Usage of Blockchain Technology in US Companies

Blockchain is a widely popular phenomenon whose usage has been seen in the cryptocurrency world. This technology has provided some real result that makes the transaction and the cryptocurrencies a reliable platform. But the technology is just not limited to cryptocurrency but has also been seen in some different usages other than cryptocurrency. Its area of work has now increased and is being used in different domains such as healthcare, finance, automobiles, etc.

Because of its decentralized features, new companies and many startups are welcoming this technology with utmost happiness. Here the topic has given a list of top companies that have their base in the US and this technology is welcomed with open arms.

Usage of Blockchain Technology in US Companies

Such welcoming nature is due to the reason that they strive to make a better future for its people by adding new technologies to different usages. If you want to know more about bitcoin, then you can visit here

The topic is going to give detailed knowledge about all the famous and top companies in the US that are using this technology to speed up technological advancements.

Listing Some Famous Us Companies

1. Coinbase

Coinbase has its work base in San Francisco. This company offers some easiest ways through which you can either procure or sell in the market portfolios that are associated with cryptocurrency. Some of the most spoken features of this portfolio are that it offers vault security and persisting buy that is considered as best while you trade in cryptocurrency.

Also, you can make your crypto wallet with its help. Further, it also ensures the protected storage of your digital assets by an insured policy. If you are looking forward to trading in any famous cryptocurrency then this is the best platform that can serve your needs.

2. IBM

IBM stands for “INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINE CORPORATION”. IBM is also a “multinational technology company” with its base in the US. This company is best known for the production and selling of accessories that are related to computers like hardware, software, and middleware.

Apart from producing these accessories it also provides services like consultation etc. It was founded in 1911 with its headquarters situated in Armonk, New York. It is said to be one of the pioneering companies to have opted to invest in blockchain technology. Presently the company has also worked for the verification of the covid test along with some factors that determine a person’s vaccination status.

3. High Fidelity

It is also a company that has implemented blockchain technology in its usage and focuses on making a virtual world that is next-generation. It supports blockchain technology to make advancements in the digital atmosphere.

Whether you are a new or an old user who is striving to make its own digital environment it supports you in every sphere whether you focus on creating or enriching your own apps it offers you fidelity to explore in every sphere. Its famous concept i.e. DAR offers you to make a special fingerprint and a ledger that is available publicly to audit.

4. Chronicled

This is another blockchain-based company with its base in the US. This company aims to offer its users trust and faith while they are operating with each other. It aims to vanish the gap amongst the partners involved in trading with each other.

Blockchain Technology in US Companies

It provides a decentralized system that helps you to keep a check on your shipments whether you want to track it or trace it as where it has reached.


As blockchain technology is something that is being applied in every new sphere, so the topic has also given a list of companies that are using this technology for future advancements.