Cat Treats Creations In The Kitchen

There is something magical about a recipe coming together, all the ingredients fresh and smelling and tasting great, and the result speaks for itself. Being in the kitchen can bring out your creative side, allow you to be free in your thought processes, and all the while tasting and looking good too, win-win.

Now, if you have kids and a husband who volunteers at the first chance they get to try the new cookie or pastry recipe product then you will know what it can be like trying to continually innovate yourself. And while there are thousands of recipes on the internet each claiming to be better than the next then you will also be well aware of how tricky it is knowing which to try without it turning out to be a flop and wasting a grocery bag full of ingredients.

Cat Treats Creations In The Kitchen

Thankfully, when it comes to our pets we don’t have as much freedom due to allergies or certain ingredients being dangerous for animals, but that doesn’t mean to say that our hands are completely tied. Sure chocolate for dogs is highly frowned upon and too much of a good thing ends up being a bad thing, but we can still be experimental to a certain extent and try to spice up our four-legged friends’ meals from time to time.

A new season

If you have been bored with the same dishes you scoop out of tins or make for your cat daily then can you begin to imagine how they feel seeing the same meal every day? You may have been reading up on how to make a change to their menu or add new ingredients to keep mealtimes interesting and if so then one piece of advice we recommend is to go for organic and all-natural products.

Not only are they better for the health and overall well-being of your cat, and animals in general to be honest, but they are essentially free from chemicals. No one wants to eat a meal filled with preservatives or flavorings let alone the growth-enhancing hormones many farmers use to increase the speed their crops grow due to supply and demand at its highest in recent years.

Think of treats for cats that come from homegrown ingredients, plants, and herbs growing wild, that offer health positives to their diet, and that will give them quality versus quantity when it comes to the nutrition factor.

Generic off-the-shelf products we find lining the supermarket walls are more about quantity and selling, often filled with diluted levels of vitamins and minerals essential for proper growth and development, and nowhere near the standards of nutrients, we want for our furry family members.

Thinking fresh

There is undoubtedly a difference in the quality of processed and natural foods, and with that comes the health benefits we all want for our fur babies, let’s take a quick look at why organic, raw, and home-grown products are that much better for your pet. And as you become familiar and accustomed to them you can tweak your recipes and cats’ dinners to implement them and see how they enjoy the change.

Cat Treats Creations In Kitchen

It is always nice to see how they appreciate (or not) a new flavor or texture in their supper-bowl, and as many pet owners have raved about the effects and changes they have seen since changing simple ingredients for healthier alternatives what have you got to lose? To get you started read this article here on just some of the advantages natural methods have over-processed.

  • This is the main appeal factor for animal lovers, incorporating foods and ingredients that haven’t had the nutrients essentially run dry due to mass processing and toxins used to get the products looking like they jumped off of a magazine cover.
  • You may not think about it but the soil that the vegetables and plants grow in plays just as integral a part as the toxins used to make them grow. Organic farms are not allowed to use synthetic fertilizers in the soil or any additives that conventional farmers tend to use. While they do end up with a smaller crop yield and part of the reason why organic foods are priced higher, they are top quality and pesticide-free.


The farmlands and thus the animals and birds that feed off of the land are also that much healthier because no pesticides are being sprayed or hormones are being added to the ground. This makes it that much better for the environment and the wildlife surroundings.

Now that you have done your research and read extensively on all topics organic and all-natural it is time to get the ball rolling on that culinary adventure. Get the kids involved so they not only learn which foods are healthier for animals, why we make the changes in meals, but they can do the heavy mixing while you sip your well-deserved cup of tea.

Take a quick moment to click here and choose as a family what would be a good starter recipe for your newfound love of health and homeostasis. As you incorporate new methods, techniques, and ingredients (gradually so as not to cause an upset stomach) you can make notes of the changes you witness in your feline and rave about them to your friends and family next time they pass comment on how well your cat is looking. Win-win.