Everything You Need To Know About “Dab Me Up”

With the words “Dab Me Up” written below his golden teeth, this custom-drawn emoji depicts a grin on the face of a person who is about to Dab someone up. Similar to the popular “Dap Me Up” meme, the “Dab Me Up” emoji has a smiling face with a golden tooth and a raised hand, as if the character were going to Dab someone.

As a result of the image’s virality on Twitter, numerous parodies, spoofs, and similar emojis were made, including one depicting the original image just before it is daubed up and another showing the two emojis Dabbling each other. Such expressions first appeared in mobile games like Mafia City.

The phrase “Dab Me Up” has become something of an internet sensation, leaving many curious about its origins, meanings, and why it’s so popular.

Whether you’ve seen it in memes, heard it in conversation, or encountered it on Snapchat or Instagram, you’re likely wondering what it all means. In this SEO-optimized article, we explore the universe of “Dab Me Up.”

What is “Dab Me Up”?

“Dab Me Up” is primarily a colloquial phrase referring to the act of touching or bumping fists, typically as a form of greeting or celebration. It has also found its way into internet memes, where it can be interpreted in various ways depending on the context.

Where Did “Dab Me Up” Come From?

The term originates from the “Dab” move, where one raises their elbow and drops their head into the bent arm while simultaneously extending the other arm out. Initially, the Dab was a dance move that gained popularity in hip-hop culture, but it evolved into a form of casual greeting.

Just Dab Me Up, Okay

This phrase has become a shorthand expression that effectively asks someone to offer a fist bump or a sign of solidarity or approval. In the meme universe, this phrase is often used humorously, signifying exaggerated enthusiasm or eagerness.

I Need to Know More About This “Dab Me Up” Meme

The “Dab Me Up” meme often features pictures or videos of people enthusiastically offering a fist bump. It is used to emphasize excitement, triumph, or a sense of camaraderie. The meme has been shared and reshared across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

What Other Meanings Are There to the Phrase “Dab Me Up”?

“Dabbing” can also refer to the consumption of cannabis concentrates, but this is entirely different from the fist-bump or dance move context. Always consider the context to discern the intended meaning.

In What Way Do You Slangily Say “Dab Me Up”?

Slangily, “Dab Me Up” is equivalent to asking for a fist bump. You could say, “Yo, Dab Me Up!” to request a casual show of unity or friendship.

When Someone Dabs at You, What Exactly Do They Mean?

In most cases, if someone ‘Dabs at you,’ they’re offering a fist bump as a greeting, celebration, or sign of agreement. However, if they do the Dab dance move, it is more likely to express excitement or to participate in a trending social phenomenon.

Exactly What Is it About “DAP” That Attracts Males?

“Dap” is another term for a fist bump, handshake, or other intricate forms of greeting often found in male social circles. It might attract males due to its roots in sports and hip-hop culture, where it’s commonly used to signify respect or camaraderie.

Snapchat: What Does “Dab” Stand For?

In Snapchat, the term “Dab” doesn’t have an official acronymic meaning. Instead, it often refers to the Dab move or fist bump, aligning with popular culture.

Why Does Everyone Keep Asking Me About This “DAP” Urban Dictionary?

“DAP” often makes rounds on the internet, and if you’re out of the loop, you might find people referencing Urban Dictionary’s humorous definitions. “DAP” is listed as a form of friendly gesture, and people often cite Urban Dictionary for its lighthearted take on the term.

What Does “Dab” Mean in British?

In British slang, “Dab” retains similar meanings to its American counterpart, referring to the fist bump or the dance move. However, the term is not as widely used as in the United States.

Why Is It Called “Dabbing”?

“Dabbing” is called so because the dance move somewhat resembles the act of Dabbing a surface to remove liquid. The term has since evolved, taking on new meanings in different contexts.

Is “Dab” a Slang?

Yes, “Dab” and “Dab Me Up” are considered slang terms, primarily in American English.

Why Would a Guy “Dab You Up”?

In the context where a guy ‘Dabs you up,’ it is often a casual gesture to signify agreement, celebration, or camaraderie.

What Does “Dab” Mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, a “Dab” typically refers to photos or videos featuring the Dab dance move or fist bump. It usually signifies excitement, celebration, or following a trend.

Dab vs Hash: What’s the Difference?


  • Dab: Extremely potent, containing high levels of THC.
  • Hash: Generally less potent than dabs but still more potent than cannabis flowers.


  • Dab: Varies depending on the type (e.g., wax is soft and pliable, shatter is hard and glass-like).
  • Hash: Generally hard and crumbly or soft and pliable.

Method of Consumption

  • Dab: Consumed using a specialized ‘dab rig’ and often requires a ‘torch’ for heating.
  • Hash: Can be smoked in a pipe, vaporized, or mixed with cannabis flowers in a joint or bowl.


  • Dab: More commonly found in regions with legalized cannabis markets.
  • Hash: Widely available, both in legal markets and areas where cannabis is illicit.

How Do You Use ‘Dab’ in a Sentence?

The word ‘dab’ can be quite versatile, serving different functions in a sentence depending on its context. Here are some examples:

In Cannabis Context:

  1. “I took a dab and felt the effects almost immediately.”
  2. “Dabs are too potent for me; I prefer smoking hash.”
  3. “She used a dab rig to consume the concentrate.”

In General Context:

  1. “He dabbed his forehead with a tissue.”
  2. “She dabbed some perfume on her wrists.”
  3. “He celebrated his victory by doing the dab dance move.”

In Internet Culture:

  1. “That meme about dabbing is hilarious!”
  2. “The player dabbed after scoring the winning goal, and it went viral.”


The phrase “Dab Me Up” is a multifaceted term with origins in popular culture. From serving as a form of greeting to becoming an internet meme, this phrase has a versatile range of applications. Now that you’re equipped with this extensive guide, you can navigate the world of “Dab Me Up” like a pro!

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