Simple Tips To Buy Catchy Domain Names

Choosing a catchy domain name for your website can be instrumental to its success. If you choose the wrong domain name, it can have a detrimental impact on the search engine rankings and the brand’s online visibility. Thus, given its importance, one should spend a considerable amount of time to find the right domain name.

There are various tools that can be used to find a catchy domain name, such as However, there are certain tips that can be taken into account in order to find a catchy domain name. Following are some of the tips listed:

1. Keep It Short

Short is catchy. This is the rule of thumb that you should consider while purchasing a domain name. If you do not keep it short, the chances that it is forgotten by a lot of people are high. The domain name should not be higher than 15 characters. Users will be more prone to entering wrong domain names if you keep the name long. Thus, make sure it is short.

Simple Tips To Buy Catchy Domain Names

2. Easy To Pronounce

If you want to keep it catchy, then make sure that the domain name is easier to pronounce. Furthermore, it should also be easier to spell. It should be easily shareable whether you are speaking the domain name or writing the domain name.

This is especially important for websites that are developed for business purposes. Thus, as a rule, you should purchase a domain name that is easier to pronounce and easier to spell. This is what makes it catchy.

3. Keep It Unique

Common domain names are not catchy. They are not even brand-worthy. Thus, you should choose a  domain name that is unique. It should be able to stand out amongst other domain names. Research different blogs to determine what can be unique.

You also do not want to accidentally choose a domain name that is already another brand’s name. This can potentially result in intellectual property infringement. You do not want to be exposed to any sort of legal liability.

4. Do Not Use Hyphens or Numbers

The last thing that you should do is use hyphens and numbers. It can be a big mistake to make. People are not able to remember hyphens are numbers easily. This can result in visitors making a mistake.

Do Not Use Hyphens or Numbers in Domain Names

Thus, make sure that you use simple words. It is always good to be simple and minimal with domain names. This is how you will make it catchier and easily memorable.

The Bottom Line

Above are some of the tips that you must take into account in order to have a catchy domain name. The easiest way to find such a domain name is by getting the name from a tool. These tools are easily available online. Moreover, these tools will also help you save a lot of time. Depending on what your website stands for, the tools will provide you with the right name which will help your website to stand out.