Top 22 Educational Apps to Use on iOS and Android

What educational apps are available in the market that helps in studying? Are there educational apps that work on both android and iPhone operating systems? If such questions haunt you, then this article is for you. As the experts to solve your essay issues, the main focus will be on the perfect apps that are educational and work on iOS and Android.

Best Educational Apps

1. The Great Courses – it is free but has an in-app purchase

It is a free app that contains a lot of courses. With thousands of lectures on history cooking and so much more, some people might not even need college.

2. Duolingo

It is an app that teaches over thirty languages. it separates the lessons into five minutes per day which is convenient for a lot of people. It also contains games for an even greater experience.

3. Brainscape

It uses flashcards to help in memory retention. Developers believe this concept can double your learning speed.

4. Ready4 SAT

It is an app that contains practice questions that help you prepare for your SATs.

5. Photomaths

An app that uses high-tech AI to capture questions through the camera and calculate them. It saves time that is consumed by typing an equation on a calculator.

6. Memrise

It is an app that teaches new languages. It uses the new real-world vocabulary for better understanding.

7. DoodleMath: Elementary Math

It is an app suited for sixth graders who want to learn more about mathematics. It is professionally designed to make sure the student gets all the basic math concepts.

8. edX

It is an app that offers online courses. At the end of the course, the student gets a valid certificate.

9. Periodic Table

It is an app that covers the periodic table in depth. It goes through all the elements and explains them perfectly.

10. TED

It is a video talk show that helps a student learn from business gurus, tech geniuses, musical legends, and such like individuals.

11. Khan Academy

It contains over four thousand educational apps in the various academic field, from math to science and languages or interesting psychology topics.

12. Star Walk Two

It is a real-time app that offers astronomical information.

13. My study Life

It is a scheduling app for students.

14. GradeProof

It helps a student to proofread my college essay, keep track of their writing mistakes and correct them per sentence.

15. To Do Reminder With Alarm

It is an internet-free app that sets reminders for students, combined with an alarm.

16. Mendeley

It is an app that provides pdf reading capabilities. It helps annotate your homework journal in o your phone and syncs it to your phone.

17. Evernote

Create to-do lists, take photos, and craft notes using this app easily.

18. Microsoft OneNote

It is a note-taking app that can record a lecture and back them up on one drive.

19. Notability

A note-taking app that helps you sketch ideas and uploads annotated documents.

20. Quizlet

It is an app that uses flashcards to teach.

21. StudyBlue

It uses flashcards, quizzes, and study guides to give you a better study experience.

22. WolframAlpha

Use a complex algorithm to answer any question you ask it.


All the app that we have gone through, offer the best learning experience. So break the monotonous studying process and start studying in a digital way.