6 Factors When Choosing a Co-Working Space

For many people, working from home sounds like a dream, as it is both convenient and effective. However, if you’ve already been working from home, you’re definitely aware of how ineffective it can be at times. Your home setting isn’t always the most productive work environment that is required to avoid losing focus while working.

To improve your surroundings, an affordable option is to rent a co-working space or a shared office. Despite the fact that you’ll have to share your space with others, renting a co-working space is a far better option than leasing a private office. However, before making this decision, here are some factors to consider.

1. Types Of Spaces Offered

Private offices, dedicated desks, and hot desks are the three primary types of spaces accessible in a shared workplace. Each of these alternatives is appropriate for a unique function. A hot desk, for example, is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. This option is ideal for folks who like to switch up their work environment frequently.

Co Working space

It is also ideal for those who travel light. You can simply switch on your laptop and get straight to work. Dedicated desks are assigned on a permanent basis and feature storage drawers and lockers. Private offices are the most expensive option out of these, however, they provide lots of privacy, even in a shared office.

2. Location

The location of your shared office is another thing to take into account. This decision depends on whether you’d like your shared office to be located near a city center with other offices or somewhere close to your home.

You’ll also need to consider whether there’s a parking facility available near the office, as well as viable food places so you don’t have to travel too far for lunch. These factors might seem insignificant, but their expenses added up can make up a considerable amount.

A convenient way to observe the location is to explore it on google maps or check here to find good shared office locations that might work for you. From there, you’ll be able to view restaurants, and other nearby stores you may need, close to the office, and come up with a quick route from your home to the shared space.

3. Office Atmosphere

With the growing popularity of remote working, shared offices are being established in numerous different places. However, only some of these options will be able to meet your standards. Each of these places has a unique atmosphere, and it’s important that you match your office atmosphere with your required work.

For instance, if you want a quiet, cozy place, it’ll be better to find an office that offers a peaceful environment. Make sure you take a physical tour in addition to researching online because online pictures can often deceive you, and you don’t want to be disappointed later.

4. Rental Rate

You will need to allocate a budget for your rental space and compare each option with it. Although it’s relatively cheaper to rent a shared space compared to renting from a private office building, it is still a cost you’ll need to add to your budget.

While many shared offices have the same market value, only a few will be suitable for you to work in. It is therefore vital that you do your research before deciding on one.

5. Accessible Hours

Some shared offices offer limited working hours, so if you’re someone who requires the office 24/7, you’ll need to find one that matches your needs. The office you choose will depend on whether or not their accessible hours match your work schedule.

Accessible Hours

If you’re a freelancer, you may need a full-time space. Whereas, if you’re a remote employee, getting a shared space available for a few hours would suffice.

6. Amenities Provided

Shared office spaces come with many amenities that ensure there are no disruptions to your work. Most co-working spaces provide stable wifi, free coffee or tea, printing services, and meeting rooms. While most of these amenities are free, some spaces might charge you extra for them. So, make sure you clearly discuss your terms with the staff before signing the lease.

A separate workspace can be the best option to produce efficient work in a timely manner. While working at home may appear to be all fun and games, it’s quite difficult to get a moment to yourself and focus on your tasks with all the chatter of your family.

While a proper work environment is far more convenient, make sure you research your options thoroughly before deciding on a specific place. Consider the above factors to select the best possible place for you.