Call of Duty Dev Error 6068 {Solved}

All of us know or at least heard about Call of Duty (COD), an online game. While playing the game, some users face issues regarding the Dev error 6068 which stops the users to play the game. This error arises due to various reasons, and we will provide you with some possible solutions in this article.

The Dev error 6068 in call of Duty is caused by the support installation of DirectX on your system or device. This error can also be caused by the obsolete windows, system drivers, and using non-optimal settings for playing the game.

Call of Duty Dev Error 6068

The Dev error 6068 error in the call of Duty game causes the system to freeze or crash the ongoing game with a displayed message stating its cause for the sudden crash.

We have done an extensive research to find out the root cause of this issue. From the research, we have found that this issue is caused due to the implications of the software device you use to play the game Call of Duty. It is not the hardware problem of the device. Before trying to solve this issue, here are some remedial measures to be followed to solve this issue first hand and quickly.

  • Avoid using multiple displays and try to use a “single display”.
  • Make it clear that all other games are working fine.
  • To run the game smoothly, your device needs a RAM (Random Access Memory) speed of 300MHz, make sure to have one with such requirement.
  • Out of all, have a good and stable internet connection.

How To Fix Call Of Duty Dev Error 6068

After checking all the above-listed measures, finally, it’s time to look into some of the methods that solve the error 6068 of the call of duty game.

Method 1: Run The Game As An Administrator

As an Admin, you have certain privileges to files and various folders. When you don’t have such privileges, the call of Duty Dev error 6068 will appear on the screen. In such similar cases, launching the game as an Administrator will solve the issue. In order to run the call of Duty game as an Administrator, you need to follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Open the net launcher and open the Call of Duty window. Click on “Options”. Click on the “show on explore” option.

Step 2: On the Call of Duty folder, right-click on the call of Duty file (the file with .exe extension). On the submenu, click on the “Run as Administrator” option available there.

Check whether the issue is solved. If not check out the next method.

Method 2: Set The Priority Of Call Of Duty’s Process To High

It is suggested as not so good to play with the priorities open when you do not have any idea of what you are playing. But, when the game gets loaded the CPU – Central Processing Unit and GPU- Graphics Processing Unit gets loaded more. At this point in time, changing the priority to High priority may solve the problem quite sometimes.

Follow the below-listed steps to do the process.

Step 1: Give a right-click on the Task Bar and click on Task Manager. Find the Processes of Call of Duty and right-click on it.

Step 2: On the Menu, go to the Details. On the Details tab, right-click on the Call of Duty processes (which is already highlighted).

Step 3: On the drop-down menu, select Priority, and then, on the sub-menu click on

After completing the process, check if the game is working fine. If it is not the, proceed to the next method.

Method 3: Update Windows And System Drivers To The Latest Build

The manufacturers of the system provide the updates for the system and the system Drivers for smooth functioning and removing bugs. If you use an outdated version of the system then, your device will be prone to various issues and problems.

This also includes having Dev error 6068 on your device. In such a case, you need to update the Windows and System Drivers. This update also exposes any issues with DirectX.

Follow the below-listed steps to enable the updates on your updates.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and type for Updates. From the drop-down menu, check for updates.

Step 2: In the updates, window click Check for updates. Download and Install if there are any updates existing on the system. Download the Windows update assistant.

Step 3: Launch the downloaded file and follow through with the instructions displayed on the screen for a smooth process. Also, check for any system Driver updates from the system’s manufacturer side.

After following the process, check if the problem is solved. If not, proceed to the next method mentioned below.

Method 4: Scan And Repair The Game Files

If the game Call of Duty files are corrupted then, the system may throe the Dev error 6068 on your screen. In such a case, scanning and repairing those game files may solve the issue. For instance, we will discuss the steps on the launcher.

Step 1: Open the net launcher, and click on the Call of Duty. Click on the Options menu, click on Scan and repair. Press on Begin the scan.

Step 2: This option will allow your device to scan the game files and analyze, re-download any missing files of the game.

After completing the scan and repair of the game files, Check if the problem is solved. If the problem is not solved yet, there are some more methods to try.

Method 5: Use PC Screen Only Option

Call of Duty games doesn’t allow you to use multiple screens so, stick to using only a single screen. If you are using multiple screens, it might be one of the causes for the Dev error 6068. In such a case, using the PC screen-only option will help you solve the problem.

Step 1: Through the Task Manager, close the Call of Duty and all its related processes. Click on Notifications on the system tray.

Step 2: Press Windows + P, and click on Project. Select the PC screen-only.

After it is done, Check whether the Call of Duty game works. If the Call of Duty still does not work, it is time you check out the next method.

Method 6: Set The Game Window To Borderless

This is an enlargement to the previous method. If you are using multiple displays while playing the game, this may be the cause of the issue you are facing. In order to solve this error, you can choose to set the game window borderless.

Often the users with a single display screen also faced this issue and get it resolved to change the game window to Borderless in the settings.

Step 1: Open the Call of Duty game and open the settings, click on the Graphics tab.

Step 2: Expand the Display mode, and in the sub-menu, click on the Full-screen Borderless option. Click on Save the settings and see if the Dev error 6068 is resolved.


Call of Duty (COD) is one of the most played online games among all age groups. This article explains some of the methods to solve the Dev error 6068. I hope this article solves the Dev error, and you enjoy a seamless Call of Duty game online.