When Is It a Must to Hire an eCommerce Developer For Your Team?

You’re starting an online retail or web store, and you are probably wondering whether or not you should hire eCommerce developers. eCommerce developers are web developers with the skills to work on multiple web-based components.

If you are thinking about whether you should hire an eCommerce developer or not, keep reading!

When Should I Hire an eCommerce Developer?

Many eCommerce stores opt to use pre-built templates rather than hiring a developer. If you are planning on growing your business, this isn’t a great idea. Website builders use fixed templates, and you cannot make even the slightest chance to get the features you want. The look of the website will also be compromised.

When Should I Hire an eCommerce Developer

Your website is your shopfront. You want to create the best possible impression, and to do that, you need to hire eCommerce developers.

You should start looking at eCommerce developers for hire if:

  • You are planning on growing your brand and your business;
  • You are starting a full-time, diverse eCommerce store;
  • You use technology like Magento, Demandware, Angular, OroCRm, and others so that you can move development whenever you want;
  • You have some IT experience inside your team but want to build up knowledge internally;
  • You have budget constraints and need to hire eCommerce developers to work on a project remotely at a lower cost;
  • You need to create a new solution prototype and have to find additional skills.

Things To Consider When You Hire eCommerce Developers

Hiring a team of eCommerce developers requires considering the implications, especially if you are sourcing them yourself. It’s not easy to find skilled developers, and hiring a team can be time-consuming.

Things To Consider When You Hire eCommerce Developers

Here are some of the things you should consider:

  • If you are hiring and managing developers, you should learn the basics of SCRUM and fulfill the role of the product owner;
  • Spend at least half an hour a day on team communication and collaboration. Set up a daily stand-up to check in with the team and their tasks for the day to determine what their schedule looks like;
  • Freelancers can be great, but it’s better to use a company to source and hire your team. Outsourcing companies provide stability, vet candidates against stringent requirements, provide an SLA, and take on additional responsibilities;
  • If you are doing all of the hiring and management on your own, make sure that you have adequate human resourcing. You will need a competent project manager, architect, analyst, DevOps engineer, and test manager to run the project. If not, outsource the roles.

It’s also crucial that you ensure that developers are schooled in data privacy and security, whether you use freelancers, in-house developers, or an outsourcing company. These developers should protect your sensitive corporate information throughout the project and beyond.

What Do eCommerce Developers Do?

Some of the primary eCommerce developer responsibilities include:

  • Native Android and iOS development, which means they should have Java/Kotlin and Swift/Objective-C skills and experience;
  • Hybrid Mobile development, depending on your requirements. You may want to hire a set of React Native developers for this task;
  • Programming using languages like JavaScript or PHP;
  • Full-Stack development and experience in both front-end and back-end, like Node.js developers.

They will need technical skills, including knowledge of IDEs (Android Studio, EClipse, XCode), the ability to use tools like CVS and Git, knowledge of frameworks like Express.js, and libraries like jQuery, and be thoroughly familiar with coding guidelines and the mitigation of application security vulnerabilities.

In addition, your team of developers should be good problem-solvers and communicators. Your programmers will need to work effectively within your team every day and react to issues as they arise.

Where Can I Hire an eCommerce Developer?

You can hire any number of eCommerce developers using a reputable outsourcing agency. Outsourcing agencies will work with you to understand your needs and place an eCommerce developer or multiple developers to fit your requirements. Their teams are highly vetted and readily available. It’s also much easier and cheaper than hiring developers in-house!

If you hire an eCommerce developer, make sure you use the right agency. They should make your life as easy as possible and offer real value for money!