EpicGames Com Activate Guide

Epic Games is a well-known company that develops and distributes games. Some of the examples include Fortnite, Rocket League, Torchlight II, Rogue Company, Shadow Complex, and more. Some free games are also released annually on media like discord or Xbox. You can also link your Epic Games account with PlayStation but there is no app currently available. With Epic Games, it is easy to find and select games that are worth it and purchase them.


EpicGames Com Activate: How To Activate Epic Games

Their official site also has a helpline portal for getting queries and doubts answered. Also, it is considered completely safe. There is a need to first activate Epic Games to play tournaments and matches. There are two ways to activate the epic games by following a few simple steps. One is by using the link epicgames.com/activate and the other one involves using the launcher. This article discusses both the ways below.

EpicGames Com Activate

Activate Epic Games Using Epicgames.com/activate

The method involves the series of following steps-

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Step 1: The first step is to connect your device to a stable Internet Connection. Now, open any browser from the main menu such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or opera. Visit the link epicgames.com/activate through the browser on your device

Step 2: Next, you need to log in to your Epic Games account on your mobile device using correct user credentials. In case, you do not have an account, make one by creating a username and password.

Step 3: When you launch the application and sign in, you will see a six digit Activation Code displayed on the screen. Fill in the Activation Code in the required field in the Epic Games activation Console and submit the code by pressing Enter

Step 4: Follow the on-screen prompts.

With this, the activation procedure is completed and the activation will be confirmed in some time. Then you will be able to play tournaments as much as you want to.

Activate The Epic Games Using Launcher

Epic Games launcher is a free and authorized platform that the developers use for the distribution of their games to the users. You can choose from hundreds of titles to purchase and play games at your convenience. Although you can use websites as well for these purposes, the launcher lets you keep your games collection updated regularly.

You need to first install the Epic Games launcher and then you can carry out the activation procedure by following the given steps-

Step 1: From the main menu of your device go to any web browser. Type Epic Games Launcher in the search bar given on the top.  Select the correct option from the list of search appearances and tap on the Download button to install it on your device

Step 2: Launch the app after it has been downloaded and you will be prompted to sign in. Enter the correct details of your username and password to log in to your account. You will be able to play an epic game using a code

Step 3: Now, you need to look for the Activation Key to the epic game from your mobile device. Within the Epic Games Launcher application, you are required to type the Activation Key in the given tab. Press the Enter button to confirm the code and follow on-screen prompts.

You are all set to play best of the games and remain updated with the latest collection distributed through the application by the developers.

It is to be noted that having an account is important activation. If you do not have one, create a new account. If it is deactivated, you can try resetting the password or username or login with the linked accounts of Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your account may be blocked or suspended if you break the rules. In all cases, customer service is always available for help.

You may sometimes face issues while using the application such as lagging, crashing etc. In such cases, you can-

  • Check the Internet connection
  • Update the application
  • Clear the Cache
  • Delete and Reinstall the game
  • Disable Full screen optimization
  • Check if the server might be down

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Epic Games is an amazing platform for gamers worldwide. It enables you to explore your favorite stuff from hundreds of titles. You can play matches and tournaments anytime and anywhere. The only requirement is to activate the epic games for being able to play tournaments and matches.

The process of activation can be carried either on the website or the launcher application. The difference is that you will need to first download the Epic Games launcher application for activation.

Basically, you need to sign in to your account and note down the Activation Code. Later, you need to submit it either on the website or on the launcher within the given duration for it to be valid. When the activation is confirmed, you can enjoy all the games.