Bling Empire Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

A second season of Netflix’s Bling Empire reality show is on the horizon. Many theories abound about who might join the cast of the show. The show follows a group of ultra-wealthy Asian-Americans as they try to make it big in Los Angeles in the early years of 2022.

Season 2 of Bling Empire hasn’t been officially announced yet, but here’s what we do know thus far, along with some theories about what will happen when the new episodes finally air.

Bling Empire Season 2

The reality TV landscape has been blessed with gems that unveil the luxury and lifestyles of the super-rich, and ‘Bling Empire’ is no exception. Following its initial successful season, fans eagerly anticipated ‘Bling Empire’ Season 2. Let’s delve into the finer details of this popular reality show’s second season.

A Brief Description of Bling Empire Show

Reality television series Bling Empire will premiere on Netflix in January 2021. Crazy Rich Asians is a television series that follows the lifestyles of wealthy East Asian and East Asian-American socialites in the Los Angeles area.

For the first time ever, the main cast of this American reality television series is made up entirely of East Asians living in the United States. Season two of this Netflix series will premiere on March 10, 2021.

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Chances are, Season 2 will Feature the Same Cast.

Los Angeles is the setting for Bling Empire, which follows the antics of a ragtag gang of friends. “We took our cameras into a community that was already there, with rivalries, friendships, and loyalties established,” showrunner Panaligan said.

Multigenerational characters from a range of backgrounds populate the show’s cast members. Jamie Xie, the 21-year-old influencer daughter of a software tycoon, protested in the first episode of Bling Empire because Eve Jobs bought the ranch she wanted. One is Anna Shay, heiress to a long-standing fortune in defence contracting, who was previously unsearchable.

Bling Empire” Season 2 Cast

There are a few new faces in the second season’s cast now! Mimi Morris, a businesswoman, and Dorothy Wang, a television personality, joined Netflix on April 15. As a young child, Dorothy’s parents relocated from Taiwan to the United States for graduate school, where Dorothy was born and nurtured.

Netflix noted in a news statement that Dorothy’s father, Roger Wang, was a successful real estate entrepreneur who instilled in her and her sister the significance of hard work, family values, and community service.

Bling Empire Season 2 Plot

Friendships and romances are expected to be tested in season two. While Chan and Jessey’s relationship and Lim and Kreider’s friendship are all being questioned, a romance blossoms between Kreider and Kim.

Despite their differences, “the one thing these friends keep dear to their hearts is their love for each other… and of course, great taste,” Chiu and Shay write in the accompanying essay.

Bling Empire was Renewed for Season 2 in 2021

We’re happy, but it’s not a surprise that the contract has been renewed. Netflix’s Bling Empire is the latest in a long line of shows focusing on the rich and famous.

This nesting doll includes Selling Sunset, which follows a group of luxury real estate brokers in Los Angeles (and has just been renewed). Made in Mexico, which is set among a group of friends in Mexico City; and Indian Matchmaking, which is focused on the matchmaking efforts among India’s elite.

What Can We Expect in Season 2 of Bling Empire?

As if estranged fathers, reproductive troubles, and penis pumps weren’t intimate enough, the second season of Bling Empire will unveil even more secrets about the group.

The showrunner of Bling Empire, Brandon Panaligan, confessed to YouTuber Yong Chavez: “There are so many layers to all of them. Hence, in the second season, I would anticipate to see more of their life that we hadn’t seen before, meet more of their friends, and meet more of their family.”

The Show’s Love Triangle isn’t Over

Bling Empire depicts a love triangle involving Kelly, Kevin, and her ex-boyfriend Andrew Gray, who, according to their Instagram account, broke up in March 2021 after two years of dating. Friends Kelly and Kevin had a passionate exchange in the show’s finale.

There’s still a love triangle in progress, according to the show’s executive producer. Kevin doesn’t like the Kelly/Drew relationship and wants to replace Drew, but I doubt he’ll ever succeed.

Number of Episodes in Bling Empire Season 2

Bling Empire’s second season boasts a total of 8 episodes — each promising more glitz, drama, and jaw-dropping luxury than the last.

