Celebrate Women’s History Month with These Empowering Gifts

This March, in honour of Women’s History Month, think on the past and present contributions of American women.

It’s a great moment to reflect on the ways in which we may best uplift ourselves, the women in our lives, and the heroes in our lives, be they personal or public.

Celebrate Women's History Month with These Empowering Gifts

Even while we attempt to show appreciation for women all year round, this month is especially important for showing our female friends and family members how much they mean to us.

This month is a great opportunity to express your appreciation for all that women do by either supporting businesses.

That donate a portion of their proceeds to women’s causes or simply treating your favourite gal to a little something special.

“Woman Card” Playing Deck

If advocating for women’s health care, paid family leave, and equal pay is playing the woman card.

Then deal me in, Hillary Clinton said in response to Donald Trump’s “woman card” accusation during the 2016 race. With this deck of cards, you can use the “woman card” in a very literal sense.

Womanist as a Fuck Cuff Bracelet

Feminists who are certain in their identity often express that confidence with the occasional cuss word.

Over ninety percent of reviewers for the Feminist as Fuck cuff bracelet on Amazon gave it five stars. To top it all off, being a feminist AF is always in style.

A Brooch with an Amelia Earhart Charm

The pioneering female pilot Amelia Earhart was the first to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean.

This handmade charm brooch ($21) features an aeroplane, a photo of Amelia Earhart, and a compass, and would make a great gift for the intrepid woman in your life.

A Typographic Portrait of Harriet Tubman

The African-American abolitionist Harriet Tubman used the Underground Railroad to free more than 300 slaves.

She later collaborated with Susan B. Anthony in the campaign for women’s suffrage. Priced at $20, this image of Harriet Tubman features her own words.


More than a hundred women from seventeen different countries gathered in Denmark for the International Conference of Working Women.

Two years after the women of New York City marched for voting rights and equal pay. Clara Zetkin, a prominent German politician.

She proposed the creation of a worldwide holiday honouring women and elevating their demands for equality as part of that meeting. A unanimous vote approved the idea, officially establishing International Women’s Day.