5 Best Discord Bots That You Must Be Using

If you’re unfamiliar with Discord, it’s one of the most popular gaming chat platforms. It’s quite user-friendly, and gamers all around the world love it because of its durability and flexibility. We’ve put up a list of the most effective discord bots to keep you informed and connected.

Discord bots are hard to come by; the app has over 100 million downloads on Google Play and is the most popular platform for users to communicate and participate on a variety of themes. Individuals can use these discord servers to meet new people and build strong online friendships. Because of its ease of use and functionality, even well-known people and friends use Discord to communicate.

Thousands of new features may be added to your platform with the best Discord bots–mod functionality, music, games, polls, prizes, and more! If you want to create one of the most popular or successful servers, you’ll need to use the best Discord bots.

All Discord bots can be found on an online bot list like Freestuff or directly on their website. After that, you can invite Discord bots to join your server. A Discord bot invite functions similarly to a Discord server invite, so after you welcome the bot to Discord, it will appear in your server. You can use bot instructions directly from your server once you’ve added Discord bots.

We’ve compiled a list of the most useful Discord bots available right now.

5 Useful Discord Bots That You Must Be Using

If you’re starting a public server or already have one, you know how tough it can be to handle everything manually. Discord bots help manage your server easier while also increasing user engagement with their numerous capabilities.

Here is a list of the top five recommended discord servers for making your servers more useful and appealing.

1. Tatsumaki

Among game streamers, it is a very popular discord bot. It includes a variety of moderation commands and aids with the configuration of welcome messages, notifications, and other features. Its unique feature is that you can alter the bot settings right from your dashboard, search the web, and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Tatsumaki’s most famous feature is its much-discussed incentive system, which encourages server users to be more active by allowing them to gain XP and Levels. Your status in a Discord server is displayed as a visually appealing card, encouraging you to connect with other users more frequently. You may change the look of your cards with real money.

2. FreeStuff

The majority of its users find this bot to be really beneficial. It keeps you informed about new games that are accessible for free. It is a smart bot that does not notify you about games that are already accessible for free, making it one of the most useful discord bots for getting updates on hot bargains.

3. Rhythm

This bot is quite popular among music fans and those who enjoy listening to music while working on the server. It offers the finest music experience possible by utilizing several free song sources such as Twitch, YouTube, Soundcloud, and others. It does not create any music lag and provides a flawless experience for music listening, including lyric support, autoplay, and prefix instructions.

4. Sesh

Sesh is a Discord bot that serves as your own calendar. Another handy discord bot that allows you to simply manage, plan, make reminders, and create events is this one. It doesn’t have a set format to adhere to, which makes it easier to use.

Because it offers automated time zone conversion, you can create tasks and specify their time and language according to your preferences. The nicest thing is that it can be linked to your Google Calendar.


This is yet another useful discord bot that allows you to level up and play text-based RPG games. It also permits the sale and acquisition of armor and weapons. You can beat the dungeon bosses to gain additional commands and features in the game’s more than 15 dungeons.


Many of these handy discord bots are brand new, while others have been around for a while. All of them, however, are praised for their functionality and usability. Every owner of a Discord server should give them a shot at least once in order to better manage their server. You can use your Google TV to access the Play Store to install Discord and have a better overall experience because it allows you to access the whole Play Store on your TV.