Facebook About To Rebrand Under A New Name

Facebook had been going through a lot now. There have been a lot of people who are displeased with the company because of a lot of reasons that happened last month. Now there have been some reports from the interior person that Facebook is going to go and have some major changes in the world. The source said that Facebook is going to reconstruct some things and then going to launch it with a new name.

There had been an insider who tells the news that Mark Zuckerberg needs to make a statement after all the accusation and trouble that it had gone through this past month. This is indeed kind of a sign that shows that Mark Zuckerberg is about to make some changes in Facebook to give out the news that they are not just turned about the matter of social networking companies who do not care for their clients.

Facebook About To Rebrand Under A New Name

The plans of Facebook that had been included are giving the building of a so-called metaverse. What is called metaverse? Well, it is simple as it had been described by Facebook as “a new phase that is given is of all the new interconnected virtual experiences that had been using technologies like virtual and augmented reality”. This is all of the facts that is aimed to making all of the interacting online. This is really a good deal to bring people in even closer.

Now we all know that Facebook is used by people a lot. So this is some interesting news for the tech world that is here. This had been expected for some of the people here. It is indeed a big shock that is probably going to come true.

Now a new launch is going to be in the place where there is an announcement going to be made. That’s all that we have known for now. If there is any changes or any other news that comes to light, then you do not need to worry because we will keep you updated on the news. We hope that it all turns out for the best for Facebook.