Difference Between UX and UI Development

One of the key stages in the creation of each site is the development of its design. A lot, a lot depends on how the resource will look: attractiveness for the audience, user-friendliness when interacting with the menu, and most importantly – the ability to “earn”: whether it be sales of goods or likes on Facebook.

Therefore, the appearance of the site must be created with all responsibility – which means: taking care of UX and UI design. What are these concepts and what is the difference between them if hire ux developer?

What is UX Design

What is UX Design?

Strictly speaking, the word “design” in this case is not entirely correct, it is a tracing paper. If we return to website development and design, then UX should solve the following tasks:

  • a simple search for all the information the user needs;
  • intuitive orientation in the structure of the site as such;
  • working out typical scenarios of the behavior of visitors on the site;
  • ease of user performance of targeted business actions.

Based on these goals, the development of the UX design of the site is carried out. The approximate procedure, in this case, can be built in the form of some standard schemes:

  • Analysis of site tasks. Sell ​​a product, offer text for reading, attract and retain audience attention, increase brand awareness, etc. – depending on this, a further direction of work is selected.
  • Study of the audience. Buyers of mp3 songs behave differently on the site than buyers of lots of building materials. Therefore, the logic of the organization of the resource should take this into account and be appropriate for such a situation.
  • Sitemap creation. The goals of the portal and the nature of the audience determine how its architecture will be arranged: the main page, section, and subsection, the final page – so that transitions between them simplify the work.
  • Prototyping. For all typical portal pages, you need to create your own template, where the key blocks are indicated, their location relative to each other, visual changes when you hover over them and click on them, etc.
  • Testing. Even before getting the style “shell”, you should check whether the site is clear enough for the user, whether handling its interface causes difficulties, whether the visitor achieves the business goal.

What is UI Design?

In the case of UI, the word design is much more justified: specialists in this area if to hire ui developer to develop exactly the look of the site, from the design of blocks to fonts with photos. However, it is important to understand that proper UI design is not only beautiful but also functional. This abbreviation stands for “User Interface”, user interface.

What is UI Design

Therefore, the chosen stylistic techniques should both attract and meet the UX tasks: that is, help the user quickly navigate the structure and menu of the site. If we recall our example with a car, then UI is the development of a steering wheel design in such a way that nothing distracts the user from solving his main task with a similar tool.

As with UX design, website UI design has many important goals:

  • simplification of the perception of the site architecture, its logical blocks;
  • visual typing of pages and individual elements of the site;
  • ease of perception of information on the site (text, images, etc.);
  • aesthetic appeal of a single corporate identity of the site.

It should be noted that design development often proceeds in parallel and inseparably with UX (therefore, by the way, such tasks are often performed by the same specialist). As for an approximate scheme for creating a UI, you can create a typical scenario:

  • Assessment of functionality and audience;
  • Concept development;
  • Prototyping;
  • Testing.

How to Create A Quality UX/UI Website Design?

The main task is to choose a competent and qualified contractor. He must have sufficient experience in this area and real groundwork to develop not only a beautiful and effective, but also a productive website design.