First Woman To Medal in 6 Olympics

It’s safe to say that Kim Rhode is a meteor.  It’s not like she’d be a fleeting meteor that flies by. When compared to her rivals, Rhode’s career in the sport has lasted far longer than theirs has.

First Woman To Medal in 6 Olympics

Rhode joined Italian luger Armin Zoeggeler as the only Olympians to win a medal in each of the Olympic Games from 1994 to 2014.

First Woman To Medal in 6 Olympics

The pressure is great, Rhode said. Of course I enjoy competing, but for me the real thrill is taking first place. It can easily become an obsession. I keep going back for more of it.

On Friday, Rhode won bronze in women’s skeet at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, making it the fifth continent on which she has won an Olympic medal. Both she and the Chinese competitor, Meng Wei, hit 15 of 16 targets in the bronze-medal match shoot-off, which she won 7-6.

Amazing,” Rhode Remarked. To Paraphrase, “I Find This Really Astounding.”

While watching from the stands was the president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, both Rhode and Wei missed a shot, which allowed Rhode another opportunity to score. Rhode silently pumped her fist and then embraced her coaches after Wei missed.

According to Rhode, “I was honestly sort of stunned, but I believe it made for a terrific final.” Each of us can consider yourself an Olympian. We’re all competent here, and she’s a formidable opponent. I anticipated that she would be a formidable opponent. She’ll come back, I’m sure of it.

And Rhode Island will as well. The woman isn’t done yet. You need more than six.

I’m going to go again,” Rhode declared. Let me go for seven. This, then, will hopefully not be my final post. I promised everyone I’d return whether I won, lost, or tied, so here’s hoping to seeing you all in Tokyo.

And Rhode, a California resident, added, “I probably have to stick around again” if Los Angeles is selected to host the 2024 Games. Incredible if they were cheered on by their own people back home. This is my fifth continent, and I’d love to return to the United States and the city of Los Angeles.

Morgan Craft, the reigning world champion and a member of Team USA, placed fifth overall and lost in the bronze-medal shoot-off. Italian Diana Bacosi won gold after edging out her training partner and comrade Chiara Cainero, 15-14.

Medical student Craft is undecided about competing in future Olympics, but she encourages Rhode to “Go for it” if that is what she wants to do.

It’s Incredible That She’s Been Doing This For Longer Than I’ve Been Alive”.

At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Rhode, then 17 years old, became the youngest female gold winner in Olympic shooting history with her victory in double trap. A bronze medal in Sydney was followed by another gold in Athens for her.

When the Olympic shooting event of women’s double trap was eliminated, Rhode shifted to skeet, where she won silver in Beijing and gold four years ago in London, where she also tied the world record with 99 targets.

In Contrast, Things Were Much Tougher in Rio.

Rhode’s son Carter is now 3 years old, but she had health issues leading up to and following his birth. He was a fan at the Olympic Shooting Centre and helps his mother with target pulling back home. She noted that her eyesight had diminished with age and that she was continually training to improve both.

Friday in the preliminary rounds, she had a rough start, at least by her standards, scoring only 23 out of a possible 25. In the second round, she scored a flawless 25, and in the third round, she scored a 24 to put herself in second position heading into the semi-finals.

A sixth medal was a target for Rhode as she competed. Knowing that you could win a medal and make Olympic history if you win the bronze medal match is a terrifying feeling. So that was something I was thinking about.

Yes, there’s more. She said, “Probably; don’t miss.” The weather, the light, the setting—those were the biggest obstacles. It was a struggle for us to make out the target.

Cainero shot a flawless 16 in the semifinals, while Bacosi shot 15 and won a spot in the gold medal game. In order to qualify for the bronze medal match, Rhode, Craft, and Wei had to face off in a shootout.

The shootout, according to Craft, was quite stressful. She said, “Normally I welcome shoot-offs.” I thrive under intense competition and enjoy shootouts. The resolution of this one fell short of my expectations, but hey, I tried my best.

She shook her hand and, according to Rhode, the older woman told the younger woman, 23, “how proud I was of her.”