How One Can Buy Bitcoin The First Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the pioneering cryptocurrency in the digital world. Cryptocurrencies have been seen after the fall of financial machinery because of the big financial institution going bankrupt. The name of that institution was Lehman Brothers. This company had its branches across the whole world. But due to going bankrupt, it led the whole world into a wave of the financial crisis.

The time of such happening was around a decade ago in 2008. This is when cryptocurrencies laid their foundation in the digital money-making world. A person with a delusion named SATOSHI NAKAMOTO founded the first cryptocurrency which was named Bitcoin. He had published a white paper concerning this currency calling it an “electronic currency”.

How to Buy Bitcoin

Although investing in cryptocurrency might seem easier but there is a lot of background happening to make it work as a cryptocurrency. There are certain steps that one needs to follow to become a crypto trader. If you want more information regarding this, you can go through the to better understand it.

Before you are investing in Bitcoin you must keep in mind certain things for investing in Bitcoin:

  • An exchange accounts
  • Documents for identification
  • An internet connection
  • A payment method

Things To Be Kept in Mind While You Buy A Bitcoin

An Exchange Where Cryptocurrencies Are Listed To Be Bought

Opening up an exchange account will enable an investor to buy, sell and hold a cryptocurrency. Through your online wallet, it provides security to the crypto that you have bought. But for the investors who are investing in Bitcoin or any other alternative coin, this feature might hardly matter.

There are hundreds of crypto exchanges that list cryptocurrency to their exchange list where one can buy, sell and hold the desired cryptocurrency. Certain exchanges on the other hand do not possess any central control and hence people can transact by keeping the anonymity intact. Some famous exchanges are Coinbase, Binance, Kraken etc.

A Payment Network To Connect To An Exchange

The second step involved is to assemble your documents be it your identity proof, fund information, etc. From exchange to exchange the document that is asked may vary. As per the regional laws, the process may differ in certain aspects.

After your documentation is ensured, then you can connect to the payment network. Connection to the network can also be availed through connecting to your debit or credit card.

Order Placement

Once the above two mentioned procedures are followed. You are now eligible to buy cryptocurrency that you want to invest in. Once you have fulfilled the required information you can start with the buying of the coins that may have been listed on the exchange. These exchanges have made innovation in its field that makes it convenient for its users to do what is required to buy a cryptocurrency.

Storing of Crypto

A Crypto wallet is a place where with more security you can store your online assets. If the crypto is in your wallet and not in the exchange account, you can have full control over the private key that is provided to keep your funds secured.

Storing of Crypto

Types of Wallets:

  • Hot Wallet
  • Cold Wallet

A hot wallet is a wallet that runs through any gadget be it a computer, mobile phone, or laptop, that has an internet connection. While a cold wallet is a wallet that does not possess an internet connection. They are also called offline wallets.


Hence, we can conclude about the topic that talks about all the procedures that one needs to follow if they want to purchase Bitcoin or rather any other cryptocurrency in the future. I hope this article will add a little more to your Bitcoin knowledge.