10 Alternatives to Earnin in 2022

Earnin is a payday advance app that allows you to cash out up to $100 per day of the cash you have earned. In this app, there is no fee or interest charge and you have to only select how much you want to pay in order to support its services.

It has features like:

  • The Balance Shield safeguards you from any substantial bank overdraft fees and permits you to keep track of your bank balance. It gives an alert if the bank balance drops below a certain amount.
  • It gives cashback rewards on shopping. You have to link your debit or credit card to the Earnin account. While paying if you opt it as a credit card them you will get 1% to 10% cashback reward at your local stores or restaurants.

Another benefit of the Earnin app is that it never stores your personal details, data is being encrypted and it is totally in compliance with US privacy and its strict laws.

Alternative Apps to Earnin

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1. Dave

Dave has a feature like it has no minimum balance and has no interest in advancing cash. If you make a payment with any financial institution and the amount is more than that is there in your account, then the institution will pay the fee and hits you with an inflexible fee. But Dave will notify you if the amount is more than your balance. It gives you an option to request for an advance of up to $100 from your next pay check, if you need.

You don’t have to pay any credit checks in Dave and it has a membership fee of 1%.It has other features as it gives you the freedom to freeze or unfreeze your card through its app, an automatic budget system based on your monthly expenses, and a side hustle feature that will connect you to money making gigs in your locality.

2. Chime

It is one of the flexible cash advance apps. It does not offer any pay check advances. It helps you to access your fund immediately after the deposits are done into your account and for this you need to have a direct deposit account.

Chime has features like:

  • An automatic savings option is there which helps you to round up the purchase done by your debit card to the nearest dollar and credit the difference obtained to your savings account.
  • A payment app feature is present which allows you to send funds to your family and friends having a chime account and any service fee is also not charged for this. To make your work easier chime imports all your contacts, so that you can easily funds.

3. MoneyLion

MoneyLion gives you a no fee checking account and 0% APR cash advances. It has a 24/7 feature of instant cash of about up to 250$ and it will be taken from your next pay check with no credit checks or any interests.

It has certain membership features like:

  • There is a checking account that permits you to send money from your savings account to a portfolio of exchange traded funds and this is a zero fee managed investing. It also has no trading fees.
  • It gives you free fraud protection by sending you an alert if it senses any suspicious usage of your account. You can also lock or unlock your debit card via this app.

4. SpeedyCash

SpeedyCash is an app that gives cash in advance with no credit checks. It was developed initially for borrowers to manage their loans but now it also provides you advance on your next pay check. It deals with auto title loans, instalment loans and lines of credit. It provides the pay day advances very fast.

5. Even

This app gives a free advance on its wages that you have earned in its instant pay feature. It has an alerting system which gives you alerts about impending bills and the amount required to pay for them. Through this app you can keep your savings aside also.

This app will charge you with a fee of $2.99 for accessing its budget and savings tools. If you want to be a plus member then you will need to work for an employer to get the benefits. After being an employer you might get 50% of advance from your next pay check that you have earned in that month.

6. Brigit

Brigit is a cash advance app that takes no fees. It gives you advance cash of up to $250 which is sent to your account without any credit check. This app alerts you if have low balance in your account. Here you can set automated advances in order to avoid hefty bank overdraft fees.It has certain requirements like that your monthly income is above a certain amount and you must have a steady income source.

You must have your own checking account that is 6o days old with a balance above $0. You also need to prove that you use your account to do payments, receive deposits and check balances. This app has a scoring system where you need to score 70 points in order to get cash in advance and the scores are based on your earnings, spending and banking behaviour.

7. DailyPay

DailyPay allows the employees and contractors early access to the money they have earned. You will build up a balance everyday by working, so you can request to have it any time. $1.25 is the requesting fee required for each request. There is no change in its existing pay roll process. Vera Bradley, Shiftgig, Westgate Resorts, and the Maids International are the companies that use this.

8. PayActiv

PayActiv gives you access to the wages that you have earned as soon as possible. You will get 50% of the wages you have earned and up to a maximum of $500. You can pay your bills online by transferring cash from this app to your bank account. It charges you a certain fee between $0 and $5 every time you will use this app. It gives you free credit counselling in order to reduce your debt payments. It helps you to track your financial goals and make adjustments if your income or expenses changes.

9. FlexWage

FlexWage permits you get your pay early and it gives you a reloadable debit card to load the money in it. What amount you can withdraw is controlled by your employer. This has a feature that permits restaurant servers and the employees to get their tips on the payment card after their shifts are over. Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Panda Express are the companies that use FlexWage.

10. Branch

This app is chiefly for employers. It will help you to keep track of your staff. This app permits workers to request for time off, swap shifts and get schedule reminders. It helps to create a certain budget, gives access to your earnings earlier, has a portfolio to showcase your skills, and requests extra shifts for earning more money.

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These apps listed above are some of the alternatives for Earnin app which gives you cash in advance. You will get the pay check from the app in advance if you need it.