How to Fix “Error Code: 2123-1502” on Nintendo Switch

Users of the Nintendo Switch may have trouble downloading content this week after updating to the latest firmware, version 12.0.3. It was released, but subsequently pulled after users reported problems downloading and updating games after installing 12.0.3.

Even though the most famous issue, Error Code 2123-1502, has already been repaired, Nintendo’s official help page for the code still classifies the situation as “not resolved.”

Error Code: 2123-1502

Although most occurrences of Error Code 2123-1502 are related to short-lived network faults, this particular incidence has been quite pervasive and has led to continuous concerns. So, if you’re still having trouble downloading after upgrading to version 12.0.3, here are some things you can do until a permanent solution is implemented for everyone.

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Encountering an error code on your device can be frustrating, and two commonly discussed error codes are 2123-1502 on the Nintendo Switch and error 2123. While these error codes share a numerical resemblance, they pertain to different platforms and have different underlying issues.

This article aims to explore the causes of these errors and solutions, along with how to restart your Nintendo Switch, which might be necessary for troubleshooting.

What is Error 2123

Error 2123 commonly occurs during the software installation process and is generally caused by:

  1. Incomplete Installation: If the software is not fully installed, the error may occur.
  2. Corrupt Download: A corrupted setup file can lead to this error.
  3. Registry Errors: Sometimes, erroneous registry entries related to cause this error.
  4. Malware or Virus: Malicious software can corrupt files, leading to error 2123.

Causes of Error Code: 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch

1. Network Connectivity Issues

A shaky or interrupted internet connection can trigger this error when downloading or updating software on the Nintendo Switch.

2. Server Overload

During high traffic periods, Nintendo’s servers may be unable to handle the volume, causing download and update issues.

3. Corrupted Data

Sometimes, the data being downloaded or updated may become corrupted, leading to this error.

4. Firewall or Security Software

Your firewall or security software may block the connection, resulting in the 2123-1502 error.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502

Users of the Nintendo Switch may have trouble downloading content after the console’s firmware was updated to version 12.0.3 earlier this week. After users reported problems downloading and updating games after installing version 12.0.3, Microsoft pulled the update.

Even though the most famous issue, Error Code 2123-1502, has already been repaired, Nintendo’s official help page for the code still classifies the situation as “not resolved.”

Solution1: Update the Firmware of the Nintendo Switch to the Latest Build

The problem may have been caused by the Nintendo Switch not being compatible with Nintendo servers because its firmware was not up-to-date. And if the problem was triggered by a firmware flaw in the Switch, then the lack of updates could be to blame.

The issue may be remedied by installing the most recent version of Nintendo Switch’s firmware. To access the System tab, you’ll need to open the System Settings menu on the Switch. Proceed to the right pane and activate System Update, then wait for the update to finish installing (if an update is available).

After the Switch’s firmware has been updated, you should reboot it and ensure that it is functioning normally.

Solution 2: Try Download it Again

Step 1: To begin, please select OK from the error message window’s toolbar.

Step 2: In the event of a future error, a notification will appear stating that Download has been halted due to an unexpected problem. Just hit Continue to keep trying to re-download it.

Step 3: If, despite these precautions, you see error 2123-1502 again while downloading, please consider restarting the download process; many users have found that this resolves the issue.

Step 4: But if you’re lucky, a notice saying “Downloading data” will appear. Therefore, at this point, the Download should finish normally.

Solution 3: Restart the Nintendo Switch console

Sometimes the only way to get rid of glitches and errors that are only temporary is to restart the console. You need only press and hold the power button for three seconds.

Then, head to Settings > Power > Shut Down. However, if the device turns off, pressing the Power button again will activate it. After a successful reboot, see if you still get the error message 2123-1502.

Solution 4: Clear the Cache

Having no luck even now? Then, you should erase the saved data from your Nintendo Switch’s cache. Access the System Settings submenu via the Home menu. Once you’ve done so, select Formatting under System.

Click the Clear Cache button afterward. Please clear the cache after making your user selection and then proceed with the on-screen instructions. Verify that the problem no longer exists once you have cleared the cache.

Solution 5: Test your Internet Connection

If erasing the cache doesn’t solve the problem, try another troubleshooting step. Your sluggish connection could be to blame for the subsequent error. If you want to be sure your Nintendo Switch has sufficient internet speed, you should test your network connection.

Computers and mobile devices can be used for this purpose. Launch your preferred web browser first.

How Do I Restart My Nintendo Switch?

Restarting your Nintendo Switch is often a basic but effective troubleshooting step for various issues, including error 2123-1502.

  1. Hold Down the Power Button: Locate the power button on the top-left corner of your Nintendo Switch. Hold it down for about three seconds.
  2. Access the Power Menu: On the screen, you will see the Power Menu. Select “Power Options.”
  3. Choose ‘Restart’: In the Power Options menu, select “Restart” to reboot your Nintendo Switch.

Solutions for Error Codes

For Nintendo Switch

  1. Check Your Internet Connection: Ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Clear Cache and Cookies: Sometimes, clearing the cache can resolve download issues.
  3. Contact Customer Support: If all else fails, contact Nintendo customer support for further assistance.

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The aforementioned solutions are temporary and will let you get beyond the problem message. You should probably wait till the developers release any permanent patches and bookmark this page, since we’ll update it anytime the developers release any such fixes.

So, that’s it for today, guys. This guide was written with the possibility of helping you find what you’re looking for. Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions about the 2123-1502 problem.

Understanding the causes behind error codes 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch and 2123 can be the first step in resolving them. Simple solutions like restarting your Nintendo Switch or re-downloading software can sometimes solve the issue.