DHCP Is Not Enabled For Ethernet

Is there a reason for this mistake? When a machine attempts to connect to a network, its request for an IP address is handled via a protocol called Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). The DHCP not enabled Windows 10/11 problem appears if the PC’s IP address and subnet mask were set manually.

It’s DHCP Is Not Enabled For Ethernet properly due to other issues; the solution is to enable automatic IP address assignment for DHCP.

DHCP Is Not Enabled For Ethernet

What to Do When “DHCP Is Not Enabled For Ethernet”

Here are four possible solutions to the “DHCP Is Not Enabled For Ethernet” error.

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Method 1: Modify the Network’s Settings

Step 1. Just repeat what you just did to bring up the Network and Internet settings box.

Step 2. Select “Properties” from the context menu after right-clicking the faulty network (Ethernet).

Step 3. Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) twice in the Networking section. Another window will pop up.

Step 4. Choose Automatically obtain an IP address and Automatically discover DNS servers from the new window.

Step 5. To commit your modifications and leave the menu, use the OK button. Then, try connecting to the network after restarting your computer to see if the issue persists.

Method 2: Activate the DHCP Client Service.

Step 1. To access the Run dialogue, press the Windows key plus R at the same time.

Step 2. By entering “msc” into the Run box and hitting Enter, you may access the Services management console.

Step 3. Look for “DHCP Client” in the list of options. Please right-click it and select Properties if it isn’t already running. Make sure Automatic is selected for Startup. To activate it, press the Start button. To permanently store your modifications, select Apply and then click OK.

Method 3: Resetting Network Settings

To access the command prompt on Windows, just type “cmd” into the search box. Select Run as administrator from the context menu of the Command Prompt.

Simply type ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /renew into the Command Prompt window and hit Enter after each one.

Method 4: You can Try Resetting the Router.

The DHCP Is Not Enabled For Ethernet problem may be due to a malfunctioning router if you are utilising a home network in which the router also serves as the DHCP server. If that’s the case, go into the router’s settings and make sure DHCP is turned on. Please do some research online for more exact instructions.

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If it doesn’t work, try limiting your WiFi connection to only your router and seeing if that helps. You may be limited in the number of devices you may connect to your network.