How To Fix PS4 Error “CE -37813-2”

There are a number of PS4 network connectivity issues, including the one we’re talking about as well as PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4 and PS4 Error CE-35694-7. CE-37813-2 is a common PlayStation network connection issue.

The good news is that you can get back to online gaming on your PS4 by implementing the solutions provided below.

CE -37813-2

Method 1: Reboot Your Router and Modem

The PS4 may encounter error CE-37813-2 if the router’s cached internet connections are corrupted. You can solve this problem by clearing your router’s cache and reconnecting to the internet.

Step 1. First, disconnect the modem/router from the wall.

Step 2. Secondly, turn off your router by holding the Power button on the back for 15 seconds.

Step 3. After waiting the recommended amount of time (usually 5 minutes), plug the router back into the outlet and press the Power button to turn it back on.

You can now try to re-join the PS4 online community to check if the CE-37813-2 problem still shows up.

Method 2: Create a New Database for the PS4

There have been complaints that PS4 issue CE 37813 2 is caused by a faulty database. Rebuilding the PS4 database in Safe Mode should resolve the issue. All the specifics are outlined below:

Step 1. First, power off your PlayStation 4 by holding the Power button for ten seconds.

Step 2. Repeatedly pressing and holding the power button for several seconds until you hear 2 short beeps is Step 2.

Step 3. Insert a USB cable into the DS4, then press the PS button on the controller to activate Safe Mode.

Step 4. Four, from the Safe Mode menu, pick Rebuild Database.

Method 3: Alter The PS4’s MTU Settings

Also, you can try manually setting your MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) instead of leaving it on automatic. Numerous people attest to the usefulness of this method. You may give it a shot. Specifically, do what’s outlined below:

Step 1. First, from the PS4’s main menu, select the Settings icon by pressing the X button.

Step 2. Select Network in the Settings box, then Set up Internet Connection, and finally Use Wi-Fi. Finally, choose the necessary wireless network.

Step 3. Select Automatic IP address and Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name.

Step 4. The fourth step is to change the DNS settings to the automatic mode.

Step 5. Select the “Manual” setting for MTU in step five.

Step 6. Enter 1473 as the MUT number and click Next in the resulting window.

Step 7. Choose and confirm the option to not utilise a proxy server.

Try reconnecting to the internet to see whether the PlayStation error CE-37813-2 has been resolved.

Method 4: Modify Your Domain Name System

When everything else fails, try switching your PlayStation network’s DNS settings. Following these steps should help:

Step 1. Open the Settings window, click the Network tab, and then click Set up Internet Connection. Depending on your network setup, you will next choose either Use Wi-Fi or LAN Cable.

Step 2. Next, in the new box, click the Custom button, and then pick a wireless network and input its password.

Step 3. Third, select the Do Not Specify for DHCP settings and the Automatic IP address option.

Step 4. Fourth, pick the “Manual” radio button in the DNS Settings panel.

Step 5. Next, set as the primary DNS and as the secondary, and then click the Next button.

For the last procedure, choose Automatic > Do Not Use. Fixing PlayStation problem CE-37813-2 should now be possible.