How To Make a Spoiler Tag in Discord

Discord provides a great place for banter as well as discussions. In fact, you can also use Gifs, emojis, and images in your messages. However, a vast number of users are not aware of the feature of Markdown formatting which is incorporated in Discord.

It is one of the most useful features present in Discord. It enables the users to add all kinds of formatting to their messages, and this includes italics, bolds, code formatting.

Discord Markdown also enables the users to indicate any “spoiler alert!” If you are trying to find a way to create a spoiler tag in Discord, you’re at the right place.

In today’s digital age, communication platforms are more than just messaging tools. They are communities where people share interests, exchange ideas, and even work on projects. One such platform that has gained immense popularity is Discord.

Initially launched for gamers, Discord has evolved into a multipurpose platform, uniting people across various fields. One intriguing aspect of Discord’s rich feature set is the ability to use spoiler tags.

This article will guide you through what Discord is, the utility of Discord spoiler tags, and how to use spoiler text on Discord’s mobile application.

What is Discord?

Discord is a real-time communication platform that offers voice chat, video calls, and text messaging services. It’s widely popular among gamers but has seen growing adoption for different community discussions, business collaborations, and educational purposes.

Users can join or create “servers” (essentially, chat rooms) and further organize discussions into channels. While Discord runs smoothly on desktops, its mobile application ensures that you stay connected on the go.

What is Discord Spoiler Tag?

Discord offers a unique feature called a “spoiler tag,” which allows users to conceal text or images that could be potential spoilers. These tags are exceptionally beneficial for discussion boards where topics like movies, books, or video games are often the subject.

By using a spoiler tag, the content within the tag gets obscured, and users have to click to reveal it.

Benefits of Discord Spoiler Tag

  • Respectful Conversations: Spoiler tags keep conversations courteous by not revealing spoilers unintentionally.
  • Structured Dialogue: It helps maintain the flow of discussion without revealing too much information.
  • User Experience: Spoiler tags significantly enhance the user experience by creating suspense and facilitating focused discussions.

How to Make a Spoiler Alert Tag in Discord

Accomplishing this task is simpler than you think. You just have to type your phrase and then surround it with two bars on both sides. These bars are represented by the || key, ||. These bars will make sure that all of the chat is hidden inside a spoiler tag.

It will require other users to click it in order to reveal this information. In technical circles, such as developers, these vertical bars are also called the “pipe symbol.” So, when something has been put between these two pipes, that information will only be visible to the users who click on the phrase in order to expand and read what it beholds.

This feature is useful in situations where some of the users haven’t seen the show or movie yet and wish to avoid any spoilers. In this case, they can refrain from clicking the spoiler phrase and save themselves from any spoilers.

Now that you are aware of how to create a spoiler tag in Discord, you can check out some other Markdown tags present in the Discord to assist you in formatting your text:

1. Bold: **phrase**

2. Italics: *phrase*

3. Underline: _phrase_

4. Bold Italics: ***phrase***

5. Underline Bold: _**phrase**_

6. Underline Bold Italics: _***phrase***_

7. Strikethrough: ~~phrase~~

In case you do not wish to use the Markdown but need to use the Markdown symbols in the text, the best way is to place a backslash at the beginning of your phrase. This way, you can use asterisks and the other Markdown symbols. But this backslash feature won’t work in messages, including underscores and edits.

Markdown is undoubtedly the standard formatting markup language in today’s time. It is easier to read as compared to HTML or any other mark up language that makes it very easy to use.

Inline Code and Block of Code

We also wish to mention here that Discord surprisingly also supports code blocks. If you wish to do so, just warp the text in something known as backtick for inline code:“`”

Users can make a code block with more than one line by adding three backticks in the beginning of the one block of code and then after a block of code. This method is at times called a code fence with the before-after block of code.

Most Used Platform

Ever since its inception, Discord has become one of the most used platforms on the internet. Gamers, coders, writers, blockchain enthusiasts, etc. have found their home here. People even made best friends via Discord.

All thanks to its voice chat as well as screen-sharing features. The experience of feeling like you’re almost in the same room while using Discord added massively to its popularity. The company interacts and works with game developers directly that enables special integrations.

Some of the games show what the player is doing and hour counts, all viewable from within the platform. Users can also connect their Twitch accounts or Xbox Live as well for a similar effect. Surprisingly, it also connects to Spotify and enables the users to share their music.

A storefront alike Steam or Origin has been introduced by Discord recently. Developers who use this storefront receive bigger cuts than on the Steam. But not everyone can be on this platform.

Only Discord employees hand-pick the games available and ensure that the storefront doesn’t become bloated like Steam. Gamers are assured that whatever they purchase through this platform is of great quality.

Errors Faced by Discord Users

No doubt, Discord is famous platform but it’s users have faced many types of errors for example;

1. A JavaScript error occurred in the main process: This error occurs when starting up Discord on the computer.

2. Discord Overlay Not Working: Discord Overlay is one of Discord features. But some users are facing Overlay is not showing up while playing the game.

3. Discord Update Failed: Sometimes users face the Discord update failed problem. Even when you close and restart the app, it won’t work. But this error does not affect the web version.

Apart from such errors, Discord is an amazing service.

How Do You Do Spoiler Text on Discord Mobile?

Spoiler text can be incorporated with ease on Discord’s mobile application. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open Discord Mobile App: Launch the application and navigate to the server and channel where you want to send the spoiler text.
  2. Compose Message: Tap on the text box at the bottom to start composing your message.
  3. Add Spoiler Tags: Manually wrap your text with two vertical bars (||) at both the beginning and end. For example, ||This is a spoiler||.
  4. Send: Once you are satisfied, hit the ‘Send’ button. Your text will appear blurred, indicating it’s a spoiler.

How Do You Hide Text in Discord Mobile?

Hiding text and using spoiler tags are synonymous on Discord. To hide text on Discord mobile:

  1. Use Vertical Bars: Just like you would for a spoiler tag, surround your text with vertical bars before sending it.
  2. Result: The text will be hidden behind a grey or black box (depending on your theme), ensuring it remains hidden until clicked.


Discord is only getting started. It was launched as a VOIP service and has grown into this amazing platform, with a large number of users joining every single day. Keeping in mind its current success, Discord will be on a much higher level of fame and quality in the years to come. Hope you find our article informative.

Discord has undeniably carved a niche for itself in the world of online communication. While it offers an array of features, the spoiler tag stands out as an ingenious addition, making discussions more respectful and engaging.

Implementing spoiler tags on Discord’s mobile app is straightforward, albeit manual. By knowing how to use these features, you can navigate your way through Discord channels with etiquette and poise. Happy chatting!

Thank you for reading!