How To Fix ‘BOOTMGR is Missing’ Error in Windows 10, 8 and 7

The first question arises is what is BOOTMGR? BOOTMGR is the software that is part of the window boot manager system whereas it is loaded from the volume boot record. It helps your Windows to start. Missing BOOTMGR can cause the failure in operating system.

There are some cases in which BOOTMGR is Missing due to incorrect bootable disk, damaged MBR, outdated BIOS or damaged hard disk interface cables, etc. these all are the reason which causes damaged of BOOT.

Managing a Windows system is not always a straightforward task, especially when you encounter errors related to booting up your computer. One such critical component that often creates confusion is the BOOTMGR.

In this SEO-optimized, in-depth article, we will examine what BOOTMGR is, the common causes of the “BOOTMGR is Missing” error, and the various ways to tackle this problem.

What is BOOTMGR?

BOOTMGR, short for Boot Manager, is a software utility that is responsible for initializing your Windows operating system. Located in the system partition, BOOTMGR works in conjunction with the BIOS or UEFI firmware to load the OS from your hard drive into your computer’s RAM.

Function of BOOTMGR

The primary function of BOOTMGR is to manage the boot process of your Windows system. It reads the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) and utilizes this information to locate and run the Windows boot loader.

Causes of “BOOTMGR is Missing”

The “BOOTMGR is Missing” error is one that sends a chill down any computer user’s spine. But knowing the causes can help in effective troubleshooting.

  1. Corrupted Files: Damaged or missing system files can lead to this error.
  2. Improper Shutdown: Incorrectly shutting down the system can corrupt the BOOTMGR.
  3. Hardware Issues: Sometimes, hard drive or motherboard failure can trigger the error.
  4. Disk Boot Order: Incorrect boot sequence settings in the BIOS can also cause this problem.

How to Fix BOOTMGR is Missing Windows 7, 8 and 10

I am going to give you all the possible methods to fix “BOOTMGR is Missing. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart”. There are 8 effective methods as shown below, follow all the steps of a particular method that you have to follow to fix the BOOTMGR missing error. Here I am going to show you all the working methods which are possible to fix the BOOTMGR error.

Solution 1: Restart Your Desktop or Laptop

This is one of the simplest/ effective methods in all of the 11method as shown above in order to fix the BOOTMGR is Missing. As soon as the black dialogue box will pop up which inscribed BOOTMGR is Missing,

Just follow the instruction and press “Ctrl” +” Alt” +” Del” all together in order to restart our PC. Sometimes this issue gets fixed by just restarting. Make sure to check whether the error is still popup or not, If it then follows the other methods.

Solution 2: Repair MBR

MBR stand for Master boot records. In some cases Master Boot Record gets damaged due to the virus, you can’t able to boot the windows. which result in the BOOTMGR is Missing error. You can fix the error by repairing the Master Boot Record.

Solution 3: Remove All Removable Media

One of the reasons by which BOOTMGR missing error is still popups is due to booting your computer from the non-booting disk. It is advised to check your PC configuration of the boot is from which disk sometimes Pen drive, hard drive, CD/DVD drive is also connected to the boot, In that case, remove all the removable media i.e. Pen drive, hard disk, CD/DVD, It helps a lot to fix the BOOTMGR missing error.

Solution 4: Change Boot Order in BIOS

Incorrect boot sequence can also cause the black screen error which inscribed BOOTMGR missing error. I am going to show you some steps to make the proper boot sequence so that you can fix the BOOTMGR missing error.

Step 1: Start your computer and press Enter.

Step 2: Follow the instruction and press the keys accordingly.

Step 3: Enter the BIOS setting by following the instruction.

Step 4: use the arrow keys in the keyboard to navigate and select the BOOT tab.

Step 5: Set the hard drive in the BOOT tab as the first boot device.

Step 6: Makes changes and then restart your PCs.

Check whether the BOOTMGR is Missing error is still popup or not if it then follow the other method/way.

Solution 5: Reset All Internal Data and Power Cables

Sometimes corrupted data which is affected by the virus and uneven power supply of the charger of the laptop whereas in the desktop all type of power supply can make changes

Reset all the internal data and make sure to check all types of power supply whereas if you find some broken cables or lack of power supply make sure to fix it or you can replace it with a new one.

