How To Fix ‘Error Code 0x80072f8f – 0x20000’ on Windows

You may upgrade Windows quite easily with the help of the Media Creation Tool. While useful, it isn’t without its own set of problems. It’s not fun to encounter any error, but the range from 0x80072f8f to 0x20000 is particularly irritating.

The programme can now be used to update the version currently operating or to generate installation discs for another computer. Unfortunately, there are situations when the Media Creation Tool simply won’t run under Windows.
And it’s not just one version, either.

Error Code 0x80072f8f - 0x20000

Error 0x80072f8f 0x20000 is thus not exclusive to Windows 7; Windows 10 also has the ability to display it. The good news is that the solutions provided for Windows 10 and 11 should be fully compatible with each other.

Follow the 6 easy steps in this article to resolve the Media Creation Tool issue 0x80072F8F – 0x20000. Troubleshooting issues by hand might take a long time, so you may want to try a maintenance programme like Reimage instead.

It has the ability to automatically repair system errors, blue screens of death, corrupted files, and registry problems. If not, then just do what it says in the instructions.

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One of the most frustrating experiences for Windows users is encountering error codes that disrupt their work or leisure activities. Among the error codes that users may come across is “Error Code 0x80072f8f – 0x20000.”

But what does this particular error code mean, and how can you resolve it? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the causes and solutions for Error Code 0x80072f8f – 0x20000, as well as delve into what PC error code 0x80072F8F actually is.

What is Error Code 0x80072f8f – 0x20000?

Error Code 0x80072f8f – 0x20000 is a Windows operating system error that primarily occurs during the Windows Update process. This error can prevent users from successfully updating their Windows operating system or other software components, resulting in decreased system performance or even system vulnerabilities.

Causes of Error Code 0x80072f8f – 0x20000

Understanding the root causes of this error code can help in formulating the appropriate solutions. Below are the most common factors that contribute to Error Code 0x80072f8f – 0x20000:

Incorrect System Date and Time

If your system’s date and time settings are incorrect, it can lead to this error code. The Windows Update service relies on accurate time settings to authenticate and validate updates.

Invalid or Corrupt SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are used to establish secure connections between your computer and Microsoft servers. If these certificates are invalid or corrupt, it can result in this error code during the update process.

Firewall or Antivirus Software

Sometimes, firewall or antivirus software may block the connection to the Windows Update service, causing this error code to appear.

Network Connection Issues

A poor or unstable network connection can also result in this error.

How do I Fix Error Code 0x80072f8f – 0x20000?

The Windows Media Creation Tool makes it possible to create a bootable USB drive for a fresh Windows installation or build installation media for system upgrades. You may rest assured that you are running the most up-to-date version of Windows using this straightforward and effective programme.

However, problems can arise while trying to use the Media Creation Tool. One such mistake is the MediaCreationTool.exe startup failure with the error code 0x80072f8f – 0x20000.

Solution 1: Make Sure the Internet Connection is Stable

A slow or shaky internet connection could be to blame for this issue. The internet speed can be tested directly in the browser. Your network connection is subpar if it can’t sustain a speed of at least 2 Mbps when downloading large files.

If the connection is fast enough, you can try other troubleshooting steps; otherwise, you’ll need to wait until the network settles down.

Solution 2: Run As Administrator

If individuals don’t have administrator access on their accounts, they might not be able to do crucial activities that require making significant modifications to the computer system.

To launch the software in superuser mode, please follow these procedures. Right-click the Media Creation Tool icon, and then select Run as Administrator from the menu that appears.

Solution 3: Disable Your Antivirus

False positives from third-party antivirus software on Windows can prevent the Media Creation Tool from running. You can test this by running the Media Creation Tool without your antivirus software to see if this is the case. If your antivirus software is slowing things down, you may want to try a different service.

What is PC Error Code 0x80072F8F?

PC error code 0x80072F8F is essentially the same error but presented differently, usually without the ‘- 0x20000’ suffix. It’s also related to Windows Update issues and is often caused by the same set of problems: invalid system date and time, corrupt SSL certificates, or network issues.

How to Fix Error Code 0x80072f8f – 0x20000

Correct the System Date and Time

  1. Open the “Settings” app.
  2. Navigate to “Time & Language.”
  3. Make sure your date, time, and time zone are correct. Update them if needed.

Check and Update SSL Certificates

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Navigate to “Internet Options.”
  3. In the “Advanced” tab, scroll down to “Security.”
  4. Ensure that all SSL and TLS options are enabled.

Disable Firewall/Antivirus Temporarily

  1. Disable your firewall or antivirus software momentarily.
  2. Try running the Windows Update again.
  3. Don’t forget to enable your firewall or antivirus software after the test.

Check Network Connection

Ensure that you have a stable and strong network connection before attempting the Windows Update.

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Windows is a popular OS that has widespread adoption. It includes a simple interface, extensive personalization options, built-in diagnostic tools, and much more. Users are eager to upgrade whenever Microsoft introduces a new version. The programme known as the Media Creation Tool can be used for this purpose.

Error Code 0x80072f8f – 0x20000 can be a hurdle when trying to keep your Windows operating system updated, but understanding its causes can lead to straightforward solutions. Whether it’s a matter of correcting your system’s date and time or dealing with SSL certificates, these manageable steps should help you clear the error and keep your system running optimally.

Some users have reported problems after trying to update to the most recent version of Windows (such as Windows 10 from Windows 7). Several users have mentioned getting the error message 0x80072F8F – 0x20000. It’s possible that some users are still utilising the obsolete TLS 1.0. It has been hypothesised that a problem with TLS-based security protocols lies at the root of the issue.