How to Find Your Child’s Location Without Their Phone?

A lot of standard hours in a parent’s life are just spent on worrying over their children. Being a parent to a millennial child is furthermore worrisome. They have so much exposure to technology, and the proliferating crime rates don’t make it easier either.

For children, their growing years are necessarily vital as they set the foundation for their life ahead. They are likely to be misguided if there is not commensurate parenting support. You have to accept the rebelliousness of the children as it comes with their age, but can this be an excuse to ensure their safety as parents?

You can learn more about how parents around the world are using technology to monitor their children and ensure their safety. With enhanced usage of technology popular amongst children, having access to their smartphone engagements is like having access to their lives. 

Of all the web-based applications that offer parenting control services, Minspy leads the competition. It is the most trustworthy spy application that has a proliferating user base. Parents around the world vouch for its security and relevance. 

What is Minspy?

Minspy proves to be a great web-based application that provides parents with an ability to garner access to their child’s phone in a remote manner. You can know your child’s real-time location at any time in the day.

What is Minspy

In addition to knowing the location of your child, you can also see their messages, call records, calendar, schedule, images, social media, and everything they are doing with their phone. It is the most adequately sufficient way of knowing what your child is up to.

With Minspy, you can attain every important information about your child. Children often lie to their parents about many things, and this behavior is just part and parcel of their age. So, you need to be wary of where your children really are, and what are they doing? 

Minspy’s Awesome Features

In addition to being the most trustworthy parental control application, Minspy also has an array of good features and functionalities that help it elevate parenting control. For starters, it has a very simple interface. The dashboard is super friendly, and you do not have to be an expert in using it.

Some of the awesome features are as follows:

1. Know the location of your Child

You can know where your child is and what they are up to. This is with the help of the GPS location tracker of Minspy. At any given point of time in the day, you can see where your child is. Nothing ensures the safety of your children like knowing where they are. 

Know the location of your Child with Minspy

2. User Friendly Interface

Spying in itself is a very complicated affair, if you do not have a user-friendly platform to do, it further becomes troublesome. This is where Minspy wins hands down. The application is very convenient to use, and you don’t even need to see a demo to know how it works.

Minspy Interface

It has a well built-in stealth mode that allows you to sneak through their phones without them even having a hunch about it. The application assists in keeping your secret, a secret. 

3. Compatible with iOS and Android Phones

Your child might have an iOS or Android phone, and you still can spy on them. Either way, the process is as remote and discreet as you can imagine. So, you don’t have to worry about whether Minspy can be used on the kind of phone used by your child.

4. Keylogger

It’s a stated fact that Minspy provides you all information that you need to seek in your child’s phone. But, the key feature that provides holistic control is seeing even the drafts, unsent messages, and deletions that your child makes.

minspy keylogger

You can see first hand if your child is willingly trying to hide any information with you. You can also see when and how they changed their minds and what led to them making the decisions they did. 

How to find your child’s location without their phone 

The procedure is actually a set of some simple procedures that wouldn’t even take more than 10 minutes. For a first time user of parental control apps too, Minspy offers a simple outlay. Its immensely simple to use, and all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned procedures: 

Step 1: Register

The first step is to register on the Minspy web-based app. You have to use your email ID to register on this app and that is all what is needed. Minspy doesn’t seek unnecessary info from the users, and it is kept short and simple.

Step 2: Selecting the plan

After you are done with the registration, you need to select the plan you seek from the platform. Minspy has many plans with varied offers and benefits. You can choose the monthly plan that helps your requirement. 

Step 3: Set Up

Once the plan is selected, you will then receive a setup link on your registered email ID. The setup link would have easy to follow instructions. All you need to do is follow the instructions and the set up will be done almost instantaneously. 

Selection of Target Platform

After logging in post set up, you will need to specify the target platform. Target platform is important as you need to specify what device is your child using, i.e. whether it is  Android or iOS? 

If your child has an iPhone, you have to select iOS. Minspy will ask you about the iCloud ID and password of your child’s iPhone. As and when you enter the iCloud credentials, the app will connect to your child’s phone immediately.

Yes, it’s that simple. You don’t need to download, root, or even jailbreak to your child’s phone. Even better, you do not even need to touch your child’s iPhone. The process is totally remote.

minspy set up guide

If your child has an Android phone, you have to select Android as the target platform. After selecting Android, you need to download the app into your child’s phone. Android does not offer direct remote access, so this is something you will need to do.  

The trick here is that the Minspy app has been created in a way to weigh only 3 MB, and with this size, it is almost like any such app doesn’t exist in your phone at all. It has been designed so for you to be able to hide it. Once hidden, it is never to be found.

You can instantly link iOS and Android phones after you stick with the procedures. The application is extremely coveted for being so time-efficient. 

Step 4: Find your Child’s Location

The next step is super efficient as all you need to do now is to sit back, relax, and access the dashboard. Minspy’s dashboard is famous for its simplicity. It is so convenient to access your child’s location from there. Your child’s location can be revealed in moments.


As you learn more about Minspy, you would wonder why you haven’t used this app so far? You would suddenly feel fine about handing iOS or Android phones to your child. It is the most secure way of knowing what they feel or do, even better than what they tell you.

Minspy proves to be a leader in parenting control apps because it offers security in processes like no other app. The safety and security it provides to your children is priceless.