4 Best Document Management Software In 2024

A document management software is a system used to receive, track, manage and store documents seamlessly thus, reducing the use of paper.

Document Management is gaining immense importance as we step into the era of digitalization. The imagination of paperless offices is soon becoming reality.

This means storing the documents securely online is now preferred over keeping paper in clunky file cabinets. So, to make all of this feasible its necessary that the process of document management becomes easier for users.

DMS should contain all the needed features from improving workflows, working with collaboration tools to branded templates for making it user friendly.

A good document management software has the ability to work with different digital file types like images, designs, technical plans, etc.

Since many suppliers and contractors prefer paper documents over digital documents, so DMS should be equipped with a document scanning solution so that any.

Such paper invoices, receipts or other documents can be scanned so and the digital copy can be archived while the paper version is recycled.

So, turning the dream of paper office into reality, these are some of the best document management software to explore and embrace:

4 Best Document Management Software

1. Templafy

Templafy is one of the most comprehensive document management tools used. The system integrates the essential office suites and solutions used by businesses on a daily basis, thus facilitating them even more.

Templafy can create a range of files within the system and help you manage them from a single feed, thus saving you from the problem of creation of brand documents using different software.

It works with a wide range of devices and uses the cloud for making your all documents accessible to you through computers, tablets and smartphones.

It offers the option of automated compliance checks and, also for giving feedbacks to the employees. The exact cost of using this software depends upon the users’ purpose.

2. M-files

M- files is one of the good choices for the document management software available. It aims on improving internal workflows and works on added security of the important information at all times.

Many renowned corporations including Comcast and Yokohama are its members. It offers a single vault for all the files and users can find the required ones by sorting them using different criterion.

Like client, date, project, status, etc. The software also works on avoiding duplication of a file. It has a feature that alerts you if you save the same data twice.

M-files provides with some great integrations like Microsoft Office and Salesforce CRM. Free trial is available for the software but one needs to get in touch with their team for the price quote.

3. Docuware

This document management software uses a cloud- based approach for document management.

It works on creating digital workspace, on the grounds of paperless approach by integrating cloud storage and office automation. This software offers services for creation of a ‘cloud work flow’.

Docuware facilitates its users by allowing purchase on a small scale as needed and then when the reliability is ensured, the user can upgrade his/her services for a larger deployment.

Mobile apps which are capable of integrating with this workflow can also be used. Thus, making scanning of receipts, approving invoices for speedy payment and signing forms directly on the device easy tasks which the system takes longer to do.

4. Xaitporter

Xaitporter is the best and extremely flexible cloud solution for creating documents. It makes collaboration, working on same documents simultaneously and giving feedbacks quite easy to do tasks.

It efficiently manages all aspects of workflow.Xaitporter has some amazing tricks on the integrations front, too. It is actively used by 45000 global firms.

This software facilitates working with Salesforce, Oracle, SAS, Microsoft365, Dropbox and OpenText. It offers demo but there is no free trial. One needs to get in touch with them for the price quote.


This article provides an insight about some of the best document management tools available for the firms or individual users in 2021.

All of them have some very amazing features. The users should go through them and then select the best for them considering their personal requirements.