5 Best Drawing Apps and Art Apps for 2024

Have you always had a passion for art but lacked the time or supplies to challenge your inner artist?

Let’s be honest, in this pandemic, we have not only wanted to go back to the things that we like but also all the activities that comfort us. And for many of us, that’s creating art.

Now you may be a professional artist wanting to venture into digital art or a newbie who’s just interested in the possibilities of creating art at home.

Regardless we have lined up the best drawing and art apps for you here. You can go through them and select the one that suits you best.

5 Best Drawing Apps and Art Apps for 2022

1. Adobe Photoshop

We can’t make a list of the best apps for art and not include Adobe! So first on the list, we have Adobe Photoshop.Obviously, this classic loved-by-all is number one for a reason.

If your project involves creating raster art, Photoshop is a must! Not only does it provide all the best features that a professional would need but it also runs smoothly on both Windows and Mac.

It also has accessory apps for mobiles and tablets so if you have a stylus, you can ensure much more accuracy, control, and detail in your design.

The only major drawback with Adobe is that you must pay for a subscription to use its apps to their full extent.

This doesn’t pose a huge problem for established artists as they can afford to invest in it but for aspiring beginners, other apps with many similar features might be a better option.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Just like photoshop, Illustrator is another wonderful app that Adobe offers. It is the go-to for vector art. Here, you can create so much ranging from basic graphic designing of logos to beautifully detailed landscapes and portrait photos.

All you need is a little practice and you can make literally anything into amazing vector art.Once again, Illustrator requires a subscription in order to unlock all its features. But there are always alternatives for it as well.

3. Affinity Designer

Adobe may be the industry standard in a lot of places, but with its subscription prices, an equally equipped alternative was bound to challenge it sooner or later.

Affinity is just that. With its fantastic set of apps for different art forms, illustrations, image manipulations, etc., you will definitely find the perfect app for you here.

While Adobe offered many elements in its aftermarket, Affinity has fully featured programs from the start. This is a huge plus as you don’t have to spend money over multiple periods of time for you can just buy all the features at once.

Affinity Designer is the best alternative to Adobe Illustrator today. It is a desktop vector program available for both Mac and Windows.

4. Inspire Pro

If you’re looking for an app to bring out the painter in you, Inspire Pro is perfect! Aside from having super realistic brushes and large canvas sizes, this is a really simple raster drawing app that lets you produce terrific artwork.

It is available to download from the Apple App Store so you can turn your iPad into the ultimate painting canvas and visualize your imagination.

5. Pixelmator Pro

An app for the Mac OS, Pixelmator Pro neatly combines various functions and features of the best editing apps in one single app. It has many features for drawing and standard photo editing that are as good as any other.

It also features a “layouting” mode for graphic design and publishing work. Although their iOS app is mainly a photo editor rather than an all-inclusive art app, it is still a great option for artists.


We have listed the 5 best apps for drawing and art but it still depends on you to choose the one you like most.

Some might be more expensive than others while some might be affordable but may lack certain features. You should select the one that satisfies your needs the most.

What are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity now!