago in 2017. This is specially made for women that are helpful to make them stay fit and healthy in the home itself. This application guides and teaches about workouts, meditations, and meal plans. This is an online free application that engages users to communicate and guide each other. In special this application provides you a demo, sharable videos to both Android and iOS. These are available free as online documents like pdfs and are sharable.


This is an application that is only available on iOS. This is a free trial for 14 days that includes spin, yoga, running, and much more. This application trains users when to slow down and when to speed up. This training leads the users to work smarter rather than working harder. Having an apple watch makes the workout progress to continue most efficiently. In special these training sessions are conducted only by world champions and high professionals.

9. Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log App

This is an application that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It is available to track all the records of your workouts and helps you to suggest what you require mostly. This application is designed in a beautiful dark mode that attracts and gives pleasantness to users while using it. In special you can measure your body weight, body fat percentage, and any other body measurements.

       10. Daily M|WOD by Mobility

This application is called a mobility app that makes users use it in Android as well as iOS. This application is specially designed for movement to optimize the range of motion. This is useful to help the user to warm up to start an exercise. It also helps to strengthen up the user muscle to start a workout. In special it compares the user performance day by day in which the user can work perfectly.

11. Endomondo

This application works in both Android and iOS operating systems. This acts as an ideal for running, walking, cycling, and other distant sports. It acts as a pocket watch by tracking and recording all the activities of the sportsmen and also for workouts. This application engages with a layer of watches and sensors for comprehensive data such as heart rate status. In special an added advantage of this layer is to connecting with friends online and communicating.

Summing Up

Despite all the application usages, users are also suggested to take extra care of themselves and concerning their health, like taking precautions while running. Major health problems like heart diseases are suggested not to run. Anyhow this application makes one fit and healthy if they desire to make a shape of themselves.