Where to Watch Bling Empire Season 2

You can stream all episodes of Bling Empire Season 2 on Netflix. Given the show’s popularity, it’s no surprise that Netflix brought it back for a second season. If you have a subscription, you’re all set to binge-watch. If not, it’s an excellent time to consider signing up!

Bling Empire Season 2 Ratings

The reality series has garnered significant attention, with ratings reflecting its success. Bling Empire Season 2 holds a rating of 6.7/10 on IMDb and 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating positive reception from both critics and fans alike.

Bling Empire Season 2 Executive Producers

The glitzy reality series is in the capable hands of a talented team of executive producers. They include Jeff Jenkins, Ross Weintraub, and David St. John, among others, ensuring that the show maintains its high quality and entertainment value.

Bling Empire Season 2 Original Network

Bling Empire was originally launched on Netflix, and it remains its home for the second season. Netflix’s global platform ensures that fans from around the world can join in on the fun and follow the lives of LA’s wealthy Asian and Asian-American community.

Bling Empire Season 2 Production Company

Behind the scenes, the production company responsible for bringing Bling Empire to our screens is Jeff Jenkins Productions in association with 3BMG.

Who is the Richest on Bling Empire Season 2?

Now, for the question many fans are curious about! With a cast that regularly showcases their extravagant lifestyles, it’s hard not to wonder who tops the list in terms of wealth. While the exact net worth of each cast member can be tricky to pinpoint, as of 2022, Anna Shay is often cited as the richest member of Bling Empire.

Her wealth is attributed to her father’s business in the defense sector. However, it’s worth noting that several cast members come from influential and wealthy families, making the entire cast’s collective net worth truly staggering.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered the inquiries that are frequently asked about the show.

When is the second season of Bling Empire coming out?

Season 2 of Bling Empire hasn’t been announced yet, but fans believe it will premiere in 2022.

Bling Empire Season 2: How many Episodes can We Wxpect?

Season 1 had eight half-hour episodes, although that hasn’t been released yet.

Is there a Cast Reunion Planned for Bling Empire Season 2?

“In 2021, Bling Empire executive producer Jeff Jenkins told about the show’s characters, ‘The cast is incredibly sexy, funny, dramatic, and deceitful. For as long as viewers are engaged, we’d love to continue this adventure with them.

Anna Shay, Christine Chiu, Kane Lim, Jaime Xie, and Kim Lee are just some of the irresistible characters that fans can’t wait to see again in Season 2, although some sources claim that not all of Season 1’s stars will return.

What will Happen to Kevin and Kelly in Season 2 of Bling Empire?

There is some fresh information that we believe will be in the following season’s show, such as: Star Kelly Mi On March 9, Li and Andrew Gray revealed that their on-again, off-again affair was officially over.

While Li and Gray had put their relationship on hold for the duration of Season 1, they were reunited at the end of the show. Andrew and I plan to continue focusing on becoming the best versions of ourselves as we move forward,” Li wrote in an Instagram post this week.

What more can We Expect from Bling Empire Season 2?

“If you thought I dropped a big bomb in season 1, then you have no clue,” Christine Chiu told last week.

Her reproductive troubles and her orphan-sponsored party gifts were two of the great bombshells she threw last season. For her upcoming bombshells, she said they will “affect many people” and be “timely in our climate.”

Are there going to be any more seasons of “Bling Empire?”

The second season of Bling Empire, which premiered in January 2021, has only recently been renewed for another season.

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On Netflix’s Bling Empire, a group of wealthy Asian-Americans of Asian ancestry is documented. According to Deadline, the show will return for a second season in March 2021. spoke with the show’s actors and creators about their hopes for the second season of Bling Empire. First season of Bling Empire proved that there are as many plots for season 2 as there are zeroes in Anna Shay’s wallet.

Bling Empire Season 2 continues to offer a rare glimpse into the opulent lives of LA’s elite. Whether you’re in for the drama, the luxury, or just pure entertainment, this season promises not to disappoint. So, get your popcorn ready and dive into the lavish world of Bling Empire!