Everything You Need To Know About “Dab Me Up”

With the words “dab me up” written below his golden teeth, this custom-drawn emoji depicts a grin on the face of a person who is about to dab someone up. Similar to the popular “Dap Me Up” meme, the “Dab Me Up” emoji has a smiling face with a golden tooth and a raised hand, as if the character were going to dab someone.

As a result of the image’s virality on Twitter, numerous parodies, spoofs, and similar emojis were made, including one depicting the original image just before it is daubed up and another showing the two emojis dabbling each other. Such expressions first appeared in mobile games like Mafia City.


Where Did “Dab Me Up” Come From?

The “Stronger Than You” emote was created by the Mafia City art team and was used in-game to mock other players (see emoji below). As of January 2019, the emote has its own article on the Mafia City Wiki[16].

On January 7, 2019, ME.ME[17] gathered a screenshot of the emote being used in a chat in Mafia City. This screenshot was stored as a macro image. Reddit user u/richmrandom uploaded an emoticon on January 27, 2020, titled “Imagining Vaccinating Your Children,” to the /r/comedyheaven[18] subreddit in reaction to the anti-vax Facebook page. The emote received over 63,000 upvotes in a little over a year (see below).

Just Dab Me Up, Okay?

Almost immediately, the emoticon sparked a discussion in the online chat app Discord. On January 25, 2021, @DoubleJTheG tweeted a grainy image of the emote with a hand, captioned with the words “Dab me up.” No credit can be given to the photo’s original creator.

I Need to Know More About this “DAB ME UP” Meme.

The Dab Me Up meme features an emoji with a gold tooth. The right side of the face features a yellow hand that appears to be ‘dabbing.

In 2015, young people began using a hand gesture known as the dab, in which one arm is raised above the head and the other is held down by the wrist.

What Other Meanings are there to the Phrase “Dab Me Up”?

“Dab me up” is slang for “dap me up,” as you presumably already know. If someone says “dap me up,” it means they want you to sexually assault them.

A dap is a cordial greeting that can be given in various forms, including a handshake, pound hug, fist bump, or chest bump.

More recently, the term “dab me up” has replaced “dabbin'” when used as a greeting.

Now that we have defined “dabbing” and “dapping me up,” the question remains: where did this meme originate? The origin of the meme is unknown, but it has become a popular means of internet expression.

After a YouTuber named DoubleJTheG posted a video of him spamming an Instagram group chat with the phrase “dab me up” until he was thrown off, the phrase quickly became a cultural phenomenon in the new year of 2021.

The video has gained widespread attention online during the previous few months. Before the big Jake Paul fight, the island boys were thrown drinks.

In What Way do you Slangily Say, “DAB Me Up?”

Squeeze your finger, grip my arm, and “dab” me up so I can be pulled out. This definition was generously provided by Urban Dictionary.

When Someone Dabs at you, What Exactly do they Mean?

U.S. teenagers have taken to the dance style known as “dabbing” in droves since 2015. It’s come to represent a spirit of merriment or lightheartedness. It’s similar to sneezing into one’s elbow.

What does it Mean to be “Dapped up?”

Dap can be shown through a variety of physical gestures, such as a handshake (often involving locking thumbs), a fist bump, a hug, or a beating of the fist. Black soldiers employed this strategy in the Vietnam War, coined the name “Black Power,” and it has been in use ever since 1969.

Exactly What is it About DAP that Attracts Males?

The dap eventually became a symbol of power and togetherness in African-American culture. Dap is an abbreviation for “pride and dignity.” Dap is more than just a welcome now. Eventually, it evolved into a language that enabled individuals to share their beliefs, their sense of self, and their culture with one another.

Snapchat: What does DAB Stand for?

No need to thank us now; DAB stands for “Digital Audio Broadcasting.”

Why does Everyone Keep Asking Me About this DAP Urban Dictionary?

For the past year, the site has been referenced in legal proceedings to define the term “iron” (also known as “handgun”). Catfishers are internet predators who create false profiles to lure vulnerable people.

Fist-knocking greetings (daps) and explosive weapons (grenades) are two examples (a girl who is always found with a group of hotties).