25+ Best Sites Like ‘Doublelist’ in 2024

Are you looking out for a website or an app that provides you with a platform to display classified ads online? Then the answer is Doublelist. Basically, it is an online free application that provides its users with the classifieds and ads they are looking for.

Doublelist is widely used in Australia, Canada, Netherlands, UK, Japan and is supported by all big cities. You are required to make a profile over this site to access all the services provided by it. You can view or post millions of ads at your convenience. It has tried its best to keep it spam-free.

Best Sites Like Doublelist

But Doublelist is facing some issues that make it inconvenient for the users to access it. But don’t worry, we’ll help you out and will be providing you with some similar or alternative websites of Doublelist.

Are you curious about Doublelist and wondering whether it’s a platform you can trust? Perhaps you’ve created an account and are now thinking of deleting it? This detailed guide answers all your questions about Doublelist, from its basic functionalities to user trustworthiness and how to delete your account.

What is Doublelist?

Doublelist is an online classifieds platform that serves as a space for individuals to meet others with similar interests, particularly in the realm of dating and relationships.

The website is often compared to Craigslist personals, a section of Craigslist that was discontinued. Doublelist allows users to post listings based on various categories such as “friendship,” “dating,” and “adult connections.”

25+ Best Sites Like Doublelist in 2023

Here’s the list of best alternatives to Doublelist that you should go for till it resolves its issues. You can trust these sites as you’re trusting Doublelist.

1. FreeAdsTime

You’re in luck if you’re after a Doublelist alternative. FreeAdsTime enables you to browse through similar categories as Doublelist, and your exploring journey would be rather interesting.

FreeAdsTime covers all English-speaking countries, and it also covers several non-English-speaking countries. Check it out to see if you can spot your city in it, and enjoy the next steps!

2. FinderMaster

FinderMater is near perfect for Doublelist, BackPage, and Craigslist lovers and should be there in the list of their alternatives. This site provides you with all types of ads and classifieds in all categories. You can browse the things you are interested in through maps.

It has a quite simple interface, and each category present on this site is well defined. You can simply search for the thing in the Advanced Search Box, and all results will be displayed there.

3. AdvertiseEra

The Advertise Era is the perfect place to be for both advertisers and buyers. If you plan to post ads into an online classified, the Advertise Era is where you should begin your work. They have made the whole process of posting an ad quite simple.

You won’t require an account to post an ad. Of course, for checking the posted ads, you won’t need to have an account either. Go ahead and give it a try today!

4. H1Ad

The name of H1Ad comes from a programming code. The H1 tag refers to heading one in programming, and programmers use it when they want to give extra attention to a heading. These headers usually have larger font sizes, and you can’t miss them.

This is what H1Ad is trying to accomplish. They want to make sure every ad is treated as an important ad. You can find a lot of similarities between this site and Doublelist. Visit it now to find those similarities!

5. WallClassifieds

As for WallClassifieds, its name comes from the days when we didn’t have access to the online world. Posting posters or ads on walls was a common practice among business owners and marketing firms.

Gone are the days that we had to find ads on walls. Now, you can simply visit WallClassifieds to spot the services or items you’re after in seconds. Check it out right now!

6. GiganticList

The larger lists will yield better results. The Gigantic List has the name for it and has the postings. Go ahead and visit it to find services that you are after in minutes. Of course, you can use the search bar they have provided to make your searching experience more pleasant.

7. ClasisifedsFactor

ClassifiedsFactor is where you can find ads similar to Doubelist items. ClassifiedsFactor simply connects buyers and sellers of any kind. The site is quite intuitive, and it is a must-bookmark classifieds.

Try to narrow down your search by choosing a subcategory as you get to see more types of ads you’re trying to spot on the site. Visit it now to start your journey!

8. Shopolop

Finding a site similar to Doublelist is not a challenge anymore, as you can see the listings through this page. Another great example of a similar site is the ads section of Shopolop. The site has an intuitive design, and you should be able to get the hang of it in no time.

One easy way to start your exploring session through the site is to use the categories that they have on their homepage. It will cut down the time that you need to spend on the site to land on anything. Visit it now!

9. Ologames Ads

Ologames also has gone through a revamp, and it now offers a wide variety of services. Being a site similar to Doublelist is one of the services they now offer, and it’s best if you use this site with an account. It won’t take long to have an account created, but it will enable you to see and add listings to your favorites.

