5 Best ‘Discord Dating Servers’ In 2023

As you know, Discord is used to connect different types of gamers who are working together. All the gamers used to dominate the game together. Not only this but Discord can also be used for different other purposes.

Many types of Discord server types are available. Most people are looking for their love, it can be possible by using some of the best Discord dating servers.

So, if you are one of them who is looking for his or her love then, you are on the best platform. Here you will get to know the best Discord dating servers to find your love.

What Is Discord Dating Server?

Now, most people want to know more about what a Discord Dating Server is. So, a Discord dating server is a type of Discord server which is newly created for people who are searching for other people to meet for a date.

It is good for all those who like to meet new people and interact with them. Different types of Discord dating servers can help you in meeting new people and find your perfect match.

Discord Dating Servers

This will help you in adding your details and adding roles to your profile so that other people will get to know what you are looking for. So, you can easily use this platform to meet and date with the people who are looking for you.

5 Best Discord Dating Servers In 2023

Here are the best 5 Discord Dating Servers in 2023 which you can use and meet people if you are above 18 years of age:

1. Playroom

The playroom is a single Discord server which is one of the largest Discord servers on the Discord platform. In this Discord server, thousands of people are connected, and you can meet any of them anytime online very easily. If you want to talk or interact with them, firstly you have to verify your profile by tapping on the verification guide.

Its server is very large, and also it provides some of the paying options to you. It is optional whether you want to use them or not. With the help of the paying options, you can easily create different emojis, your post will appear frequently if you use it, and many more.

It also provides some different and unique features like Blind Match, where you can enter a 5-minute speed date with the other participant you want. This server is full of chat rooms as well as people spending time in the rooms so, it may pop up all the time.

2. Like 18+

This Discord server is one of the most active servers among the platform of Discord. About 15000+ members are connected to this Discord server. As the name of this server suggests, it is for people who are above 18 years of age.

So, here you have to verify your age as well as your gender compulsorily and if you are caught lying then your account will be automatically banned from this platform for your whole life.

They will ask for your gender, age, sexual orientation, relationship status, location, and more other options. Once you will verify all of them, only then you will be able to add your profile on this server, and then only you will be able to meet and interact with other people.

This server also provides different channels with the help of which you can share your selfies, also meet new people, and will be able to interact with them like a date.

3. Noose 18+

This Discord server contains almost 1000 members. You can join this server even if you are below the age of 18 years, but for this, you have to submit your photo with your photo id to the NSFW channel otherwise, you will not be able to join it in any case.

This server helps you to add your roles in your profile regarding your gender, age, and relationship status so that other people will be able to see your profile.

Noose 18+ platform also helps you to win different prizes as they also host many giveaways. You can participate in them and win many prizes. Also, they provide voice chat rooms where you will be able to not only chat but talk with the other people on that server.

4. World’s Lounge

To use this Discord server, you have to agree to all their rules and then verify your age. In World’s Lounge also, you have to add roles in your profile like age, relationship status, gender, and many more.

It also contains a section where you can add your other personal information if you want so that the other members will get to know more about you. It will help the other members to know what you are looking for. You can also send your pictures through this and chat with other members.

5. SKINS (Some Kinds of NSFW Server)

To use this SKINS server, you will first be asked to agree to all their rules and regulations. After that, you have to add all your roles there only then, you will be able to use this server.Here also, if you want to use this server and you are below the age of 18 years, then you have to submit your photo with the photo id card to the NSFW channel.

The SKINS server also contains a channel to chat with people and exchange information with each other. Not only this, but this server also hosts other events like the cooking shows, which you will enjoy.

Discord Dating Servers Benefits

Community Interaction

Unlike traditional dating platforms that connect individuals on a one-on-one basis, Discord offers a community-based approach. You can join servers where people share similar interests, making it easier to find like-minded individuals.

Versatile Features

Discord provides text chat, voice chat, and video calls. This versatility gives users multiple ways to connect, enriching the dating experience.

Safety Measures

Moderators generally manage Discord servers, and there’s often a set of rules that members must follow, enhancing user safety.

How Do You Get Dates on Discord?

Server Selection

The first step is to join a dating server that aligns with your interests and objectives. You can find servers through Discord directories, social media, or friends.

Active Participation

Once you’re in, participate in conversations, engage with other users, and be yourself. Many servers also offer “Dating Rooms” or activities that help you get to know others.

DMs and Beyond

When you click with someone, you can take the conversation to direct messages and potentially set up a date.

Are NSFW Servers Allowed on Discord?

Yes, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) servers are allowed on Discord, but there are rules. Server administrators must mark these as NSFW, so users get a warning before joining. Also, these servers must comply with Discord’s Terms of Service, which prohibits explicit content that could be considered illegal.

How Do You Get Married on Discord?

While not legally binding, some servers offer ‘Discord Marriages’ as a fun way to symbolize a strong connection between two users. This usually involves a simple bot command, and sometimes a server-hosted ceremony is conducted for entertainment.

Discord’s Age Limit

Discord’s minimum age requirement is 13 years. Users are expected to adhere to this rule and often, dating servers impose even stricter age restrictions to ensure user safety.

Is Discord like Tinder?

While both platforms aim to connect people, Discord and Tinder have distinct features. Tinder is primarily designed for dating and short-term engagements, while Discord serves broader purposes, from professional communications to hobby-centric discussions, including dating.

Is Discord Dating Servers a Free Dating App?

Discord itself is a free platform, and most dating servers are free to join. However, some servers offer premium memberships for extra features, like exclusive chat rooms or custom emojis.


Go through the above article to get to know all about the best Discord dating servers, and it is all up to you which you want to use. You can now enjoy talking and meeting new people by inviting them on a date and finding your love.

Discord Dating Servers are an increasingly popular avenue for people looking to find love or meaningful connections online. Their community-centric approach and versatile features make them an appealing option. However, it’s essential to remain cautious and aware of the rules and guidelines, particularly concerning age and NSFW content.