Top 4 New Casio Watch Releases That You Should Check Out

When you hear the brand Casio, you wouldn’t think about watches at first. You will definitely be thinking of calculators with multi-display functions; the last thought would most probably be a Casio watch. Surprisingly, this electronics company excels in producing top-quality watches, both analog and digital, and sometimes combining the two.

Casio Watch

The year is 2020, and undoubtedly one of the most extended years the people have ever faced, but do not fret! As Casio never let up on releasing new models and watches, you should check out and keep reading as Casio might surprise you with new releases.

Top 4 New Casio Watch Releases That You Should Check Out

1. Oceanus

Earlier this year, Casio announced the new lineup of watches to include hybrid movement that will allow the watch to sync the time through atomic time signals and GPS. This timekeeper is groundbreaking to the community as these watches will be the first to feature such movement and time tracking ability.

Checking the Casio Oceanus line, these watches are definitely geared towards professionals and can be viewed as luxury watches you might want to include in your line up. Given Casio watches’ reputation, those who wore one of these can attest to these watches’ durability and functionality.

2. G-Shock

The new line up of G-Shock watches will also include the hybrid movement that was mentioned previously. Combining these two technologies is that sometimes, atomic time signals are unavailable, and thus the device will be switching to sync with GPS satellites, which means your watch will never be out of sync.

The G-Shock line is one of the most rugged and durable watches known to man. These watches are the ultimate go-to for adventures, and they will never let you down. The more you use it, the better your feedback will be as it can go deep diving in the depths of the ocean or sky diving at unadulterated speeds. 

3. Pro Trek Climber

Now, this watch is for serious mountaineers. With its triple sensor built for serious trekkers, you can never go wrong picking this watch. One of the most simple designs geared towards functionality, trekkers, will use its features with ease. A simplistic interface is a timeless approach for function-based watches.

However, being a robust, durable watch doesn’t mean that this watch isn’t elegant looking. With the stainless steel bezel and metal looking arms, this watch means business. The Triple Sensor incorporates bearing, altitude, and temperature readings, which are essential to trekking and mountaineering.

4. Edifice

The Edifice is the sports watch in the Casio lineup. With its sporty design with even a Tachymeter on the face of the watch. The solar-powered movement will always make the timekeeping of this watch smooth as silk. With a wide variety of the Edifice line, you will never run out of options for people in any profession.

Casio Edifice Watch

Some Edifice watches have a world timekeeping option, some a sporty timepiece with rubber straps you can bring to your motorcycle rides or car races. This lineup will spoil you with choices, and whichever you pick, you will never be wrong in choosing the Edifice.


Casio has a wide variety of choices when it comes to watches, and as it looks, the company hasn’t pulled their punches. This only means that as a consumer, you will have many options for whichever use you may intend to use these watches. None of the choices are slouches when it comes to performance.

Go ahead, and don’t be afraid to look at Casio timepieces for your needs, and you’ll be surprised. Don’t be fooled by Casio’s electronics background because these units are definitely up to par with watches’ standards.