The site is quite self-explanatory, and you probably will get used to the menu items in your first few visits to the site. Check it out right now.

10. DigitalMarketingHints Ads

This site initially started as more of a marketing guide, and it slowly went to other markets. It added an online job listing option first, and it now offers high-traffic classifieds that will act similar to the Doubelist. Make sure to use the search bar they have provided to make your exploring experience on the website more pleasant. Go ahead and visit the website right now to start your browsing journey!

11. Geebo

It is a digital platform where you can access classifieds and ads. It can be considered as a link that makes it easy for people in finding what they are looking for. It has a very simplified interface and well-managed categories. It has tried to give its users as possible categories as it can.

Moreover, anyone can post their ads free of cost and can post how many ads they wanted to post. It offers an option of Advance Search for the ease of its users. This website has millions of ads and classifieds, and a new ad is added to it every minute. It can surely be an alternative to Doublelist users.

12. Oodle

This platform provides you a vast collection of classifieds and ads, which are collected from various newspapers both at the local and international level and online sources such as eBay. You can post your ad here too.

You simply have to mention what you are willing to sell or purchase. This platform works very well in United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), and Asian countries. It also provides you an option to contact the person to negotiate the prices and finalizing the deal.

13. OLX

OLX is quite popular in India. This site provides you an option to create and post the ad for the good you are willing to sell or to purchase. It simply tries to make buyers and sellers in contact with each other to make a deal. All this stuff is done free of cost.

14. Backpage

If you are enjoying using Doublelist, then you’ll definitely fall in love with Backpage. It provides an online platform to post or view classifieds or ads all over the world. It has an advantage that assists people both at the local and international levels.

It can be seen as an effective and efficient marketing tool. There are not many restrictions to use this site that make it the most preferred site. You can search anything through its category section, and if you have posted something, then simply wait for views.

15. Hobbly.com

Do you love pets? Are you thinking of having a pet? Then this site can help you. You’ll find millions of ads and classifieds over this platform related to pets. Besides pets, it also provides you with the classifieds and ads of everything you want. This site is updated regularly for the ease of its users.

For enjoying its services, you need to create an account with Hobbly.com. Moreover, it provides you with a user-friendly interface, multiple category options, and many more. It should be there at the top for the alternatives of Doublelist.

16. Eadspost

If you are searching for any ads or classifieds of software or marketing tools, then this site can help you. It helps the users to post their ads related to this stuff. This platform helps you to get delivered the software that you are looking for.

It provides you with advertisements related to sports, education, etc. It uses advance and complex technology to fulfill your demands. It has tried its best to keep it error-free content.

17. AutoTempest

It is an online platform where you’ll find all car sites in one place that means your time to visit other sites is saved. You can filter your search at your convenience. It provides you with the features you had never expected.

It has taken all the preventive measures so as to protect you from scams. It provides you all the information about the car that you are interested in and helps you in taking the best decision.

18. USFreeads

It is one of the best alternatives to Doublelist. It is an online platform where you can post or create ads and classifieds, and you’ll find potential buyers and sellers. A large number of classifieds can be framed here free of cost.

You have to create with USFreeads and then post your ad for selling the goods. You can search for any ad and classifieds anytime, and you can contact to buyer and seller and can negotiate for the prices.

19. eBay Classified

You may be knowing this platform as Kijiji, which is an online platform where you can find lots of ads and classifieds. The interface of this site is quite easy to use. Your ad is at a global level, and you can trade online at a local and international level.

It can be considered an effective marketing and promotional tool. Every ad posted here becomes a database for eBay classifieds. It has millions of users all over the globe.

20. Kijiji

This platform is owned by eBay and has a presence in more than 300 major cities, including Italy and Canada. It also offers its users a variety of classifieds. It is quite similar to BackPage and Doublelist.

It is a very active platform as every second a new ad is posted here. It although has less US traffic. It made it very simple for you to search for anything within a local area. It can be seen as another best alternative to Doublelist.

21. ClassifiedsGaints

This website works as an intermediary between buyers and sellers in finalizing the deals with prescribed terms and conditions. This platform will provide you with all sorts of ads or classifieds that you are looking for.

It has a very user-friendly interface. It is very simple to use this website. You can simply post your ad in the Post Ads option with some sort of information you want to give, and it is done. It provides you with every category of ad that you might be looking for. This platform provides an option to make payments.

