The Best Entertainment Apps of 2024

Every time that you are stuck with boredom, the first thing that you do is always to take out your phone and start scrolling for something to watch and/or listen to. Scrolling through feeds can kill the boredom for some. However, for others, it simply will not do anymore. Everyone has their own way of entertaining themselves and killing some time.

There are so many apps available that you can get hooked on but here we are listing down some of the best entertainment apps that can act as a stress reliever! Let’s get started!


This is a no-brainer! Netflix is a streaming service that comes with a wide range of popular shows, greatest movies, documentaries for all tastes, and so on. It also comes equipped with its own original shows which means that you cannot watch these anywhere else but Netflix.

Entertainment Apps

Whatever movie genre you fancy, you will find it on Netflix and the service is constantly expanding as new episodes are added as they get aired. It works on all platforms so you can watch it anywhere on the go. You can also pick up where you left off if you were watching a movie/show on another device.


Another app that can help you kill boredom and relieve some stress is YouTube. It is, by far, one of the most entertaining apps on the internet. You can watch television series, short series, and movie clips, and listen to your favorite songs. Subscribe to your favorite artist and/or blogger and you can get notifications every time they upload a video so that you will never miss out on one. You can also download videos and watch them offline wherever you want.

Gaming Apps

The world of gaming has been massively expanding. From video games to word games and even mobile apps of your favorite new slot sites in the UK, you can play and entertain yourself on your smartphone wherever you are.

You can even download most games and play an offline version on your phone. The 21st century has made it its mission to never leave you bored, whether you’re alone on a Saturday night or you’re traveling to and from places on the tube!

Audio Books

Whether you own an iPhone or an Android smartphone, both devices have their apps for audiobooks. While reading is always fun, listening to someone read a book can be relaxing.

These apps have an extensive library of audiobooks for all tastes and preferences. You can catch up to your favorite book wherever or whenever you fancy. You can also set your device to a Night Light if you want to adjust brightness and screen colors.


Finally, we have Ted, one of the best entertainment apps if you are looking for innovative thinkers and technologists on your smartphone. The app comes with a simple interface, and it works perfectly in 24 languages.


Ted gives you access to a library of talks in more than 100 languages, bringing your myths and thought-provoking arguments. You can create your own playlist and add the videos that you would like to watch later. You can also download videos to playback.

We hope you enjoyed our list! Try them out and we’re sure that they will help you kill some time when you are getting bored!