Reasons Why Proper Data Destruction is Important

Data destruction is one of the most important aspects of data management. It helps to protect data that is stored on a system, data in transit, and data at rest from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

With so many security breaches happening every year it’s more important than ever for companies to take steps to ensure data protection. This blog post explores why proper data destruction is an integral part of any data management plan and how you can start protecting your company today!

Reasons Why Proper Data Destruction is Important

Data Encryption Is Not Enough To Protect Sensitive Data

One of the primary reasons data protection is so important for companies of all sizes is because data encryption alone cannot protect data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. According to the seasoned specialists in data destruction Portland locals rely on, data encryption can make it easier for hackers to access your systems. This is because they have the decryption key and don’t need any other methods of bypassing security protocols like strong passwords or two-factor authentication.

When data is encrypted the data itself stays in its original unencrypted form. This means that anyone with access to a decryption key can view it without any trouble at all. In contrast, data destruction methods encrypt data so unauthorized individuals cannot see your information even if they have the proper accreditation to decrypt and read it.

It’s Impossible To Know What Information Will Be Valuable In The Future

Another reason why data destruction is important is that it is impossible to know what kind of information will be valuable in the future. For instance, data that you have of your own may become valuable when a company wants to use it for research or marketing purposes.

Data destruction is also important because the information itself can be dangerous, especially if it’s stolen by a hacker and used in identity theft or other frauds. Most people know not to share personal data online but there are also data disposal services that can provide data destruction as well.

Deleting Information From A Hard Drive Does Not Necessarily Mean That The Data Has Been Destroyed

When you delete data, it is still recoverable. The data does not get destroyed when you delete information from a hard drive but rather the data gets overwritten and becomes unreadable.

However, there are data erasure methods that overwrite data multiple times to ensure that the data cannot be recovered. These include wiping programs such as DBAN (Darik’s Boot and Nuke) or DoD data destruction which overwrite data with random patterns of ones and zeroes.

These methods are crucial for ensuring that data cannot be recovered. If the data is not properly wiped, it can still end up in the wrong hands. Data erasure should always take place before disposing of devices such as hard drives or USB flash drives. However, data erasure is not the only thing that should be considered when disposing of devices.

Make sure to get rid of old data from your computer and any other electronic device as soon as possible before it falls into the wrong hands. When you are ready to securely dispose of a hard drive, make sure to wipe data with data erasure methods such as DBAN or DoD data destruction. Even deleting files on a computer doesn’t delete them. They’re still there and could be accessed by someone who knows how.

The Only Way To Ensure Destruction Of All Information Is Through Physical Destruction Or Degaussing Of The Storage Media (E-Waste)

Finally, physical destruction is the best data destruction method because it guarantees data loss. Physical data destruction ensures that any data on the hard drive is completely unreadable and unrecoverable. Physical data destruction or degaussing of data storage media (e-waste) can be done at a data center, recycling facility, or with your IT business partner.

Physical data destruction ensures that any data on the hard drive is completely unreadable and unrecoverable. The best types of physical data destruction are shredding and incineration.

Why Proper Data Destruction is Important

The only way to ensure that all of your information is destroyed and gone forever, no matter how sensitive it may be or who you share it with, is by physically destroying the storage media.

Businesses need to understand this so they can take appropriate precautions in protecting themselves from hackers if sensitive data needs to stay on a hard drive. Deleting files won’t do much good. There are ways around even encrypted data! If you’re struggling with an issue like this, rest assured that you can always seek the advice of experts in data destruction.