22. Gumtree

If you are staying in United Kingdom (UK), then it is a perfect place for you. It deals in various countries, but the UK has a higher proportion than these countries. You’ll find here everything, whether it is for renting an apartment or buying a car.

It works as same as a local newspaper works. It acts as a communication link between you, and the person whom you think can provide you what you are looking for. It provides you a platform for creating and posting ads, reviewing and rating them, and much more.

23. Recycler

As its name suggests, it is a place for the sale and purchase of second-hand goods only. You can sell anything over this platform, but the required criteria is the good should be second-hand.

You’ll find all the classifieds and ads of second-hand goods with different variety too. It does not provide you global reach. It covers western and European countries to some extent. You can view or post your ads here free of cost.

24. DomesticSale

It is one of the reliable sites over the internet that provides you trash-free classified point which means you’ll not find any spam ads or classifieds over this platform. It, too, provides you with a variety of classifieds and ads. This platform made it easy and simple for local traders to deal online with vast reach.

You just have to visit its official profile and then post your ad. Moreover, you can use any platform to use this site, including smartphones. It can be seen as one of the emerging potential online marketplaces.

25. Krrb

This online trading platform serves as a communication channel between buyers and sellers. It is one of the preferred sites as it provides you with ads and classifieds that have a presence at local and international levels.

It has a wide database for assisting buyers and sellers all over the world. It simply means that you can reach millions of people around the globe by just posting your ad over Krrb, and you need not spend a single penny.

26. Yakaz

It is an international-level platform for classified and ads. This search engine has a vast database that is updated on a regular basis to keep its users updated. It offers a wide range of classified ads such as real estate, sell, purchase, etc.

It is one of the most significant sites all over the internet. But we don’t prefer you to post your ad over Yakaz as it does not have a proper system for placing the ad.

27. OfferUp

It is a mobile application where you can easily sell or buy things. It can be seen as one of the biggest emerging marketplaces for local buyers and sellers, which started at a very basic level, and now it has millions of users.

It offers different types of categories. To differentiate itself from other sites, it introduced a new feature of rating and option to look at who has visited your classified. Moreover, it has a very user-friendly interface and can be considered as a way through which you can sell in your community or neighborhood.

28. Craigslist

It is considered among one of the best alternatives to Doublelist. It is an online website that provides its users with classified and advertisements. It provides an online place for readers where they can read these classified ads and find what they are looking for.

Here at this platform, you’ll find out classifieds from local to international levels. It provides you with all categories of classifieds, from jobs to housing. Another thing that differentiates it from other websites is that it has a discussion forum. It allows its users to post ads without paying a single penny.

29. Classifieds

It is considered among the top leading websites online for the display and creation of classified ads. It is a platform that offers you the option of creating and posting your ad free of cost and allows you to freely contact the seller. It has a very simple interface that is created by a team of experts and includes all the essentials that such a site has.

It offers you 10+categories, including vehicles, pets, etc. You have to create an account using an email id, contact number, and password. Then you are free to create your ads anytime, and now you are accessible to all the features of that website. Moreover, it provides you privacy and security features.

Can Doublelist be Trusted?

As with any online platform that involves personal interactions, the trustworthiness of Doublelist can be subjective. The website has several verification processes in place to mitigate fake or scam accounts, including phone number verification.

However, it’s crucial for users to exercise caution and make judicious decisions while interacting with others on the platform. Never share sensitive information such as your home address or financial details with anyone you meet on Doublelist—or any online platform, for that matter.

Is Anyone on Doublelist Real?

The majority of users on Doublelist are real people looking for various types of connections. The platform’s verification processes filter out a lot of fake accounts. However, like any other online community, Doublelist is not entirely devoid of scammers or people with nefarious intentions.

Always remember to take precautions when meeting someone from Doublelist in person. Meeting in public places, letting someone know where you are, and other safety measures are highly recommended.

How Do I Delete My Doublelist Account?

Deleting your Doublelist account is a straightforward process. Simply log into your account and navigate to the ‘Settings’ or ‘Account’ section. You will find an option for deleting or deactivating your account.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Note that once you delete your account, all your posted ads and interactions will be permanently removed.

Final Words

These are some best alternatives that you can go for in the absence of Doublelist. I hope you get the website you are looking for. We’ll try our best to keep you updated.