12 Best CyberFlix TV Alternatives in 2022

For all those lazy people who feel it difficult to get ready and go to theatres to watch movies CyberFlix is being a problem solver. CyberFlix is an unofficial free streaming application. It allows you to get access to the movies, TV shows on your Android device. It adds to convenience as it help get access to these movies and TV shows from anywhere and at any time.

The app have stunning features of inbuilt support for subtitles, the developers keep the app always updated and more over it has a huge collection of TV shows and movies in HD. Although this is a wonderful application on the whole, definitely it is not perfect. If you are a person who looking for any alternative app to stream movies, then you are at the right place. Here we will introduce to you some similar applications which will help you stream movies and TV shows.


12 Best CyberFlix TV Alternatives in 2022

One thing that we recommend you is to use VPN for steaming movies to avoid facing legal issues while you are steaming copyright claims. VPN will hide your IP from the network and steam anonymously.

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1. TeaTV

TeaTV allows the users to watch movies and TV shows absolutely free for hours. It is an application very much similar to CyberFlix with many common features. TeaTV also has this inbuild support of subtitles. It has chromecast support too which will help you while casting video from phone to TV. This will help you get a better experience. If you are having an Android TV boxes and Firestick then it will be perfect to enjoy movies with TeaTV.

2. Morph TV

MorphTV is the updated version of Morpheus. As so it is a better reborn version of Morpheus. It is equipped with almost all the needed features to enjoy movies on the Android phones. A massive collection of Movies and TV shows are there in its database and we can watch them all absolutely for free and without any limit. This application will enhance your experience with regular new updates. The interface is clean and the streaming is very smooth also. On the whole this app will not disappoint you and will be a good alternative against CyberFlix.

3. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time application provides a free alternative against Netflix and similar subscription based video steaming services. It allow you to watch movies and TV shows absolutely free at anytime and anywhere from your Android, IOS, as well as windows devices. This app also saves the users time, since it does not stream through link where we have to download it first. The Popcorn Time has the best standards where you can enjoy TV shows and movies in HD with Subtitles with smooth and clean interface. This can be a nice alternative against CyberFlix.

4. Kodi

Kodi developed by the XBMC foundation is a free and open-source media player software application that can be installed on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, OSX. Kodi is absolutely an excellent entertainment centre with music, movies, TV shows, Photos, PVR, Web interfaces, Add-Ons, Remote controls. It is an ultimate entertainment hub.

Although it brings all the digital media together it is not that easy to use Kodi. But if you are comfortable with tech and stuff then no problem and it will be a great experience for you using Kodi.

5. MovieBox HD

MovieBox HD is one of the popular applications for those who are interested in downloading HD movies for their devices. It is supported in Android devices and iOS. It is user-friendly software. It allows you to download with a variety of qualities. It has a clean interface with some common features that is common in almost all similar application. This app will definitely satisfy you if you are looking for a simple interactive app.

6. PlayBox HD

PlayBox is an excellent app for viewing movies and TV shows online directly on your Android and iOS device without having to download any file. It has a huge collection database of movies that anyone can access completely free without any subscription requirement.

The search bar is one of the best features of PlayBox HD, with which you can easily get in hand your favorite stuff. The only thing you have to do to get access to these services is to download the application from its website to use it on your PC. One of the best features is the kids’ mode, which will restrict all the adults and sensitivity from your children. Besides all these PlayBox HD is Chromecast compatible.

7. FreeFlix HQ

FreeFlix HQ is a free content streaming app that allows you to watch TV shows, movies, Live TV. It has the simplest user interface. It has many common features of similar apps like a massive collection of Movies, inbuilt support of subtitles which will help non-English users.

The other special feature is that it is compatible with firestick and remote. This app has all the potential to become an alternative option to CyberFlix and it can provide you with a wonderful experience.

8. Titanium TV

On Titanium TV, you can watch your favorite TV shows online. The application is available to all users free of cost, without any subscription charge unlike Netflix or amazon prime. Titanium TV is very smooth and easy to navigate and is a user-friendly application. The application has a massive collection of movies and has features of supporting subtitles. It is indeed a good app and is a good alternative for CyberFlix

9. Cinema APK

It is an Android APK file that allows users to download HD movies. We can access it anytime and anywhere. It does not show any pirate content and is a safe app. This APK is a fast and free streaming app that has a clean interface making it easy to navigate.

It’s an ad-free app while you play videos online. You can even download the videos straight to your phone. Here you have a wide range of movies in its database. The application is supported in Android, Windows, and even Mac devices.

10. Bee TV

Bee TV is an amazing application that will help you watch movies and TV shows and will keep you entertained. It is entirely a free application.It also has most of the common features of similar applications like inbuilt support subtitles, works in Android devices, clean user interface. Bee TV is very fast in steaming and content can be downloaded to your device easily. One of the irritating features of this application is that it contains ads. Some users may find it a bit disturbing. Otherwise, it is a good application as a whole.

11. TVZion

TVZion has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and other videos in HD. It is a safe and secured application with customized home screen. They are easy to use and navigate. It has a voice search feature that allows you to search for your favorite movies with a voice search.

It also has autoplay and autonext which will automatically plays the highest quality link and then the other will automatically plays the next episode for you respectively. It also supports Chromecast. One of the problem with this app is that it gets crashed at times. Keeping it apart it has all good features that will enhance your experience.

12. Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV can be the best alternative for CyberFlix as it has a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and also classics. It has an interface available in different languages. You can search for the required movies or shows with advanced search engines.

One of the best features of Typhoon is that it has separate categories for movies and chat shows which will help you find the required content more easily. It is supported on Android devices. It has a similar interface as that of Terrarium and many of its features are also the same.

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Final Words

Undoubtedly CyberFlix is one of the best application to watch movies and shows online. But if you are upset with any of its issues then you should definitely try out any other alternatives in place of this.All the above mentioned alternatives are the options before you. Do consider these alternatives against CyberFlix if needed. Enjoy watching movies!