What are the Best Apps for Doors Alignment Measurement?

There are a lot of different types of doors with each having its own purpose such as front doors available on the market. The process of deciding, buying front door, and installing it in your house is quite time-consuming as well as tiresome. Even though many homeowners hire professional carpenters that can help them with the process, some of the work has to be done by them. for example, measuring the alignment of the doors you want to replace.

Even measuring the alignment of the existing doors can quite difficult because first, you will not be able to find a measuring tape in the first place. Measuring tapes always disappear when you need them the most. Nevertheless, secondly, if you are an amateur, it might take a lot of time just to measure the doors.

Best Doors Alignment Measurement Apps

Top 4 Best Doors Alignment Measurement Apps

Therefore, here are some of the best apps for doors alignment measurement that can help you with measuring your doors, especially if you are an amateur:

1. Measure by Google

On top of the list is Google’s AR app known as a measure. The Measure by Google is a kind of app where can you measure the doors using your mobile phone. Furthermore, it is quite easy to use this app. All you have to do is open the app, face your camera on the door and start measuring.

This app will automatically detect the door and will tell the measurements on your phone’s screen. This app also teaches you how to take a measurement. Moreover, you can choose between metric and imperial units. However, your phone must have an AR Core in order for this app to work.

2. Measure by Apple

Similar to the previous app mentioned, this app is also called a Measure. However, this app is an iOS exclusive and only iPhone users can use this app. Even though the name is the same, this app is better than the measure by Google.

Measure by Apple

Measure app allows you to measure the alignment of the doors just by dropping a pin on either end of the door. Sometimes, this app automatically identifies the door and drops the pin by itself, and gives you a reading.

3. RoomScan

Using RoomScan, you can measure doors using three different ways. First, you can scan by touching the doors. All you have to do is to face your mobile’s camera on the door and hold it until it scans it properly. The second way is that this app will create a 3D model of the house using AR technology. A 3D model of the door will help you understand the measurements better.

4. Angle meter 360

Angle meter 360

Last but not the least, you can also use angle meter 360 to measure the alignments of the door. Just like the name suggests, this app is used to measure angles. Since it is quite essential to measure angles of the alignment of your door, this app can be quite helpful, and it is easy to use.