9 Best DJ Software That You Should Use in 2023

It is not an easy matter that every DJ early out realizes appealing rapidly. There are vast knowledge requirements to turn into a good DJ. But it can be sure that you will utilize the most excellent DJ software. It is essential for the best music production.

In the market, there are different types of DJ programs. They can do the work very nicely. So it can be done easily. Now we discuss the top ten DJ software on the market. Compare among them and what they can do and their merit and demerit are.

Best DJ Software

9 Best DJ Software That You Should Use in 2021

We listed the best ten in the market. And discuss what saying about the maker and particularly what is saying by the DJs are think. If you think that it is impossible to decide your DJ software for music-making, then try something free.

There is a free trial period among that DJ software. This is an opportunity for you to compose different software. And decide what is best for you. Now we tell you what the best process to choose the best software is.

1. Ableton Live

This is a digital audio workstation. This is called the DAW. It is not DJ software. It is a program that is used to record audio and creates music digitally. Ableton is a very renowned DAW in the market according to the professional and amateur users of the Ableton.

There is a question arise that if it a DAW and not software, then why we enlisted it into the list. Because musicians and DJs don’t want to spend money on two different software. They can want both recording and creating music in the same software.

The person who is DJ and spends huge time in their studio Ableton Live 10 Intro is best for them. If anyone creates music using 3 instruments, 29 audio effects, and over 1500 sounds, it is one of the best for them. 16 tracks audio record can be possible here, and a MIDI control instrument connection is possible here.

Pros of Ableton Live

  • Two types of use both DAW & DJ software
  • Up to 16 tracks
  • More than 1500 sounds

Who doesn’t like the extra feature? Ableton Live can be a DJ software, and it can make the music and record, isn’t it a great thing? And if you don’t want to spend the money on two different software, this is the best for them.


PCDJ DEX3 is excellent software. You can do anything with this software. Like regular gigs or video mixing. This software is with 4 full-featured DJ desks. It is a versatile software. This program gives to freedom of full control of your music. It will import automatically to your playlist. So there is no requirement to import them manually. It can be installed in three production computers of music.

Pros of PCD DEX3

  • Excellent for Karaoke
  • Different types of audio effects like echo, filters, etc
  • Nice for video mixing

3. Mix Vibes CROSS DJ Package

For music production, this software is very popular. It is a very good software that passes the advance effect and wants to do complicate things. The digital vinyl package is Mix Vibes CROSS DJ Package. It can use from Mac or PC.

In the Android and iOS operating systems, it can be also used. That’s mean it can be used from a Smartphone or tablet. It is simple and user-friendly software. This is a reliable software for users.

Pros of Mix Vibes CROSS DJ Package

  • Basic and reasonable
  • User friendly
  • Available in Mac, PC, Android, and iOS
  • Digital vinyl

It is user-friendly software. For beginners to experienced, it is an excellent alternative. DJs that are sick tired with a huge program of diverse audio effects can use it.

4. Serato DJ FX Pack

This software is developed by both iZotope and FX. iZotope is a renowned company in audio technology. FX stands for effects, and Serato shows off good effects for music production. By using Serato DJ FX Pack, one can load several effects into one unit.

The audio moving through this chain from left to right. In this way, the music comes to life. And the sound is cool. Apply effects in different remix decks is easy to use Serato DJ Pro makes. To use the software, you can easily remix the effect or apply it individually.

One can also add accurate rhythm effects by using this software and can tap the BPM (Beats per Minute) manually. Apart from this, the basic part is easy. It’s a good part for a new DJ. Some of the packs are free, and some are costly.

Pros Serato DJ FX Pack

  • FX chain can be created
  • Presence of expansion packs
  • Developed with iZotope for excellent audio effects

It is very good software. 14 days of free trial available before buying it.

5. Image-Line FL Studio 12

This is a digital audio workplace. This Image-Line FL Studio 12 is a wide range of features. This can be used for live performance, pitch correction, pitch shifting, and here you can produce music and also can mix music. A lifetime update is available in this software. It is simple to use and allows for creating music in diverse ways.

Pros Image-Line FL Studio 12

  • DAW and DJ software
  • Produce, record, and mix music
  • Simple software

To produce music and a DJ is a nice software for that type of person.

6. MAGIX Music Maker

The person who wants a DJ but no experience MAGIX Music Maker software is the best for them. It is mixing software of both the DAW (Digital audio workstation) and DJ software. It s exactly is 8000, and it has many virtual instruments and loops. The free version is available before buying this software where you can get experience with this software. It’s a simple software to use.

Pros MAGIX Music Maker

  • DJ and DAW software
  • 8000 sounds
  • Available free version

It is very good software for beginners. And quite good for music projects.


This is software that can be used on both Mac and PC. For the beginner, it is easy to use. Take some time to learn the software. Easily you can use songs from your library to iTunes, which have saved on a computer. Without using any hardware, the MAGIKX DIGITAL DJ 2 software plays music, remix, and scratch it easily.


  • For both PC and Mac
  • Affordable
  • Basic DJ software

As simple DJ software, one can use it in different parties. This is a good choice.

8. eJAY DJ Mix Station

Without using any hardware, you can use eJAY DJ Mix Station software on a PC or Mac. This is one of those types of software which can be used without spending much money. All types of features are available here, which is easy to use for music, and one can record his sample. To make this perfect, one can add scratching to it.

Pros of eJAY Mix Station

  • cheap
  • best for beginners

It is very good software for beginners at a cheap rate. The professional does not use the software. There is no requirement for hardware. Compared to other software, it is budget-friendly.

9. Virtual Dj Broadcaster Dsa

Virtual Dj Broadcaster Dsa is user-friendly software with a pocket-friendly budget. This software is 99 deck capacity, tempo can be adjusted and make it extra DJ like scratch with the music cursor. Between the sons, it offers seamless transition. Instant BPM detection is available in Virtual Dj Broadcaster Dsa. You can use CD because the download facility is not available in it.

Pros of Virtual Dj Broadcaster Dsa

  • Cheap
  • 99 deck capacity
  • For DJ laptop
  • Best for beginners

One who is a newcomer in the DJ field this software is best for them. They can use it at a party or wedding.

Summing Up

One can use most of the DJ tools for free before buying it. This is the best way to find out the best tool. Before buying, you may understand what is best for you. Price is an important factor. Go for proper software which is necessary and proper for you.