What Is Elara App And Why Does It Prevent Windows from Shutting Down? ready

Many users are complaining about the Elara app that it prevents their computer or PC from shutting down and other users are saying that an “ApntEX.exe” is running in the Task Manager of their PC. They added that while they turn off their PC a message “Elara App is Preventing Windows from Shutting down” appears on their screen. So, they all are confused. Why is it so? Is it dangerous for their PC and other types of questions?

You are advised to read the given below the whole article to know more about the Elara app and why it prevents your windows from shutting down.

What Is Elara App?

As you know, computers are made up of different small components and all these small components are purchased by the computer manufacturers from different types of small manufacturers. These small components which are purchased by them are used in their products or you can say in their brands like HP, Dell, Samsung, etc.


It is very important to control all these small components, so the Elara app is used to control all of these small components which are related to the touchpad of your laptop. Elara app is present mostly in the laptops as they have the touchpad feature in them. It is already pre-installed on the laptop. This app is already installed in the ‘Program Files’ folder of your laptop and it controls the touchpad of your laptop so that it will work well.

This app can also be seen in the task manager of your laptop under the “ApntEX.exe” guise. It is neither a drive nor any software but it is an app that is the part of your touchpad driver provided by the computer manufacturer in your laptop.

Why Does Elara App Prevent Windows From Shutting Down?

Most of the users are confused that if the Elara app is just to control the functioning of the touchpad of your laptop then why it prevents the windows from shutting down. So, the answer is that the Elara app prevents windows from shutting down because this app is already installed on your laptop and it is always running in your background no matter which program you are using at that time on your PC.

When your Windows shuts down it closes all the programs and other processes which are running in the background of your laptop. But the thing is that if this process seems to be sensitive by the operating system then this app will automatically prevent or cancel the shutdown of your Window and it will show the warning message to the user to close the sensitive task running in the background preventing the window to shut down.

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Can It Be Disabled?

The answer to this question is that there is no side effect of uninstalling this app from your task manager or laptop. If you will kill this task from the task manager then it will not cause any negative effect to your laptop. There is one report which says that it will stop the functioning of your touchpad but it is not true. Even if you uninstall or kill this task from the task manager it will not harm your PC in any way.

You can try to uninstall this app but if in any case, you lose the functionality of your touchpad, you can easily reinstall this app or driver again.

How To Temporarily End Elara App Task?

To temporarily end this Elara App Task, you can follow the given below Steps but make sure that if the uninstallation of this app causes the loss of the functionality of your touchpad you are available with your mouse as a backup.

Step 1: First, press the “Ctrl” + “Shift” +” Esc” button to open the task manager on your laptop.

Step 2: Then, just click on the “Details” tab appearing on your screen to open all the instructions about the task or the program running in the background of your laptop.

Step 3: Here, you have to click on the “ApntEX.exe” and then select “End Task“.

Step 4: The above Steps will temporarily close the Elara app from your laptop and it will now not prevent the windows from shutting down.


You are advised to go through the above article to know all about the Elara app and you can also temporarily uninstall this app from your laptop if you want by reading and following all the Steps mentioned above. In conclusion, it is crystal clear that this app will not affect your laptop even if you uninstall it from your PC but as a backup, you are also advised to have your mouse with you if in any case, you lose the functionality of the touchpad.