How To Create a New Apple ID On Your iPhone or iPad

When you buy a new Apple product you’ll see a dialogue box that says sign in or log in to your apple id, if you don’t have an apple id already it will create a new id that will be used in the device. So, what exactly is this ID, and how it is used?

How To Create a New Apple ID On Your iPhone or iPad?

Well in this article we are going to see just that, we are going to see how to create a new Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad and what’s the difference between Apple ID and iCloud ID.

What Is Apple ID?

An Apple ID is a way of authentication of the user, it is made for all Apple users by Apple. It contains all the personal information of the user that is currently signed into the Apple ID. It will connect to all the platforms on your phone. When your logs into your Apple ID it will automatically sync all the setting and information that is available into your system.

Apple ID

Apple ID works on all the Apple products like iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. You can sync the same Apple ID to all of your different Apple products and it will save the information to that system automatically. It is used to sync and save your contacts, files, browser bookmarks, and calendar, etc.

What Is An iCloud Account?

An iCloud account is quite similar to an Apple ID, But it is used to sync your files and information to a cloud-based storage system that can store your files without using any memory from your phone. iCloud offers many other services such as the iCloud email, iMessage, iCloud Photo Library, or iCloud Drive, etc.

An iCloud account is just an Apple ID but, an Apple ID can have different iCloud Accounts. If you’ve stored your files and data onto your iCloud account then you will be able to access that data from another phone simply by logging into your iCloud account, this way you can secure all the important data that you can’t lose.

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How To Create New Apple ID on Your iPhone or iPad?

If you want to create a new Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad do these simple steps from your phone and you’ll be able to create a new Apple ID.

Step 1: First of all, you need to go to the Settings.Then on top of the options, you’ll see ‘Sign in to your iPhone’, click on that.Then click on ‘Don’t have an Apple ID’ on the next screen on your phone.

Step 2: Now you’ll be able to see that you’ve been directed to a new page to ‘create new Apple ID’, you can click on that and the creation process will start.Enter all of the information that it wants like your name and birthday and email etc.

Step 3: If you have an existing account you can fill that in, if you don’t, you can create one using at the end.Now, you need to enter a password of your choice to verify your account and sign in.

Step 4: Then you need to choose ‘security questions’ in case you ever forget your ID password.Accept all the terms and conditions after reading them.Now some more services will pop up-like merge data and find my phone, if you want, you can also enable them by clicking ‘ok’.

Your Apple ID is successfully been created and now you can use it in other apple products too.

How To Create a New Apple ID From App Store on iPhone or iPad?

If can also create a new Apple ID from App Store, when you launch the app for the first time before creating an Apple ID, it will automatically direct you to log in or sign in to your Apple ID. After signing in you’ll be able to buy and download the apps and games. You can also click on ‘create Apple ID’ at the bottom of the app.

Steps to make an Apple ID from Appstore

Step 1: First, open the App Store from your phone.Click on ‘Create New Apple ID’ at the bottom of the app.Now you need to enter your email address and password. Make sure to enter a strong password.Now you need to choose the region, for your address. It is locked so you cannot change it again so choose it correctly.

Step 2: Then you’ll see the terms and conditions screen along with the privacy policy, read them and click next, and then agree.Now you need to fill in your details like your name, and birthday.If you want updates you can also enable updates from Apple.Now enter your billing information and your card information.

Step 3: Select none if you don’t have a card or don’t want to set up a payment method, you can always set it up later.Then enter your mobile number and confirm.A confirmation email will be sent to your email address by Apple.Click on the email and you will be verified by Apple.

You have successfully created your Apple ID.

Apple ID vs. iCloud Account: What’s The Difference?

There isn’t that much of a difference between an Apple ID or an iCloud Account, Both of them are accounts used in Apple products.

An Apple ID is a single digital identity that allows you to access all of Apple’s services and manage your account. It also includes the details for logging in as well as the payment details and contact or security details that will be asked across many services in Apple.

An iCloud is an account that gives you free cloud space to store your files and information without taking your space in your space, it can be used to sync your data and files across many devices. You can also access these files from any other Apple product. iCloud offers many other services such as the iCloud email, iMessage, iCloud Photo Library, or iCloud Drive, etc.

You can make a separate iCloud account with the same Apple ID but you will need only one Apple ID to make iCloud accounts, so basically an iCloud account is just an Apple ID.


So in this article, we learned what is an apple id and iCloud Account and how to create them from your phone and Appstore. What are the differences between an Apple ID and an iCloud Account? Now you can implement these steps from your phone to create an Apple ID or An iCloud Account to use it.