4 Best Desktop Publishing Software in 2022

Desktop Publishing Software is designed to create communication through visualization. Such as Greeting cards, wedding cards, posters, etc.

Many professional works/designers make use of Desktop Publishing Software in order to make their work look more interesting. Not only this, these software’s help in adding images to our work.

Along with this complex projects also become simpler. For example: Magazines, Catalogs, etc. This software has been a great help to all the people who work on creating editorial projects.

4 Best Desktop Publishing Software

So here are a few best software which will surely fulfill all our expectations.

1. Adobe InDesign

It is a desktop publishing software used to create magazines, brochures, books, etc. Many professional workers like graphic designers, publishers, artists, etc. make use of this software..

This software provides all the necessary tools required to design pages and create layouts. This software is specially used when there are many documents to work on together.

This software combines the texts and the images together while creating a particular document.Files created in this can be shared digitally and also in the print form.

Even though there are many changes made in Desktop Publishing Software, it remains to be one the best software. Not only magazines and books this software also makes style sheets and many such things.

2. QuarkXpress

This is one of the best original page layout software. This software helps businesses in marketing, advertising, etc. This application uses various texts, colors, images, etc. in order to create brochures, flipbooks, etc.

It is one of the most accurate and reliable software to work on. There are a variety of tools available to accomplish what exactly we need. Options like modify text and photos etc.

They are also available. Many companies have created projects which are completely based on this software. This software is said to be the most stable one till now.

3. Microsoft Word

This is the most commonly used software all over the world. We can easily add images, files, etc. to our document. There are a number of tools available to make our document look even more interesting.

Also, there are various handwritings, text colors, text sizes, etc. available in it. The best feature about this software is it automatically corrects all our spelling mistakes.

Also, there are many tools available to convert our images in 2D and 3D formats. Also in this generation, people tend to work through the applications that have shortcuts to them.

So this particular software has fulfilled even this need of the user. Microsoft Word is used in many big and reputed companies and reviews given by them about this software are all amazing.

4. Canva

Canva is one of the best free software used to make wedding cards, business cards, and also Instagram posts. There is a special drag and drop option available in Canva which helps us add our own images in the card.

It is the best easy-to-use software to edit images and add our own effects to it. Even in Canva, there are hundreds of options available just to make the work look more pleasing to the viewer’s eye.

Options like brightness, tint, filters, etc. are also available in this software. Not only the professionals but all the common workers make use of this software as it is one of the most easy-to-operate software.

All the tools available in this particular application are very user-friendly and helps to do the task in the simplest way possible.


So these were the few best Desktop Publishing Software which each one of us can use for free and enjoy all the best options available in them.

It is proved that all this software has made the work of the professionals easier and quicker. Nearly the task of all of Desktop Publishing Software is same, but there are a few features which are completely different from one another.