Deshaun Watson’s Training Camp Behavior Hurting His Trade Value

Deshaun Watson, who started for Clemson and Houston in 2017, was passed over by eleven teams in the 2017 NFL Draft despite being compared to Michael Jordan.

By Tigers head coach and current Texans quarterback Dabo Swinney. Watson didn’t do much to diminish the comparison after four stellar seasons in the NFL.

Deshaun Watson’s Training Camp Behavior Hurting His Trade Value

Watson’s “participation” in Houston Texans training camp this spring and preseason has, however, buried any comparison to the greatness and competitiveness that Jordan demonstrated during his career.

Watson’s behaviour and displays at training camp reflect how dissatisfied and disillusioned with himself and his football career he has become, in contrast to MJ’s reputation for competing at all times.

The actions of a true hero would never be like this. Champions don’t make a mockery of their own training camp by prancing about the field like clowns and trying out different positions.

An NFL Disciplinary Officer Is Considering If Watson Broke League Rules.

NFL Disciplinary Officer is Weighing Whether Watson Violated The League’s Policy

Retired federal judge Sue L. Robinson, the NFL’s disciplinary officer, is still considering whether or not Watson broke the league’s personal conduct policy.

Twenty-five women have filed complaints against Watson, claiming he engaged in sexual misconduct with them while they were receiving massages.

One of the 25 lawsuits was dropped after the judge found the petition had to be revised to include the plaintiff’s name.

Watson and 20 of the other plaintiffs agreed to settle their lawsuits in June. There are still four pending lawsuits that are scheduled to go to trial in 2019.

Robinson heard arguments from the NFL, the NFLPA and Watson’s attorney at a three-day hearing in her home state of Delaware in late June.

Although Watson has maintained his innocence and two grand juries in Texas have decided not to press charges against him, the NFL has argued that he should be suspended indefinitely for at least one season.


His future is dependent on two variables. One, Watson might be exchanged if the 22 legal actions filed against him are resolved before then.

For another, it is unclear whether the league will put him on paid leave if the charges don’t get settled.

It’s unknown whether any settlement talks are happening. The attorneys, who were formerly somewhat vociferous, are now largely mute.

All indications are that Watson has no interest in playing for the Texans, but he will still show up if he is promised a paid leave of absence for the next 2021 season.