Get Easy Management of Diverse Information With EssentialPIM [Product Features, Pros, Pricing]

Manage your contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, appointments, passwords, and emails under one roof with this highly secured personal information manager. EssentialPIM offers an incredibly powerful email management functionality to prioritize and categorize emails in a sophisticated manner.

Get Easy Management of Diverse Information With EssentialPIM [Product Features, Pros, Pricing]

  • Information remains secure through the AES 256-bit key.
  • Can be operated straight out of a portable device such as a USB flash drive, if needed.
  • Cloud backup and synchronization prevents data loss and allows you to access your data everywhere.
  • Allows cross-platform usage across Windows, Android, and iOS.


  • EPIM cloud subscription requires a monthly fee.

Is growing work complexity getting an upper edge over you? If you have yes for an answer, then you have come to the right place. I am an interior decorator by profession, and while I started freelancing a few years back, my business has grown considerably over the years.

Juggling clients was a cakewalk when I had to deal with just a few of them. But it became a big headache recently, and I was ardently looking for a tool that could collate all the important information I required on a regular basis under one roof.

That’s exactly when a friend recommended EssentialPIM, and my work efficiency has been on an upward spiral since then. Read on to know more about the unique features of this tool which has made life easier for me.


1. Data Migration

Prior to my introduction to EssentialPIM, I used to save data in different software which created a lot of synchronization issues. While collating it all under one roof seemed like an excellent proposition, I was wary about whether this tool would support different file formats.

But to my utter surprise, EssentialPIM worked in a super smooth fashion to streamline the data migration drill. Extensive synchronization, import, and export capabilities of EssentialPIM ensure that my data doesn’t get locked out and I can engage in easy transfer both in and out of the software. Some of the many formats supported by EssentialPIM are HTML, EML, vCard, RTF, XML, TXT, CSV, and iCal which opens up greater avenues ahead of users.

2. Multiple Language Support

My work team comprises many French-speaking professionals. They were open to the idea of software that could store all the information under one roof but had certain apprehensions about how well they would be able to manage the software.

My colleagues are not very proficient in English. But EssentialPIM also acted as a revelation in this department by offering different language choices like German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, and Chinese. One thing is for sure, language won’t be a barrier in the path of using this intuitive software.

3. Cloud Integration

The best thing about EPIM is that it can run on both laptops and smartphones. However, such devices are prone to theft and crash which is why it is always advisable to back up the data in cloud storage.

Cloud Integration EssentialPIM

EPIM offers a ready-made solution to this problem in the form of EPIM cloud, which backups and synchronizes all the data between your Windows devices via a secure cloud. This was a blessing for me as I could carry on working without any fail, even during the pandemic when I couldn’t visit my office laptop.

There was no difficulty in accessing Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Tasks, and Passwords. All the data gets replicated every night so that none of it gets lost in the process.

Some of the cloud services which are supported by EssentialPIM are Office 365/, Google (Contacts, Calendar, Drive, Tasks), Dropbox, iCloud, ownCloud, NextCloud, CalDAV, CardDAV, and Toodledo.

The synchronizations always run in the background and never cause any disturbance in my workflow. I can also schedule the synchronizations to run either after certain events or on a recurring basis without worrying about any discrepancy between the offline and online data.

4. Open-Source Database

EssentialPIM software banks on the open-source Firebird engine, which allows me to completely customize the software as per the requirements of my organization. There is no proprietary format that I have to adhere to while performing back-end customization. The lack of lock-ins allows me to write applications and plugins as per my preference.

5. Email Management Tool

The Email module of EssentialPIM doubles up as an email client. While installing the software on my device, I set up my iCloud, Google, and Outlook mail accounts for accessing all the emails under one roof. This also presented better opportunities for organizing my emails coupled with the search functionality.

Tagging function allows organizing emails pertaining to related data for easy retrieval whenever needed. I reaped the fullest benefit of EssentialPIM’s email client for Windows recently as I tagged all the emails pertaining to a certain client of mine with whom I was experiencing some performance-related issues.

It benefitted me drastically when I had to take serious action against the client as I could avail all the information under one roof and didn’t face any navigation woes while using the filtering tools. The email module of EPIM could be used in both online and offline modes. It offers complete security of data with PGP encryption so that sensitive emails do not fall into the wrong hands.

6. User Interface

EPIM can undoubtedly be termed as the best Outlook alternative as it carries the look and feels of MS Outlook making the transition easier for Outlook users. After installing the software, I was presented with the option of working in dark or light mode.

EssentialPIM User Interface

The interface resembled a calendar and mail client application while operating on my Windows desktop. However, it was a combination of reminder, calendar, and contact app whenever I accessed EPIM from my Android and iOS handsets.

Pricing Plans

EssentialPIM Pro Lifetime License
With 1 year of free updates $39.95
With lifetime updates $79.95
EssentialPIM Pro Business Lifetime License
With 1 year of free updates $59.95
With lifetime updates $99.95


The Pro version of this email and calendar app comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days. There is a trial version that you can try completely free of cost before proceeding with any hefty purchase. If you have been facing organizing woes, then EssentialPIM can serve as your best bet.

It can beautifully collate all your important information and even establish relations between the data so that making changes with one item gets reflected in the related one. It’s almost like having a personal secretary who never commits any mistakes and always remains on the brim of efficiency with your emails, contacts, notes, appointments, tasks, and passwords.