Top Reasons to Ditch Cable TV and Switch to Streaming Services

Streaming services have taken the world by storm. There are many streaming services to choose from that are offering excellent quality content.

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime are some of the most popular ones. According to statistics, nearly 85% of US households have a streaming service.

In 2021, the revenue generated by streaming services crossed $72 billion. It is expected to cross $115 billion by 2026. What are the reasons behind the popularity of streaming services?

Top Reasons to Ditch Cable TV and Switch to Streaming Services

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Have been on the fence about cutting the cord and switching to streaming services? We can help you decide! Let us look at the top reasons why making the switch is the best option.

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It Saves You Money

Cable costs exponentially more than streaming services. Back in the day, there were few cable provider options and cable was the most affordable source of entertainment you could get. This is no longer the case. Some data suggests that in 2020 the average price for a cable package was $217.

Cable usually comes in a bundle with a phone or internet service, which accounts for the high price. Streaming services are a no-brainer when compared with cable TV. The starting price for streaming service range from $5 to $15.

Stream Content Anywhere and Anytime

The biggest advantage of streaming services is that they are available on your phone through an app. You can stream your favorite movies, shows, and documentaries from anywhere you like.

You can view your favorite content from the comfort of your bed or your favorite spot in the house.

You do not have to stick around in the TV room and fight to watch your preferred channel. If you are traveling, you cannot bring your TV and a cable connection with you. Streaming services have solved this dilemma. You can watch the movies and shows you were watching on the go through an app on your phone.

Stream the Content You Love

If you still have a cable TV connection, ask yourself how many channels you watch. The answer would disappoint you.

Even after having access to 100-140+ channels, people rarely watch half of them. The reason behind this is that people do not watch the content available on TV. You can catch the latest shows and movies on Netflix or amazon prime.

People make the case that cable TV provides access to live TV and news. This will not be the case for long. Most news channels already stream their live transmission on YouTube, which you can watch free of cost.

Whereas, big businesses like NBA and NFL have realized the massive potential of streaming services and will like be making the switch to it from cable TV.

Canceling a Cable Service Is Hard

Have you ever tried canceling your cable service? It is a long and exhausting process. Cable TV providers are incredibly sneaky. They have hidden terms and conditions that make canceling cable service a nightmare.

There are always some conditions or hidden fees that one is unaware of complicating the cancellation process. However, you can easily switch between streaming services. There are no hidden charges or conditions that slow the process.

Better Content

The content available on streaming services is arguably more entertaining and high quality than that made for TV. There are several topics too taboo for TV whereas no such restrictions need to be followed for OTT platforms.

Furthermore, Netflix and Amazon’s original content like stranger things, peaky blinders, etc. have raised the bar incredibly high in terms of content quality.

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The Downfall of Cable TV

We live in the era of streaming services. They are the future of entertainment. Many people have already cut their cable TV connections. The downfall of cable TV can be attributed to the increased cable prices, lack of quality content, and inconvenience.

In Conclusion

If you are hoping to save a few bucks, it is best to cut the cord. With a good streaming service, you can watch your favorite shows and movies in one place from anywhere you like. Happy streaming!