Solution 6: Update the Motherboard BIOS

BIOS stands for basic input/output system, it is the program which you guys have seen on the starting of the laptop. Whereas outdated bios on the motherboard lead to the BOOTMGR error in your display, So you need to update the motherboard BIOS here I am going to show you some steps to do so:

Step 1: Press the Windows + R key altogether in your keyboard.

Step 2: Now Run will appear on the bottom left corner.

Step 3: Type msinfo32 from your keyboard in the dialogue box and press enter.

Note: Don’t use inverted commas.

Step 4: Computer log and all information visible on the display.

Step 5: Find BIOS version under the “BIOS Version/Date”.

Step 6: Now you are able to download the latest version of BIOS and BIOS utility in the manufacture website.

Don’t interrupt the process until the update is completed successfully. This will help a lot to fix the BOOTMGR issue.

Solution 7: Perform a Clean Windows Installation

Sometimes corrupt file /missing files cause the BOOTMGR error. Installation of Clean Windows can install the required file and fix the BOOTMGR error.

There are some steps that fix your BOOTMGR issue:

Step 1: Press the windows button and menu appears then click on the setting option.

Step 2: Then go to update and security option.

Step 3: Click on the recovery which will appear on the left side option.

Step 4: Then there are two options which pop up.

  • Keep my files
  • Remove everything

Here we are going to remove everything because there might be some corrupted /uninstall file due to which reason error pops-up.

Solution 8: Replace the Hard Drive

One of the reasons that might occur is due to the Hard disk in order to check your hard drive follow the given steps as shown below:

Step 1: Press the Windows key in the keyboard; the menu appears with 2 columns click on the computer which will be in the 2nd column.

Step 2: Click on the drive, you want to scan.

Step 3: Right-click on the mouse and click on the properties option and then future click on the tool tab, then click on the Check Now option.

Step 4: Click on the scan to start the process and don’t interrupt the process until it complete.

In this way, you can check the hard drive via software but if the error still pops up then there may be the chance of the physically damaged of the hard disk. Replace the hard drive with the new one but before you do make sure your hard drive is damaged physically.

Can You Fix BOOTMGR Without CD?

Yes, it is possible to fix the “BOOTMGR is Missing” issue without a Windows installation CD. Here are a few methods:

  1. USB Drive: You can use a USB drive with a bootable Windows OS to fix the problem.
  2. BIOS Settings: Correcting the disk boot order in the BIOS settings can sometimes resolve the issue.
  3. Built-in Repair: Some systems have a built-in repair option accessible via the boot menu.

How to Remove BOOTMGR in Windows 7

Removing BOOTMGR is not recommended as it’s crucial for the boot process. However, if you are certain about it, you can use command-line utilities to erase or modify the file. Exercise extreme caution, as mistakes could render your system unbootable.

How Do I Restart Boot Manager?

Restarting the Boot Manager is essentially the same as restarting your computer. If your BOOTMGR is causing issues, a system restart can sometimes fix minor glitches.

How Do I Restore My Boot Menu?

Restoring your boot menu generally involves fixing or recreating the Boot Configuration Data (BCD). This can be done using utilities like bootrec.exe via the command prompt in Windows recovery mode.

Where is BOOTMGR Located?

BOOTMGR is typically located in the system partition of your hard drive, which is often invisible in a standard file explorer. It resides in the root directory and is a hidden system file.

How Do I Create a BOOTMGR File?

Creating a BOOTMGR file is usually not necessary unless you are engaged in advanced troubleshooting. You can generate a new BOOTMGR file using the Windows installation disk and running specific command-line utilities.

How Do I Enable Boot Manager?

To enable Boot Manager, ensure that your system partition is set as the primary boot device in your BIOS or UEFI settings. You can also use system recovery tools to rebuild or repair the BOOTMGR.

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I hope you know more about the BOOTMGR is Missing error and know about the methods to solve the BOOTMGR error. Whereas I have listed all the possible and working methods and hope one of the methods helps you to solve the BOOTMGR error.

The BOOTMGR is a critical component that manages the boot-up process on Windows systems. While issues like “BOOTMGR is Missing” can be daunting, understanding its functions and knowing how to troubleshoot effectively can save you both time and stress.

Whether you’re looking to fix BOOTMGR without a CD or curious about its exact functions, this guide has you covered.