4 Best Chrome Apps You Should Install

Google Chrome is an amazing web browser available in the market. It comes loaded with multiple features and extensions along with its speed which makes it the best amongst all. Many of its users are totally unknown with its ability to support apps; which are different from extensions. Although, the Chrome apps and extensions are hosted on the web store, yet both of them are very different.

The special plug-ins that allow Google Chrome to do particular things are known as Chrome extensions. One can use them to save articles offline, manage downloads, customize the look of chrome, and so on. While, on the other hand, Chrome apps allow users to run full-fledged apps in Chrome. Google Drive and Google docs are examples of native Chrome apps.

4 Best Chrome Apps You Should Install

This article sums up the best third-party Chrome apps that one should install:

1. Polarr

Polarr is one of the best available photo editing apps for android and iOS devices. Its simplicity of usage makes it a good choice for the newbies. People are generally unaware of polar being available as a Chrome app. Polarr comes with a ton of photo editing features.

Apart from some basic features like adjustment, saturation, color, rotation, cropping and adjustment. It also provides access to more advanced features like layers, filters etc. Importing photos is an easy task with Polarr. One can install it for free from the Chrome app store and then launch it for use.

2. Sketchpad

SketchPad is an amazing sketching app for Chrome users allowing them to sketch on a blank canvas and also on the images. This is the best app for beginners who don’t want to go for complex sketching apps. The app provides multiple options of brushes of different sizes and patterns. Its special feature known as line guiding system allows users to quickly make straight lines between two points and is especially helpful for drawing geometrical shapes.

There is a plethora of coloring and filling options available with the app. Its user -friendly interface makes it a good choice for beginners. The how to get started guide provided by SketchPad makes it even easier to learn it’s working.

3. Calmlywriter

Microsoft Word forms a great choice for students and professionals, but generally the dedicated writers look for a clean and totally distraction- free environment without a lot of features, CalmlyWriter becomes the best option for them. This app offers a clean writing environment with focused writing mode. All the work is saved on cloud and can be easily accessed from any device.

This app offers a wide range of features like an amazing dark mode, import and export support for all common file formats, word character counter, estimated reading time etc. The text format option is hidden and can be accessed by the right click menu. The users who are finding a cheap and beautiful text editor providing a neat writing environment should definitely check CalmlyWriter.

4. Pocket

Readers who spent a lot of time in articles on web usually, face the problem of saving the article if they don’t have time. Pocket app solves this problem. It is an offline reader app which downloads and saves article for reading at a later point of time.

This app along with its extension allows users to easily capture articles from web. The app can be downloaded for free from the Chrome web store. It also comes with a paid premium version that unlocks some of its special features like no ads, advanced search operators, tags, permanent personal backup for all the saved articles and many more. This app proves to be an awesome choice for all the readers out there.


This article has provided a brief about some of the most useful apps available with the Chrome browser. It consists of app targeted for different user groups like readers, writers, sketchers or editors. One can look for the app which suits them the best and prove to be helpful in doing their tasks.