Chip Shortage Blame Game

There had been a lot of talks regarding the chip shortage that had been going on in the tech world. Lots of the people of the tech community and even the big companies and tech giants are facing a lot of problems, well secondary problems, because of the primary problem of the chip shortage that is going on.

Over time there had been a varied explanation of why this chip shortage is going on, but none of them had been a solid reason, and every one of them seemed a bit vague and did not answer all the users’ questions.

Chip Shortage Blame Game

However, now there had been a recent and new rumor that had been going around the tech community regarding the source and reason for the chip shortage that is going on. It is said that the company Texas Instruments have been responsible for this situation.

It is said that even the big tech giants are also blaming this company. The name sounds familiar? Thinking where you have heard the company name before? Well, it’s the same company that made your calculators that you might have used in school.

However, they do need a more of a wide business introduction as they do not only make calculators as it might have been one point in time. We are sure that you will find all about them on their website if you so wish. They are also involved in the manufacture of analog chips. This is important to note.

We are now seeing that the blame is completely falling on them. There are different reasons why they have been blamed, and every person will probably give you a different reason if you ask them, depending on who you are asking. Anyhow while we are getting at it, the main reason for the blaming seems to be not so much clear even now.

We are doing our best to keep up with the news. We hope that there will be a clear and distinct reason given to us soon enough. We will surely let you know if such a thing comes up. Take care!